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What are the academics like at your school?


Lousy and falsely inflated... I could get same textbooks at other places and better professors


Be prepared! Classes are FREAKING hard. I know people who are 4.0 in high school and are struggling. But it's make you better so it's good.


The academics here are awesome. I earned a 4.0 in my classes my first semester of college and some credit is due to those professors who taught well and were willing to help. All professors have office hours so if you're struggling you can visit with them and they really help because they can talk to you one on one and break it down for you. Classes are a good size. My smallest class has been one of about 20 and my largest class has been one of 110. Students take school pretty seriously and they are studying in their rooms, the hallways, the dorm lobby, and of course the library. The school really focuses on getting students prepared for the work and the real world after graduation. It's a great academic fit and there are a lot of cool classes available to take.


Small classes allow for teachers to know their students. I can talk to all of my teachers easily and without scheduling conflicts. Class participation is very common.


I have really enjoyed the acamedic aspect of TCU. I have had a lot of really inspiring, great teachers. TCU is a good size and I really like the fact that the campus is closed and you can walk to anywhere you need to go on campus. The football games are also a lot of fun. There is a lot of school spirit and pride at TCU.


I would say most of my professors know my name which really surprised me for my first year in classes! The student-faculty ratio is relatively small so a lot of my classes are pretty small which is incredibly nice! Another thing that shocked me at TCU is that class participation is very common. Teachers really do care that you attend class. There is definitely a lot of studying. As it will be anywhere else, what you put into the class is what you get out of it so take classes you're interested in! The curriculum in every department is great - so many classes to choose from! I feel as though the campus in general is very intellectual. I may be biased because I live in the honors dorm, but a lot of people really care about academics because they want a strong future!


Professors will learn to know your name and will even have a conversation with you when you see them outside of class. I love all of my classes, but sometimes it's annoying to take all of the core classes. Students study a lot- academics are extremely important to students here. But we aren't crazy kids who don't do anything but homework. Class participation is like any school- we have a lot of discussion classes, but students are hesitant to speak sometimes. The school is geared towards getting a job because, at least in my major, we get to practice what we learn so that we have experience.


The class sizes are usually pretty small with about 35 people each, although there are some core classes that can get up to 120. With these small class sizes, the professors get to know you and there is more room for discussion in class. I've found the classes to be challenging, but in no way overwhelming or impossible.


The professors are very easy to get a hold of and spend a great deal of their time with students one on one. This is good for students in order to really learn the material and to be able to apply it after graduation. My favorite class has been Business Law. The professor wrote the textbook and was extremely knowledgeable about the topic. We frequently had class discussions and debates, very interactive and very informative.


~Do professors know my name: Yes…so much so that they write recommendations for me and invite me to lunch. ~My favorite class: are those that deal with children because I love them but also because the teachers make them extra fun by having us watch cartoons with homemade cookies or using great pictures ~How often do students study: depends on the class, how well the students learn, and what grade the student wants to make


Be prepared! Classes are hard, especially if you are in the honor college!


Be prepared! Classes are hard!


Be prepared! Classes are hard. I know people would stay up until 4 to do homework.


The academic rigor at TCU usually varies by department. Some departments, such as communications and fashion merchandising, are known for being complete jokes. Others, such as education and the sciences, are known for their academic and career excellence. A word of warning: If you have a minor in a college that is different from your minor (say, if your minor is in English but your major is in Chemistry), you will not receive any support from your minor's college.


Professors are amazing..... If you try hard, meet with them, try to get to know them, then they will try and help you in whatever way you need to. Each school is unique because of the professors. They work hard and really want you to succeed in life.


Most professors at TCU take the time to really get to know their students. I feel like I can talk outside of class to any one of them and get help with whatever I need. Most students at TCU take their schoolwork pretty seriously, and class participation is really encouraged and very common. I'm a music major, and this department at TCU is incredible. Every music professor I have had has been amazing, and I have learned important things from each of them. The curriculum at TCU is pretty tough, and you have to stay on top of your schoolwork if you want to do well. I know a few kids who have gotten behind and have had to pay the consequences, whether that be by failing classes or losing scholarships.


Every single professor I have had at TCU has known my name. They go out of their way to get to know their students - they have a required open-door office hour policy every week and some make themselves even more available. Professors get on Facebook and some even create their own websites or AIM screennames so they can better help their students. I cannot say enough about the professors at TCU. There is even a story about Speaker Jim Wright (Former Speaker of the House and TCU professor) and while I do not know if it's true, it speaks volumes about what TCU professors will do for students. Apparently a student came in to speak with Speaker Wright and during that time he received a phone call - he had his secretary take a message and continued to help the student. When the student left, he asked his secretary to get the President of the United States back on the phone - that's who had called when the student was there and he had put him on hold! Competition is very evident on campus, especially in honors classes and programs. Students are driven to succeed, learn, and make their future's brighter. Courses are academically and socially stimulating as well. Professors and all members of the campus community encourage students to get involved and become active and ethical leaders in our world. The Chancellor personally invites students from various organizations to his house for dinner and conversations as way of saying "Thank You" for their work. I can't think of another school where the Chancellor actually cares enough to know my first name - it's amazing!


