Texas Christian University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing at this university is the academics. It's tough coming from a fairly easy high school, but I learn new things everyday, am challenged in every classroom to think critically. Outside of the classroom I've learned just as much, if not more. Living not only on your own, but with someone you've just met, is extremely difficult. I learned quickly how to work with other people around me, and I've learned how to manage time efficiently. I've learned to become a responsible adult in just one semester.


The at home atmosphere TCU provides. It's a small private school but it's not too small. Everyone is super friendly and they make you want to help others.


The best thing about TCU is the people. Everyone here is friendly and wants people around them to succeed. I don't encounter demeaning peers, teachers, or coaches. I believe that people here are genuinely rooting for each other in life. It fosters this awesome positive environment that cannot be shaken.


At Texas Christian University the professors care about those that care. There have been classes I've struggled with, and I can count on one hand the number of teachers that really stopped and listened, and half of those are at TCU. Another benefit is the smaller class size, the largest class I have attended had roughly thirty students, and many of the junior and senior level classes have fifteen or fewer. This allows your professors to really get to know you, and you them.


The best thing about TCU is that even though academics are taken seriously, there are so many opportunities to be involved on campus, contribute to the community, and be involved in organizations and interests that keep a balance in college life.


The best thing about TCU is the atmosphere. Great people, professors, city and sports. I can guarantee that there is something for everyone at TCU.


The best thing abuot TCU is the fact that it keeps students socially engaged. The school spirit is so strong, you can't help but want to be involved in activities on campus.


I love the fact that TCU is a smaller University with a big University feel. Everyone is very welcoming and kind if your open and yourself. The falculty is always more than willing to help the students in any possible way. What Il ove most of all besides the great academic and non-academic programs is the school spirit. Everyone here has so much passion for the campus, something I didn't get to experience at my old school. It's refreshing and exciting.


It is very "people" orientented. They care about the individual student. The classes were small and help was always available. The education was top notched. All of my professors were dedicated and held high degrees. There homes were opened to us and they treated us like family.


Texas Christian University is a beautiful campus, with a great environment and great sense of community. From the design of the campus to the quality of the dorm rooms to the professors in the classroom, TCU has a great feel to it. Every moment I am on this campus, I know I made the right decision on which school to attend because it simply feels like a great place to be. The environment caused by the aforementioned sense of community brings fellow students together, and provides an enjoyable academic and social experience.


I believe that the welcoming atmosphere found throughout the TCU campus is the best thing about my school. It gives the students a sense of belonging and allows them to feel more comfortable around others. All of the students are very kind and compassionate and their friendly personalities is a comforting fact about TCU.


The best thing about Texas Christian University is its response to the growing diversity in the area. A few years ago, it was a rare thing to see someone of another ethnicity other than Caucasian roaming the campus, let alone attending the university. But if you were to visit the campus today you would see that the diversity has grown, with more and more people looking at TCU as a university they can be proud to support.


I consider the beautiful campus to be the best part of my school. You definitely see the hords of money you pay to attend this school, at work in the environment provided on the campus.


TCU goes above and beyond for their students. Class sizes are small, and professors are more than happy to help individual students as much as they need. There is a real desire to succeed at TCU, and the faculty is more than willing to go out of their way to help students attain their goals.


The coheisivness of the student body and the friendships made


The abundance of learning


Closeness, it allows one to feel truly a part of this great university.


The best thing about TCU is that there is a very friendly environment. Fort Worth is a fun city to live and has lots to do.


TCU is very welcoming. It is broad enough that you can do what you want, you will find a place that makes you happy on campus. It is small enough thought that you get one on one attention from both Faculty and the Staff. It is a beautiful campus rich with tradition and close to everything that one might need off campus.


The best thing about TCU are the people. Everyone is so nice and willing to help in anyway to ensure the students success.


Small classes, access to faculty, the city of Fort Worth, nice people, fairly strong athletics, nice facilities, good looking girls


THe best thing about TCU is the student body. There are so many activities that you can get involved in where you meet a lot of different, new people. It is an amazing experience. Everywhere you go on campus, you are bound to pass some one that you know very well, and someone that you are close with. Because of this close knit university, I would reccommend TCU to any prospective student.


Relationships with professors and their availibility to help. Also, the requirement to learn about aspects of life and other cultures that are not always required by other schools.




The opportunities in fort worth to use our skills we are learning.


The best thing about TCU is definitely it's size. It's big enough so that you can have your own life but smal enough you get to know a lot of people. Because it has such a nice size it is able to have a lot of organizations that really connect with the students. Once you find the right organization for you, you feel more apart of the school and community.


The best thing about TCU is that it's just the right size to where you can see similar faces everyday, but not too small to the point that you're only seeing the same people and not able to meet new people. TCU is also the right size as far as class size goes. There are only a couple classes that have more than 60 people in it. Almost all of my classes haven't had more than 40 people in it.


I'd have to say four things: police force, school spirit, location, and the campus. I admire the amount of school spirit, for being such a small school we can definitely hold our own against the likes of UT or OU. Also, the close-to-downtown location is very convenient and makes for a very comfortable feel. The police on campus are phenomenal and I feel safe here, despite the location of being close to downtown, which is usually a recipe for trouble on campus from external influences. The campus itself is beautiful. It is sprawling yet compact.


The friends that I have made, my Christian sorority, the small community and pretty (the parts that aren't under construction) campus.


The emphasis on academics


My friend who goes by PRIME, made an apprearance late one night in the TCU Main.


The best thing about TCU are the professors. They know exactly what they're teaching and love their job. A couple of times I had to reconsider my major because I took a variety of courses and all the professors just had that "light" in their job. They start to make their students love that area of study too!