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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


No! There is a strong Greek presence and many people are filthy rich, but that does not even come close to describing everyone at the school. You have to get to know people here to see that we are so much more than that.


Yes, the average TCU student is fairly affluent, white, and most likely involved in the Greek system. Yes, a lot of TCU students party - but mostly only the large proportion that are Greek. If you aren't in a fraternity or sorority or close friends with someone who is, you won't even know when and where the parties are, let alone what stupid slutty costume to wear. So, yes. The stereotype of TCU students is probably absolutely accurate.


Well, it's partly true. Kids here indeed come from rich families, but I don't think of them as spoiled kids (and I am not from a rich family by any scale to say that) Most people I met are so nice and accessible. Yes, some of them may like to throw out parties every day, and some are spoiled, but none of them has bothered me yet. I am somewhat a quiet and nerdy guy, and I feel completely comfortable here.




Some are; a lot of students are part of the Greek System. There are a lot of seriously genuine people in sororities and fraternities, and you can't base who a person is off of what club they belong to. People do work hard, they just also play hard. They know that college is hard work but after the work is done they know how to just kick back and enjoy being in college. I have grown a lot being at TCU, and I've found some amazing friends who are hard workers but at the end of the day know what's important in life.




its about 50-50


TCU has a very "diverse" campus in that it is home to many unique individuals - students are involved in everything from Greek organizations to academic programs to honor societies to athletics. Our students come from all walks of life and represent various socioeconomic classes, ethnicities, religions, and beliefs. Some students might drive a BMW, others might prefer to commute by city bus or bicycle. Not every student is filthy rich - the University provides excellent opportunities for scholarships, grants, and loans. Everyone has their own hobbies and areas of interest during their free time. It would be a lie to say no one parties at TCU, but it is not a "party school." Some people might throw a party, others might go out for dinner and a movie...there is something for everyone!


There are a lot of rich people at tTCU but also a lot with scholarships. Yes the people are pretty, but unfortunately that race has caused a huge eating disorder problem.


Not necessarily-- like any college, the


For some girls, yes, but for most girls, this is not at all the case.


for the most part


Partially, there is a lot of money but not nearly as much as people think but it is a very white school but they are trying hard to bring in more diversity


This is very true, although I have seen things really changed over my 4 years. Other public events have been created by the Programming Council, which have fun concerts, food, etc and they have beome a lot more popular. It's just harder to seek things out to do if you are not Greek.


For the most part.


I think that TCU definitely is a party school. That is the experience that I was faced with in my first two years. I don't know if it was just because I'm in the Greek or if all of TCU is like that, but it seems like all of TCU likes to party.


Not everyone at TCU is "rich"; however, TCU has a large population of students who's parents have a lot of money and are able to sent their children here without the help of a scholarship. It is true that a large population of TCU students are part of the Greek system. If you do not have a nitch ie Greek life or athletics, it is easy to hate TCU. Everyone pretty much dresses the same at TCU. The girls all carry Jon Hart and Vera Bradley.


for the most part, yeah


for the most part


To a point, yes. There are a lot of students that have too much money and they don't know what to do with it. It seems like it is really important to look all made up for 8 am classes and, being a laid back Californian, I think that is ridiculous. Of course, there are the nice ones that are in the greek system. Not many though.


most are true but you have a whole handful of different types of people. although, no the school is not well balanced. i have found that there are more wealthy families that the students come from than average families, many freshman and sophomore students "shack", and they basically need to emit christian from the school's name!


For some people, yeah absolutely. There are a lot of down to earth people too.


Somewhat, there are accurate when it comes to people in certain majors. But with fine arts, education, nursing, and some others the student do not seem to be in the stereotype


Somewhat!?! But for the most part everyone has been super nice, and ive found my best friends here!


in some cases....not always


For about 60% of the campus yes. There are a lot of greeks who are stuck up rich kids and they know it and they flaunt it. For the rest of us, we are hard working people who came from hard working red blooded american families. We appreciate the chance to further our lives and become something that we could not have otherwise.


For freshmen, yes. But by the time everyone is a senior, they have truly become more "ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community."


pretty much. i love it, but the boys are way too fratty and all wear pastels and the girls all wear nike shorts and big tshirts. most people have money and are from the south


No, TCU has made both me and my wife feel welcome after we have returned to school years later and has many programs available to assist those in need of financial assistance. At times it seems that TCU caters more towards those students living on campus, but that is to be expected as they have a greater reliability on the programs offered by the school.




Lots of really smart/weathy people but lots who aren't yeah, about half the school is Greek but they still hang with the nonGreek half


Not at all! Though this stereotype exists at TCU it is not the majority by any stretch. As a matter of fact I have met some of the most independent, friendly, unique and intelligent students during my time at TCU.




some, explained above


A large portion of the campus is involved in Greek life, but there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved on campus. You will meet lots of people who are involved in a variety of things that you are not!


No. Although there are some students that match this description, there are a variety of students at TCU. Many of them are not rich or stuck-up at all, and there are a variety of personalities & people with different interests. There are many people who have fun in other ways besides partying.


to an extent