Professors are generally very friendly and personable- like they know your name enough to greet you in the hallway 2 semesters after you took their class. In bigger survey classes be prepared to be virtually invisible, but in normal classes you will be important and involved. Different teachers teach differently, but all are very understanding if that is not how you learn- they aren't that hard to approach about problems. Students are competitive in certain classes I feel, especially business classes, but in others they are generally supportive of each other. I don't really ever spend time with teachers outside of class because I think it would be uncomfortable. I am an English major and this department is difficult for me because of the workload associated with each English class- lots of reading and writing per class then multiply that times 3 to get only part of a semester's class load. The academic requirements of the TCU Core are understandable, but not every class that should count for a specific credit does, making it very difficult to complete the core and take classes that interest you. I feel that most of the learning is simply for learning's sake.


rigorous...certain classes are very demadning. i put in alot of work and i do feel like i learned alot


Depends on the major but you will get an excellent education, especially in business, pre-health, and nursing fields. good teachers who do care.


TCU is a really good school academically. I have come to learn that pretty much ever major at TCU is good at what they set out to teach the students about. I have been very impressed by the recognition that TCU receives as a school, and this is only gotten better over my 4 years.


As previously mentioned, again, all my professors know me. My favorite class is Spanish. I LOVE learning in that class. No matter what teacher, what level, it's always so interesting. Students are always studying. It's college. It's what you do. In my classes, for the most part, class participation is not common. I'm Pre-Med and most classes are lab or lecture based. You're pretty much on your own. Ha, I'm a TCU student, and I'm always have intellectual conversations. It comes with the geeky persona. Students are extremely competitive. And quite frankly I'd appreciate it if they wouldn't be. It sure does make it a hell of a lot harder for me to move up in rank. I'm Pre-Med. I spend a lot of time with professors. They're constantly answering my questions and being there for just overall moral support really. It's not easy. Is the education at TCU geared toward getting a job or learning for its own sake? Well, gee. Now that depends on who you ask. I make a C in my Biology class and my professor asks me, "Well, did you learn anything?" I said "Of course, I learned everything.. I just don't test well." He said "Well, then what does it matter what grade you get. As long as you learn, that's all that counts." I don't agree. Med Schools surely don't care if you "learned" anything if you didn't make an A in that Organic Chemistry class or Cell Biology.


My professors all know my name. My favorite class was Major British Writers with Mona Narain. It was an amazing class. Class participation is common within the nursing program. I notice that other classes outside the nursing program have less participation. The most unique class I've taken was Rock to Back, which was awesome because we got to watch music videos and listen to music. I do spend time with my favorite professors outside of class. The professors are really good at creating appropriate relationships with their students, sometimes even willing to tutor is extra help is needed. I feel I am paying good money for my education. My professors really care about my success and I am going to be proud when I graduate from TCU.


The classes are hard; however, most teachers really do care about how you do in their class. My advice is work hard, stay on top of reading, ASK QUESTIONS. TCU requires a broad base of core classes be taken by each student upon graduation. This is a great way to find out what you really are interested in. I came to TCU as a New/Ed Journalism major. After my first year I added an English minor. The professor's in the English department were really helpful in making this decision and all want to help me succeed.


professors know your name and are personal with you-- i love that part of TCU. students study hard here-- the library is occupied all the time. class participation is very common. often it is part of the grade. in most of my classes, attendance is always part of the grade.


vigourous. classes are challenging


Professors know your name. There are some students who don't care at all and are disruptive in class, but some of the best discussions I have ever had came from my small classes. Most classes are small enough where you know everyone and so does the professor. I have had professors invite us over to their houses at the end of the semester. The English department is phenomenal!


In the larger classes, it is important to introduce yourself and make a relationship with your professor. In the smaller classes, teachers know your name by the 2nd week. My favorite core class was Astronomy and it was also the hardest. My least favorite class was any class taken at night once a week. man those were long. students have intellectual conversations outside of class in their jr/sr year. i was an early childhood education major with an emphasis in special ed and i am now working on my masters in special ed at tcu. i hung out with some professors outside of class. once you get more into your major you really enjoy your professors, the classes youre taking, and your peers.


The academics at TCU are for the most part really good. There are some bad professors who shouldn't be teaching in college but there are also some really amazing professors, especially in the College of Education. Students are very competitive. I would say that the education at TCU is focused on both getting a job and learning for the sake of learning. People study a lot and most professors know your name, except in larger lecture classes.


