Texas Lutheran University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The tight knit community and a high sense of belonging. My professors know my name, and care about the things that happen in my life, and what my future plans are.


My school is best known for its small classes and friendly people. The professors, staff, and students here are hoping you succeed and taking an active role in making sure you do.


We are primarily known for our size.


Texas Lutheran University is best known for kinesiology they have great programs here for that major. sports wise baseball is known for here they go to playoffs every year and they have always had a strong team no one is weak on the team. Another thing that Texas Lutheran University is known for is the small classes here and the people here are all nice.


Texas Lutheran is best know for the small class environment which makes it conducive for the student to learn and due to small class environment professors are more accessible to students for questions. The many resources that are available to assist students with study and test preparation is excellent. There is no reason a student should fail with available resources.


I think the school is best know for having small classes and the Teacher Education Program


The school is best known for their business and kinesiology. The professors are well-educated in their areas and come prepared to class. The material taught to students is extensive and each student is given a chance to learn something new. They prepare students for the future ahead of them. There are also opportunities to participate in internships to get experience in before going out into the real world.


Small classes big differences


Being small and friendly, I think.