Texas Christian University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who wants to get in, get out, and just come out the other side with a degree. TCU asks students to be engaged in learning in and out of the classroom, so if you aren't prepared and ready for the personal growth that accompanies that, don't come here.


Someone who doesn't want a family-like community, even after a few weeks here TCU provided a family for us to join. TCU also provides that big school feel with only a small school classroom, so if you want a big school, TCU might not be the place for you.


A person who is not going to be extremely dedicated to their studies.


TCU has a very strong sorority/fraternity life, so if a student was very anti-Greek, I don't think TCU would be a good fit. I also think the campus tends to be extremely conservative in its politics, so a liberal Democrat would often find themselves at odds with their fellow students. The students at TCU also tend to have a lot of money, so a poor student would have a harder time fitting in.


I think any kind of person would love going to this school. It's big enough and sorority/fraternity life is active enough for someone who really wants a social experience. I however didn't join a sorority and am not big on the social events, but still I love the school. It has a great atmosphere and a great location right next to downtown Ft. Worth, so you can always find something to do.


I believe someone that doesn't study much and is not prepared to work hard should not come to this school.


I think someone who is not able to focus and give their 100% in classroom should not attend this university


If you are a person that has to wear all the new fashions that everyone else is wearing and you don't have the money to spend absurd amounts of money on clothes don't come here, you'll go broke or come into a lot of debt


Someone who wants to attend a small yet notable school.


I would hope that anyone attending TCU would answer this question with "Anyone can attend Texas Christian Univeristy and find their place here." I pride myself in being a Horned Frog that can honestly say: Although I am as far from being "diverse" as a person can be (a middle class, white, Christian, female) I have friends of every color, sexuality and political view; and no one judges me for it.


People who are looking for a lot of diversity or a lot of school spirit should not attend this school. Nor should people who don't like being around well-off, stuck-up people because although there are a lot of great kids here, there seem to be alot more high-maintenance snooty kids. People who don't want a university that squeezes every penny possible out of its students/ parents of student should not attend this university.


Someone who doesn't like Greek life.... TCU is more then 70% Greek.


Someone who wants to get involved, enjoys football games, and is somewhat greek-minded, or willing to become greek-minded.


People who do not like rich snobby kids probably wouldn't enjoy TCU


everyone can fit into TCU


If you are absolutely against the use of alcohol and parties then TCU may not be the bet choice. The majority of the students are white, fairly wealthy, Texans, conservatives, and protestants who dress fairly preppy and join greek organizations. If you are the opposite of all of these things, then you may not enjoy TCU. I do not think you would be particularly uncomfortable here, I just think you may not enjoy it as much as you would enjoy some other schools.


The kind who does not take their education very seriously.


Someone that is uncomfortable in small classroom settings


anyone who is not willing to work hard for their grade and does not want to have a good time while doing it


Someone who is serious about Fine Arts. Music department is great, dance is okay--otherwise, graphic design, art/ art education/ art history, fashion/ design are all lacking. The Spanish dept. is going down-hill as well.


You need to be sort of fratty. You need to be able to handle very rich and powerful families and snotty girls. there is a very large greek life here so it is better for you socially if you drink and go out.


The type of person that is not interested in putting in the effort to succeed. This university is too difficult for someone who plans on slacking off in his or her studies.


Someone who only wants to party all the time and isn't really focused on their education...


Someone that doesn't like to try.


Stereotypically speaking, the rich, white kid who likes Jesus and a cold beer. He or she must be outgoing if they choose to join the Greek organizations and if they choose not to be Greek they must be outgoing so that they meet more people easier.


Anybody can find their niche here, it's just harder, I think, for a more liberal person sometimes.