Texas Christian University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who wants academic rigor should attend Texas Christian University. My school also prides itself on professional development and networking so any student who is looking for hands on education should come to TCU.


TCU is an incredibly open, accepting, and affirmining university. The Horned Frog community is very inviting to all types of people, including all genders, races, creeds, orientations, and types. This school fosters a union of the student body within itself and also its adminstration and educators. The overall vibe is a perfect balance of relaxed and upbeat. There is never much drama or he said, she said. I have found the community to be full of love and drive.


A student who is goal and career oriented, who wants to be the best in their field.


TCU students should be well rounded in school and activities. The business and nursing programs at TCU are the most well known programs. If you are interested in either of these fields TCU is for you. Most of the students here are very active in sports or working out. Students are very involved in greek life, so being involved in a sorority or fraternitiy is very important. Students with an outgoing personality or someone looking to make a fresh start should definitely come to TCU.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who prefers a smaller school and who cares about the community.


Someone who wants the experience of attending a smaller school with great advantages such as small class size, close contact with professors, great care from all employees, small pedestrian and beautiful campus. Someone who is okay with being surrounded by a big Greek community.


If you want your faith to be a part of your college experience its a great place for you. Students wanting to be involved in greek organizations. Students who like music, especially country.


A student at Texas Christian University strives to be the best they can be in and out of the classroom, is a fun-loving individual looking to find his or her "nitch", and a student that is willing to "learn to change the world."


Any student looking to find themselves and what they are capable of are great candidates to attend Texas Christian University. It is a liberal arts college that provides opportunies in any field, giving students the chance to try different courses in which they discover their talents and desires.


Someone who is willing to try new things. They have to be able to think out of the box and try rally hard in school. I also think that they have to willing to be open to different ideas.


A person who is willing to work hard for their future, no matter what they aspire to be - or even if they do not know yet - should come here. A TCU education is highly respected in any field. The student body is diverse, but almost everyone I know is ready to learn so that they may have a bright and successful future. If a person is looking for an excellent education, a beautiful atmosphere, great teachers and friends, and like the color purple, TCU is the perfect place!


Anyone! School offers almost any major a student would want to study and each department is excellent. Someone not seriously focused on academics might not thrive as much as others, though.


I feel as though any person would be good at this school. There is such a diversity between religions, races, and all types of people; everyone would be able to find a place on campus to fit in and feel like they are at home. Everyone is very accepting and understanding, but there are also the snobby people that you can tell come from money; they seem to be rare.


You should be someone ready to work and willing to do whatever it takes to make the grade. At TCU we are on the plus/minus grading system which makes it significantly harder to attain the gpa you desire. Also, you should either have lots of financial aid/scholarships, or be from a well off family, because tuition is expensive. If you are going to come here, you should be well versed on how your financial aid will work for you, as reps will not bother to explain such things and you could end up in a lot of debt.


A person should be willing to get involved in the community of TCU and involve themselves in their classes and extracurricular activities to feel the full affect of the University.


I honestly think that any person has a chance attending this school. There is virtually somewhere on campus where a person can fit in.


Anyone with a willingness and focus to learn and pursue their career inside and outside of school. They must be confident in who they are as a person and also be open to cultural difference others will have.


TCU is a school for anyone who would like to get a great education and live in a wonderful campus community. The price is somewhat expensive but there are a lot of scholarships and programs available. TCU is a melting pot of different races, religions, and political preferences so everyone feels welcome.


cool, individual, active


Any one who wants to have an unreal, fantastic college career should attend this school. Someone who is driven, and motivated to do well and make loads of friends.


The kind of person that is not striving to be unique in their choice of clothing; the kind of person that likes to dress like their going for a yacht ride.


A person who wants to join a fraternity or sorority, is friendly, social, and focused on school should attend this school.


someone with money or who can find good scholarships and loans. Pre-med majors and business majors


Someone who is able to afford it and is not looking for a huge school.


The stereotype is rich little southern preppy kids. I'm from nebraska and not incrediuby rich and not so preppy. i have kids in my class that fit the stereotype and i have kids from california and then kids that dress all punk rock so anybody can attend this school. What's great about TCU is you can make it whatever you want. everyone is accepting regardless of what ur like