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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to save whatever money I was given and to not spend it on things that you do not need because in the future our family will not have the money to provide her with the money needed for her education. If she were to ask, "Why's that?" I would answer, "Shit happens." The high school me would be a bit shocked, as she is more innocent and not prone to using foul language. And it is true- bad things happen and you need to be prepared. Now, I am not prepared, struggling to make sure I save every penny and that I have all of my financial aid done. My parents want to help, but cannot due to their own financial restraints. Hopefully, the high school me would listen. However, I would also let her know that even though she needs to save, she must also enjoy herself on the path ahead of her and the company of the many different people she would meet that would change her life- for better for worse. Have faith and do not give up hope- your time will come. Just work at it and enjoy your life.


If i could go back in time and talk to my highschool self, i would go back the first day of senior year sit myself down and tell my self to ask questions about finacial aid pay attention to what you are doing in finacial aid. Also i would tell myself to look for scholarships whether it be a random scholarship or anything. To apply myself in college because its not easy going to college and thinking you can coast on by, it takes a lot of dedication and work to be in college.