Academics at TCU are pretty good. The classes are challenging but not impossible. The classes are a good size. You are able to get individual attention.


I think its hard because the classes are so small.....but its nice because you really get to know the people in your classes and its especially nice because you can contact your teachers!


small, more personal classes. good professors (for the most part). well rounded.


Academics at TCU are no joke. You actually have to care about your classes. The positive side is that the classes are small, so if you have a question you can feel comfortable asking it. Also, the faculity is very good about office hours and working around your schedule if you need to meet with them. I have used this many times and it has helped me out a lot.


I have never had a professor who didn't know my name within the first two weeks. All of the classes that I have taken have really emphasized how I can be "an ethical leader and responsible citizen in the global community." The first two years of TCU are very "liberal arts" orriented, especially if you are in the Honors Program. You take a lot of classes to satisfy "The Core." The classes are fascinating if you don't get too focused on your major right away. The Harris College and the Social Work program are awesome. Professors will push you, but also support you. Students in each department of Harris College are a tight community. In Social Work, we have two or three luncheons at professors' houses. We often drop by just to say "hi" to our professors. They often know about our personal lives. They are very willing to help us plan for our futures.


Close relationships with professors, small classes, professors all easily accessable outside of class. lots of studying for tests but varies class to class.


The Geology Department is great; its a relatively small program, especially compared to the Neally Business School, but the classes are just the right size to learn and converse with the instructors. All the facility of the Geology Department learned my name within the first year, even before I had taken any classes with some of them. The professors will take the time both in and out of class to explain and work with you pertaining to any question, comments, or concerns you may have. The work is hard, but rewarding; and the classes are taught in a manner that encourages continued learning.


Good, small classes!


Most of the professors put great stock in learning the names of their students as quickly as possible, I even had a professor who learned a 50+ class roster of names after one class


Academics at TCU are beyond the bar. The professors are accessible, the students are eager, and the topics are lively. I am in the English department and just this semester I had a professor invite our class to his home for an end of semester get together where we met his wife and baby and had some great food and conversation. All of my professors have possessed unique techniques and all have been inspiring whether I am in an English class or a Science I am usually consumed with what my professor has to say.


The academics at TCU are great. The class sizes are small so your professors always get to know you. All of my classes in the political science and anthropology department have been excellent. One of the most unique classes would be sex, gender, and culture in anthropology and feminist international relations in the political science department.


Unlike my high school, where if you weren't in all honors you didn't get much of an education, TCU is hard. I'm a graphic designer, which means 3 nights of sleep a week, working on countless projects. If I have time I study for my core or business minor classes, and hope I do well on them. My favorite class was 3-D Design. We got to Braze (similar to welding), build with all sorts of different materials, and the projects were very interesting, such as building a 1:12 scale model of a fishing lure. In the graphic design program, it is very competitive, because only 15 people get into the school per year. I have heard other programs are nearly as competitive as well. TCU's core curriculum is well done in the sense that it is in categories. You have to take a certain number of hours, but gives you a long list of different classes that meet that requirement. However, you never know if a teacher is impossible or really easy, so your GPA could get a rocket boost, or torpedoed. I think that before the +/- system was enabled, students cared more about what they learned, rather than taking the easiest classes to get the better grades. I don't spend much time with my teachers outside of class, but when I do go in, they are usually open and easy to get along with.


Professors will know your name! I was in a geology class with 90 students and the professor knew all of our names. My favorite class so far has been Environmental Science and my least favorite class has definately been MicroEconomics. It depends on the student how often they study, but I do not know one person who has NEVER studied. Class participation is usually encouraged. TCU professors are usually very chill and encourage questions and comments that stimulate discussion. Most unique class I have taken was a Freshman English Seminar that dealt with Nature/Environmentalist writers. I am an International Economics major which fall under the AdRan College at TCU. An regular Economics degree from TCU is considered a BS, however and International Economics degree is considered a BA, so four semesters of a foreign language is required. TCU is all about preparing you for what you will encounter in the real world. For example, the Neely School of Business looks like a corporate office, and most of the class rooms are set up like board rooms.


Most of my professors know my name, and if they dont, they usually still recognize me if I see them outside of class. The education at TCU combines learning your particular major with a broad knowledge of many areas of study. Students are required to complete classes for the "core" curriculum, which enables us to take many classes in different subjects. I think it gives us a well-rounded education no matter what career we pursue. The classes are also designed to make us think, question, and analyze. Even if we dont agree with what the professor thinks necessarily, we are still learning and questioning.


Unless you get stuck in a large class, which is rare, the professor should know your name. If not then you just don't go to class. My favorite class is Japanese. Many people participate in class. I have good relationships with most of my professors also. Students are competitive with their grades, but moreso with themselves. Classes are just the right size. It's sometimes hard to get the classes you want, but it usually ends up all right. Most of my classes have been beneficial towards me.