Texas Lutheran University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is committed to their class work at constructive level; and who prefers small campuses and class sizes. Especially one who doesn't mind the peaceful silence that occurs mostly on the weekends. The best student is involved in academics, social events, and volunteer work


Those who enjoy small classes and want a community where everyone is close to eachother.


A person who is academically focused and will work hard to keep up their grades. Along with open-minded people who can see that religion is in everything we do, and that people are different with views that can be very diversed.


A person willing to work and keep an open mind would best be suited for TLU.


I think TLU deserves students who are willing to speak out in classes and offer up their opinions. Classes here can be a bit small, but that seems to be my favorite part because the TLU slogan says it perfectly, "small classes, BIG difference." I know my professors on quite a different level than a few of my highschool peers, and I find this helps me overcome larger obsticles because this connection with my professors is something very important in my perserverance during the semester. TLU is for students who want to be proud of the work they accomplish.


The kind of people I see attending this university are those who enjoy a peaceful learning environment, and who enjoy having the support of the community to pursue new opportunities to better themselves as an adult. The professors at this university have brought many students to the university who feel like they need a little push from their professors to succeed in their major. In conclusion the kind of people who I can see attending this university are those who wish to have a peaceful environment with a relationship with their community and their teachers.


The kind of person that should attend Texas Lutheran University should be willing to work hard and put in 100% effort, with their mind set on succeeding and making a difference in the world. They should also be able to voice their opinions without harming others with their words. Participating in campus activites and in classes would not only benefit the individual as a student but after they graduate as well. This person should be inspired, full of integrity,and perseverant.


The perfect TLU student would be an individual who is open minded and not opposed to spirituality. TLU is a community where everyone is accepted and valued. The professors are just as eager to teach and learn as the students. A future TLU student should be interested in others as much as themselves and should be interested in being part of a community.


Somone looking for a small campus where they will be able to participate in multiple activities. A person coming from a small high school does great transitioning into college here because the classes aren't big and the professors take time to get to know each student.


IF ou don't like large student classes


Someone who wants to attend a private, somewhat overpriced, small university. You get lots of personal attention, so if you think you can sail through unnoticed, good luck. The teachers are great, the food really isn't THAT bad, and you'll work your tail off.


Any person who is open to new experiences and perspectives is most definately welcome at TLU!


Someone who likes small classes, knowing your proffessors and living in a small town. Lager towns are close by.