Texas Christian University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about TCU is the fact that we're still considered to fit the small/insignificant university profile and with that comes other limitations. Although we are small in population, that doesn't mean we don't measure up to other large schools. Just a few days ago, the TCU football team was named the Rose Bowl champions and some say we deserved to be in the BCS championship. I believe our academics, athletics, and leadership accomplishments represent how impactful a small school can be, we just don't receive proper recognition.


The fact that our tuition is very high and there are a lot of things that we do not get for as much money as we pay.


Current consrtuction on campus. The construction has upgraded the campus greatly in the past few years, and it is almost complete, but its just annoying durring the day.


Because of the area my degree was in, I did not have much time to socialize with others. I don't feel as though I was able to make social contacts out of my area of study . I did pledge a sority but it was very hard t do things with my sisters because I was either rehearsing or performing. I also wanted to pursue another degree at the same time but was not able to due to the demands of my Music degre.


The lack of diversity.


Trying to get scholarships and financial aid other than loans from TCU when you are classified as middle class


It is frustrating to see the school try so hard to get a balanced race/gender population to the point that they make it easy to get into the school if you fit into one of the categories they are currently looking for to keep up appearances of a balanced campus.


cost to much.


Sometimes, administration doesn't really listen or make their case for what they are doing.


The most frustrating thing would be the fact that this school cost so much money to attend.


The Meal Plan.


Too many rich kids.


The most frustrating thing is signing up for classes online. It is easy to do, but the classes fill up quickly with the good teachers. But, those good teachers usually understand and give you a permit to enroll in their class. All it takes is an e-mail, but it's annoying to do.


Trying to find parking is absolutely ridiculous. I would have to go to school sometimes an hour early just to get decent parking.


if you come in without much scholarship and do well, it is almost impossible to get more aid. It is too expensive and they just assume that everyone can pay for it. If you cannot afford it, instead of helping you, they tell you to transfer and not everyone can be a horned frog.




That a lot of the people are just the same that go there. It's such a clique school with certain kinds of people only hanging out with certain people.


The emphasis on greek life is exhausting and really ruins the academic side of the school. The newer classes are more rude and spoiled than the previous classes, and the greeks behavior (this behavior) overshadows and runs off any good and intellectual students. I myself cannot wait to graduate for this reason, and am somewhat shameful to admit TCU as my undergraduate school.


Not enough financial aid