Texas Christian University Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


Market Square is our cafeteria and it's in the BLUU. There are a lot of options there, but it can get old after a while. Union Grounds and 1873 are also in the BLUU. Union Grounds is a coffee/snack place. 1873 is a restaurant that was just recently revamped. The library has a place like Union Grounds called the Bistro Burnett. And there is Froggorrito in the business building, which is a Mexican food place. Then there are a bunch of places on campus that aren't affiliated directly with TCU, like Einstein's, Smoothie King, Potbelly, Dutch's, Red Cactus, and Fuzzy's. Some of those places take Frog Bucks but others don't.


The main cafeteria on campus is Market Square. The food is pretty decent for cafeteria food (come on, you can't expect much). There's also 1873, which is a little restaurant in the BLUU that has pretty good food if you don't feel like eating at Market Square. On the other side of campus, there is a little place you can get Mexican food called Frogoritto. There's also a lot of places within walking distance of campus where you can get pretty good food, like Fuzzys, Potbellys, Dutchs, or Red Cactus.

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