Texas Christian University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Snobby, clone-like, materialistic, racist, sexist, don't like dissenters or people who think out of the box... put people down frequently, non-cooperative... I'd say, yes, and in ways you don't expect. Like they won't say it to your face they are, they just do it passive-aggressively. But it could also be the area, as well. I don't think this is new at all.


Most people associate TCU students with being fratty, rich, proper Christians, and friendly. All of these characteristics do have some truth to them in regards to TCU students. About 43% of the student population at TCU is Greek - this includes Panhellenic, IFC, multicultural, and faith based fraternities and sororities. That's almost half of the student body; therefore several TCU events are put on by fraternities and sororities, but hardly any of these events are exclusive to the Greek community. In fact, the Greek community encourages non-Greek students to participate in philanthropy events, tailgates, and other activities to integrate the TCU community. As far was being rich goes...yes, TCU is a private institution, which means that the tuition is significantly greater than the majority of universities in the United States. This does not mean that every student at TCU comes from wealthy parents or a rich background. TCU offers numerous scholarships to students, and would NEVER turn a student away due to a financial situation. If there's a will, there's a way, is what the TCU administration says. There are several students at TCU who do come from wealthier families, but by no means does this mean that these students are snobbish or look down upon those who are not. Yes, TCU is a Christian university (Texas CHRISTIAN University), but this doesn't not mean that only Christians attend this school. The majority of the student body is Christian, but of different denominations. We do celebrate and observe several Christian holidays. We have a Christmas tree lightning ceremony every year in December, we celebrate Mardi Gras, and we have Good Friday off from school. There is no chapel or mass requirement though because we are associated with the Disciple of Christ Church, but not governed by them. Lastly, TCU students are extremely friendly!! Everyone says hi to one another, is polite, and respects one another. Several of the tables in our main dining hall are long tables to promote community and friendliness!


At TCU, Greek life is very prevalent, so naturally, the stereotype is that all the guys are very fratty and all of the girls can be materialistic. While this is true for some of the people at TCU, there are definitely plenty of down-to-earth students who care about more than their Greek organization. I, myself, am in a Greek organization and have found that most of the people at TCU are genuine people. TCU has also been featured heavily in the news lately, and I think that is important to remember that the news highlights an extremely small percentage of students and that this small percentage should not represent the entire school


Rich kids. And with the recent drug "bust," it seems to only amplify the stereotype. However, the majority of students do not participate in drugs and many students are on scholarship. Sure, there are some kids whose parents make lots of money, but bratty young people are going to be everywhere. TCU is a school of all socio-economic backgrounds.


A large part of TCU's population are greek. They seem to be everywhere and very involved both in greek life and outside of it.


The most common stereotype is definitely the frat guy and sorority girl - that Greek life dominates the campus. Although the Greek system is extremely prominent, you don't have to be in a sorority or fraternity to enjoy yourself. I know plenty of people involved in a number of other clubs. Another stereotype is that everyone who goes to TCU is rich because the school is so expensive. There are definitely a good number of wealthy students on campus, but many students are here on scholarship and may not be so wealthy. There is a variety of backgrounds.


A lot of people seem to think that TCU is full of a bunch of rich kids whose mom and dads pay for everything of theirs. While this may be true for some, I believe that it's not for 2/3 of the school's population. A lot of us really enjoy what the programs and the education that TCU offers, relying on scholarships to keep us at the University.


The stereotype is that we are all kids from wealthy families and will pay thousands of dollars to be in the Greek system.


The stereotype of people at TCU is that we're all rich and stuck-up. The girls are catty and the boys are fratty. While there may be some truth to this stereotype (in that most of us are financially well-off), TCU students are so so nice. I realized how friendly everyone on was the minute I stepped on campus and my opinion has not changed at all. Yes, we are very greek, but that doesn't mean that we aren't nice to those who choose not to go greek.


Most people who don’t go to TCU considers it to be a school where everyone feels as though they are better than everyone else, its run by Greek life, and the teachers could care less about you. But at TCU it’s the complete opposite. We have students from all walks of lives that equally embrace everyone. Although Greek life is a big part of TCU it only account for about 40% of our student population. Lastly yes you will encounter classes where there may be 50 students in one place but the professors here at TCU take the time to get to know each and every one of them. They want you to succeed having office hours and working with you off the clock to make sure you get the materials you may need.


YES, TCU has a lot of white, frats people. But so what? They are nice, friendly and very involved. Of course there are certain people may not live the way you do, that doesn't mean everyone is like that. I have friends in sororities and they are absolutely wonderful people.