Texas Christian University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


...and it's true. The stereotypical TCU student is a wealthy white girl with a newer or brand-new mid-range or luxury car that she can't drive or park well. She will have a credit card that Daddy pays for, and she won't have any concept of limited spending. She will also carry an iPhone in some kind of silicone case. She will probably be wearing an oversize sorority/fraternity shirt and athletic shorts, and will probably carry a Jon Hart or North Face bag. She probably drinks like a fish, and may or may not have an actual working brain.


I would say most people look at the sky-high tuition rate at TCU and judge that it's a private university for spoiled rich kids. That's what I mostly heard from peopel when I told them I'm going to TCU.


Common stereotypes are that we are all spoiled and wealthy. Also, a common stereotype which is accurate is that TCU girls are very pretty and outnumber the guys.


You either love TCU or you don't. Everyone is Greek, and all greeks are snobs. People don't work hard to earn their education, they just coast through life. "TCU: where the girls are girls and the guys are too"


Snobby, Spoiled Brats


rich and stuck-up


People automatically think that everyone at TCU is filthy rich, drives BMWs, and is affiliated with a Greek organization on campus. People think TCU is a party school.


The people are beautiful and filthy rich.


Alot of people think that TCU is just for rich, snobby kids


That all of the girls are daddy's little rich girls, and that they get whatever they want.


well off sheltered kids


Everybody is rich and white


That the social calendar revolves around Greek life.


They're all a bunch of snobby, rich kids.


I heard that TCU was a party school and all about the Greek life. Stereotypes are extremely prevalent within the Greek circle. Certain sororities and fraternities are known for different things.


Everyone is rich and goes Greek. The girls are blonde, rich, and bitchy. The guys are cocky, insensitive, and "fratty". If you aren't in the Greek system you will not have many friends, or have the opportunity to go to parties. TCU is not a diverse campus. Girls wear Nike running shorts, oversized t-shirts, boat shoes aka the shaker look. The guys wear Polo everything and pastel colored shorts, with croakies and loafers. Guys and girls t-shirts include "frockettes". Designer everything is everywhere. Jon Hart and Vera Bradley are a must have when you are a girl at TCU.


its all white, rich people


prepry, snobby, rich


All the girls are sorority ditts and all the guys are overly rich frat boys. All these greeks are rich, snobby and a nuisance in class. Most of the student body is from Texas.


stuck up, rich, sexually easy, not crhistians


That we are snobby and spoiled.


The are rich. They have parents who pay for everything and do not know what it is like to work. They are fratastic. TCU students are attractive.


Preppy, snobby, wealthy


rich and snobby


That they are all stuck up rich people with Daddys money. They are all snooty and look down at people that are lesser then them.


Rich, selfish, super-conservative, materialistic, Greek, party kids.


rich, southern, all the same


TCU is only for "rich-kids" and only worried about students directly out of high school.


Too fratty.


Rich smart kids who have parents money to do with as they please and everyone is in the Greek system


I think alot of people assume they are going to run into a large crowd of pampered, unappreciative, right winged kids at TCU.


rich, stuck up, everyone dresses the same, all about brand names, conservative, racist, upper class, non-mainstream ideas not accepted


Rich White Kids. Very hot girls (true). Everyone is snobby (not true, but there are plenty of spoiled kids).


Everyone participates in Greek Life It is cliquey It is a very wealthy school Lots of partying


That everyone is rich and stuck-up, or that everyone likes to party or is in a social sorority/fraternity


Greek, rich