Texas Christian University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Especially the first two years, the community on campus can be a little cliquey. Greek life is a big deal, and it takes folks a couple years to figure out it's okay to be friends with people all over campus. Generally people aren't rude about it, but those first two years they don't go out of their way to include those outside their immediate group either. It does get better, though, and it's a time worth waiting for! Some of my closest friends came from all different extracurricular walks of life.


Especially freshman year, everyone is pretty clique-y. TCU has a LOT of Greek organizations, and then all the non-Greeks bond, so everyone stays in those borders at first. People stop caring so much junior year and mix around a lot more, but the first two years can be rough.


The worse thing about my school is the being judged based off of my econmic background. I lucked out, I made friends who didn't care but that doesn't mean I haven't met a people who do. Alot care about what you're wearing if it's Tory Burch or Lulumelon, or that you vacation all over the world all the time. Some people have that luxury and I never hold it against them, but some hold it against me as if I'm not good enough by the clothes I wear or how much my parents make.


Two things I consider to be bad about this university is the price of tuition (and it being raised). My family can't afford it and I may have to withdraw from the only the school that made me embrace who I really am and grow into myself. The other bad thing about this univeristy is the lack of diversity. There are many international students, but I mainly only see people of my race out and about. I would love to meet more people with diverse backgrounds.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of diversity. It has all the right tools to culture a transitioning adult, but does not offer the cultural variety needed to trully develop someone as an accepting and progressive adult.


More and more students are being accepted and there isn't enough room. It's difficult to get a scholarship if you didn't get one coming in


If there is anything that is even slightly bad here at TCU, that would be the Greek Life. The statistics that show who is in Greek Life and who is not show that the majority are. As a girl it's not that big of a deal, we make friends with all kinds of other girls whether they're in a soroity or not. But for guys, if you're not in a fraternity it can be a little difficult to get involved.


The tuition is too high


It seems to be the general consensus around campus that the worst thing about TCU is the tuition. There are alot of very wealthy students that have no problem paying $42,000 + a year but not every student (including myself) has that in the bank.


The safety around the school is lacking. Joggers at night or in the early hours of the morning are getting robbed or attempted rape


Its a bit on the expensive side, although there is several scholarships available.


I am lucky eneough to be able to go to my top school. However, my school does have few faults. One of the worst is our meal plan. If a student chooses to live on campus, they are required to purchase a meal plan, which can be pretty pricey. Also, we have to sit down and eat, meaning that we cannot take any food out of the building.


The work load is crazy. Some of the professors believe their class is the only one we are taking at this time. They forget we have other responsibilities and other classes to keep up with. Other than that, I love my school, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else! GO TCU!


The worst thing about my school would be the price. TCU is a private university and therefore is very costly, making it difficult for many to be able to attend. They do balance the cost out by offering many financial-need based and academic-based scholarships which have allowed me to attend.


No comment.


It is a very expensive private school, so most of the students are very wealthy and act like it. A good percentage of the population is stuck up and unfriendly except with their sorority or fraternity friends.


The greek system. They exlude everyone all the time.


Tuition keeps rising and the financial assitance I need just is not readily available, its hard to find the money to go to school and the investors keep voting to RAISE tuition. It's ridiculous.


The worst part about TCU is the power that the Greek community weilds. With the majority of students joining a fraternity or sorority, it leaves the non-Greek students out. Greeks rule in intramurals, student government, almost everything.


Snobbiness; it isn't as bad as some schools, but some people are discriminatory, especially based on sexual orientation and economic status


For commuters, finding a parking spot is sometimes difficult. However, there are busses available for parking lots that are not very close to the main campus.


The increase in tuition over the past 3 years, greater than the national average. Because of the tuition increase, TCU is letting in students who do not meet the academic standards that have been set.


Lack of diversity


THe best thing about TCU is the student body. There are so many activities that you can get involved in where you meet a lot of different, new people. It is an amazing experience. Everywhere you go on campus, you are bound to pass some one that you know very well, and someone that you are close with. Because of this close knit university, I would recommend TCU to any prospective student.


A lot like high school.


Most classes I've taken are very difficult and require a lot of hours outside class to learn the material. Not necessarily a bad thing because you take a lot of knowledge from each class.


I consider the worst thing the meal plan. Some might say that it is a minor thing, but when you only have the choice of 4 or 5 things to eat every day, and you are forced to buy the expensive meal plan, it can be frustrating.


Oftentimes, the administration tries to be controlling of Fraternity and Sorority Life.


The over-emphasis on fraternity and sorority life. It often seems as though people who aren't in a social Greek organization are left out of TCU.


A lot of people here are very materialistic and wealthy. Money is a non-issue. Not very laid-back atmosphere. Very huge greek life here--if you don't like that, maybe should consider a different school.


The worst part about TCU is that it can't keep up with the growth of the student body. Parking is a problem, as is getting to live on campus at the beginning of each semester. They have also implemented a new meal plan that I feel has many problems with it, but they are looking at ways to fix it.


The cost is outrageous and they expect my parents to pay for it when they can't afford to.


TCU is VERY expensive, and it's not always evident that the school is worth so much money. I'm not looking forward to paying back student loans. The financial aid system is not that great either.


The worst thing about my college is that they do not have enough diversity in the psychology programs for graduate school. That was nmot something I expected when entereing into this university.


The cost, because I'm paying my way through college, and even with financial aid from the government and TCU, I'm still taking out humongous loans in order to afford to be here.


The location. I like Fort Worth because its not a big city but its close to Dallas, which is. However, there is no beach or mountains in close proximity. Most of our activities are reduced to drinking.


While the closed-minded people don't necessarily outnumber the open-minded ones, they seem to run the campus sometimes which makes it hard for me to feel comfortable being myself a lot of the time.


We have very little diversity. Wealthy white caucasions dominate the student population, and the Greek system is very strong. There is little tolerance for those who dress differently or are of a different race. There is no violence towards the people who are "different", but it is obvious that they are excluded in certain social groups.