Texas Lutheran University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person who likes a close relationship with both professers and other students. If you are serious about school but you don't want to be completely consumed by work this is a potental school for you.


Anyone looking for anything other than a small community they can call "family" that is passionate about learning, sprit that lasts beyond the years spent here, and a place they can call their "home away from home" should not seek out Texas Lutheran University.


Someone who wants a larger, more diverse (ethnically and socially) campus should look elsewhere. If you're looking for a campus with lots of outside social opportunities this small campus is not for you. There are colliegiate sports teams but they are Division III and only the baseball and women's track teams are good. As far as research goes, there aren't many opportunities and the labs are equipment are not well maintained.


During my frist semester, there were a lot of athletes who went to TLU just to play sports, but a lot ended up failing. Students who are attending TLU just for sports are going to have a very difficult time juggling academics and athletics. They have to have the drive to do well in school as well as sports. Academics has to come before athletics, but for most, it ends up the other way around. It is not very smart to pay the money it costs to attend a private school and not do the best you can do academically.


A person who wants a diverse major should not attend this school.


Party person. Someone who doesn't have much self-motivation.


If you don't want to be completely familiar with almost every person on campus, TLU isn't for you at all. you definitely get to know everyone to some extent. Also, if you would like to blend in in a large lecture hall so the professor never calls you directly, don't come here. Small calsses mean the professor knows your full name and usually can remember exactly what you made on every test so far.


A person who is not open minded and willing to put in some work. If you don't like one on one time with professors or small classrooms where everyone knows who you are, including professors, this is not the school for you. If you rather be a number and a grade than a face to administrators than it's not for you.


If you are not serious about attending college and only want to go to college to party, you should not attend this school.


The kind of person who should not attend this school is one who is not open-minded and ready for a challenge. Texas Lutheran encourages students to search deep within themselves and to reach out to the community through volunteer work and other various activities. If they are not willing to work hard in order to receive a well-rounded education, this is not the school for them.


The kind of person that should not attend Texas Lutheran University would be the person that is looking for a big campus that always has something new to interest students, and has a large enough school body that one could blend into. At Texas Lutheran University students tend to get to know nearly everyone on campus, if not by name then by recognizing faces. This includes professors that also get to know the students that enroll in their classes.


TLU is a great enviroment... I believe that anyone should be allowed to attend the university; we are a unique mix of students and staff. No one should be pushed out becuase of who they are, Wouldn't be right; and it wouldn't be what the university projects itself to be. Students and staff alike accept anyone who comes to the campus, They encourage individuality, and acceptance is a full circle attribute at the university. We accept and do not punish anyone for their religion, race, gender, or sexual preferences. Our community is solid.


If you want to be at a large university then TLU is not the school for you. I would also say that if you like competition, and like to challenge yourself then I would go to a large university where they would have a large number of students for you to compete with.


A person that is looking for a big city school and a large campus definitely should not attend Texas Lutheran University. TLU is a small campus that will best suits someone who is looking for an at home atmosphere.


To attend Texas Lutheran University one should be able to apply themselves to their full potential to their school work, individuals who do not posses the potential to apply themselves or do not like small universities and small classes should not attend TLU.


anyone of african american descent


A person who wishes to attend a large university with classes where he or she will be simply a "number" and won't have a personal relationship with his or her professors should not attend Texas Lutheran University. If a student would like to live in a big city, TLU is not the best place for him or her.


People who are used to just barely passing, and not giving it there all should not go to this school. Professors are here to help you if you show how much you want the help. If you are one of those people who wait till the last minute and think you can just make up work later you are in for a lessoned learned the hard way.