Texas Christian University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known that lots of people go greek. Also that a lot of the girls are very similar with their style, personality, and likes. The boys are typically fratty. Basically there is not much diversity in the university, however mostly everyone is friendly!




You will miss home!


I wish I had understood just how much money some people at this school had. There is a strong wealthy class present on the campus that sometimes leaves me feeling uncomfortable or inferior.


Before attendance, the welcoming committee made all information needed for an incoming freshman available, and were very helpful. Time management skills would have helped me adjust more quickly during my first semester.


I wish I would have known about the campus sooner, so I could have tried harder to transfer earlier. This campus in its entirety from students, to faculty to programs is amazing.


Before going to my current school, I wish I would have known to get really involved at the beginning of school. This is the time when most freshmen meet each other and make friends. I also wish that someone had told me that morning classes are not always the greatest idea. College is not like high school, where your mom wakes you up and pushes you out the door for school. In college you have to get up and out of bed on your own and that is not always easy.


I wish that I would have known how difficult the transition is from high school into college. I understood that it would be hard to be away from my family and my home, but I wish I would have known the extent of these difficulties. It takes to time to get acclimated to being away from the people that have been there for you for 18 years of your life, and I believe everyone should know and be prepared for the feelings that accompany leaving home.


I wish I had remembered that personal responsibility is everything. I lost that first semester in college. You have to remember who you are as a person, and who you want to be; you have to be true to yourself, to your morals. Also, time management is key. You have to prioritize your assignments, and make sure to plan way ahead for them. I figured out it takes the burden off when you do the assignment right when it's assigned, instead of procrastinating until the last minute.


I wish I had known more about the available financial aid. I wish I had tried harder to recieve those scholarships. I also wish I had known how much I would need to know about time management. I did not realize how many activities, classes or studying would be needed. I didn't realize how dfficult it was to balance everything, and that became my downfall. I wish I could have told myself to push myself and not to settle. I can be amazing, but I need to reach for the stars in order to get ahold of one.


The classes are a lot more challenging than I anticipated.


That the film program is really rockin'. Also, would have liked to know how GPA is determined...would have helped me a lot freshman year.


I had two siblings come here before me. I knew what I was doing.


I wish I had met more people and known the degree of intensity of the work load for students. I also wish I had known that 12 hours is still an extremely difficult task, and now that I am taking 15 its even more difficult. But well worth it!


How to continually search for financial aid while doing my class work. Doing this would have put me in a better situation than I am in now.


I wish I would have known what I really wanted to major in before I actually started my college education and I wish I would have taken dual credit courses in high school.


I wish someone would have been honest with me about the sorority life on campus. I was told that TCU was a mostly Greek University, and I have come to find out that that is not neccesarily true. After joining and dropping a sorority, my most beneficial advice to an incoming Freshman would be: "Be your own person and don't let anyone tell you that you should join a particular group to fit in. There are amazing people all over campus; not just Greek."


That people worry way to much about the way they look. Also, greek life is way bigger than they let it out to be.


I wish I had knows how to really take advantage of professors who devote so much of their time to undergraduate students.


I wish I would have known that the fraternity and sorority life was so big. I was not excited about being involved in a sorority, but now i am involved in two (a chirstian sorority and a regular sorority). I love them both and would not change anything. I just wish that I would have known how big the involvement was.


I wish I would have known that sorority/ fraternity life was such a big deal. I didn't think that I would like it, but I ended up joining two sororities. (one christian and one regular sorority). It has been a great experience, but I wish I would have known how big they were on campus.


nothing, it is exciting to come in not knowing and learning as you go.


I wish I would have known how high the Greek to Non-greek ratio is.


How much tuition was going to increase


How much the cost would constatnly increse.


Before I came to TCU I wished I would have known that it has a very large sorority and fraternity based community. Because of this, morst of the people that hang out seem to have the same racial background. Coming from a very diverse high school I was accustomed to a diverse group and I just expected coming to college would be the same way, but TCU turned out to be very different.


That the tuition was going to go up every year...