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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hi Max, I wish I could tell you that once you got to college you could relax a little bit, but I can't. Do you remember that hard work and dedication you put into school everyday of high school just so you could reach your goal of a 4.0? You need to continue that. You need to find the motivation to open your book everyday and study. You need to realize that college is harder and sometimes you're going to feel like you can't keep up, that you're not smart enough to keep going, but you are. The first month it's going to seem really hard, but I promise you'll find a routine that eventually makes college life easier. Above all, make friends. Cliche, i know, but there will be times when you feel so overwhelmed and mom and dad aren't around, so you need friends that are more like family to help you get through these temporary rough patches. The best advice I can give is to get up each day and strive to be better than what you were yesterday. You'll make it. I promise. Sincerly, Your future self


Explore the world! Travel! You never know what's out there that you might not be able to live without. Go find it now before you spend years and money on an education or job that doesn't provide what you want from life. Get out there and see everything you can. Also, and possibly most importantly, make sure that whatever you do helps someone. It is far better to give than to receive and if you pursue a life of purely selfish ambition you'll never be truly happy. Remember, life is an ADVENTURE! Live it!


If I could write a letter to myself as a highschool senior, I would have so much to tell myself. It would probably go something like this: Dear Jen,


If I were gven the opportunity to go back in time and give myself advice, my cards would have been played differently. First and foremost, I would have told myself to enjoy the ride. College is meant to be grusome, but through those hardships you can still find happiness. The difficulty of being away from family, learning new and innovative material, and a new social atmosphere can be very overwhelming if you do not have the right attitude. I would adive myself to go into it ready to take on anything and everything with the right attitude. Anything done with the right attitude can and will be lifechanging. I learned most of this after my freshman year of college while I was surving as a missionary for my church in Seoul, Korea. This was lifechanging. Had I known what I know now during my freshman year of college, I think I would have been able to enjoy that journey in my life much more. However, now that I understand how much of a role attitude plays, I will always try to have the best attitude. College is meant to make us grow.


Don't worry so much about what people think of you, because, in the end, it doesn't matter. Do what you love and what you do best, and what you want to do will become clear. Don't let your judgement be clouded by the wants of your friends, teachers, or even parents. Follow your heart and soul-- allow yourself some time to get to know yourself. If you don't know yourself, who else will be able to know you?


Don't be afraid to get out there and enjoy this new phase in your life. Follow your heart and not the will and desires of others around you. Don't be afraid to do something different with your life. Stay true to yourself even when everyone around you disagrees or doesn't understand. Call Mom and Dad everyday and tell them how muchyou love them. Thank them for this wonderful opportunity to grow academically and spiritually. Embrace all that you are faced with and enjoy every moment of it. It goes by way too fast, so take time to slow down and recognized the blessings in your life.


When I was about to go to college the thing I needed to hear most was that I was going to be fine. So if I could go back and talk to my I would say that you can do this.It won't be easy but you will make it and it will all be worth it in the end. I know that does not take up two hundred words but that is all I have and any thing more would just be for show.


Dear Beka: You really think you want to be an anthropology major and go to A&M. Neither is for you. You are meant to be a psychology major at TLU. There are people who care about you there, people who love you and want what's best for you. Break up with your boyfriend, actually, don't ever start dating him. There are so many oppurtunites and he's going to wreck your mentality, you don't need him. You can find people who genuinely care about you and want what's best for you, unlike him. And then there's Bing. He's going to die before your second semester, but always remember that he is a good dog and you proudly wear his paw print on your chest. Also, start watching Doctor Who now. That show is going to help you so much. And please don't forget, you are loved and you're gonna have a wonderfully fantastic time. Love always, Beka.


Hey bro. Start the tough classes now. Save the easy generals until the end. Although you think you want to major in Radiology, you'll end up changing your mind to Electrical Engineering because Radiology takes 10+ years of schooling. Then, you'll change your major again to Civil Engineering because you don't want to deal with the electromagnetic world due to its intense complexity. Also, save up as much money as you can, even though you can't attain a job because of the ailing economy. Apply for a plethora of scholarships, because if you don't, you'll regret it when you see the price of tuition. Also, try to enjoy your last week of high school, as you will miss your friends and teachers. Don't worry though; you will get over it once you start college! College brings freedom of choice and endless possibilities. It feels great to be treated as an equal, and not as an inferior. High school is nice, but college is so much better. I will leave you with on last thing. Network, network, network! The more people you know, the more options you have for your future career et cetera.


I would advise myself to not worry about the future and have fun and make good decisions based on what I had in front of me. I would say to enjoy every moment cause it goes by very fast and you're going to want more of those moments. Be happy with what you've recieved in life and make the best of it, cause there is aways light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy life, your family, friends and yourself.


If I knew what I know now, I would have made many changes. After I graduated I attended a 2 year community college and received my associate of arts in elementary education. I then went to a 4 year school in San Antonio for only one semester. I was very unpleased with the school and didnt like the big atmosphere. Recently I switched to my newest school in Seguin which is a 4 year school. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student I would have done things a different way. If I knew my last school I attended was the going to be my favorite pick, I would have gone there straight away. I originally wanted to but the cost of tuition scared me away I think. It wouldve been more difficult for me to go straight into a 4 year school but I think it would've been a smarter choice. If I had done then I would be more on track and would be about to graduate and possibly already graduated. Once things are done you cant go back and change them, but you can keep moving forward.


I would advise myself to study more often and more effectively. I breezed through high school without studying and now that lack of experience is holding me back in college. College is a different story and I know I have to study to be succesful, but it's hard to change what I've done throughout all my schooling so far. I see kids spending hours studying and I think to myself "I could be way better than my 3.65 GPA if I studied like that." I'm so thankful for being blessed with the knowledge that I have but I've learned that there are so many smart people out there, and what separates the succesful people apart is hard work. If I could just give my high school self a preview of some of my college workloads then I know that would be all the convincing he needs to change his poor study habits. Too late for time travel, so I'll have to work on changing my college self rather than my high school self.


I have learned a lot through my journey in becoming an adult and learning the many obstacles you face as you are trying to get a good education. Trying to find many scholarships and grants before each semester starts can be very stressful and difficult. The main advice I would give myself if I could go back as a high school student would be to start looking into different scholarships and grants early. Coming to my university I attend I found out you have to be very independent and learn how to use your time. So I would also tell myself to become independent because my parents can not be by my side while away from home and I would also learn ahead of time to plan out my day when it came to my studies. There are many things I would tell myself if I could back then but now I have learned and plan to strive for my goals and keep looking for scholarships along the way.


I would tell myself not to rush things too fast with new friends. Slowly ease into your college life rather than trying to completely jump into it and leave everybody from your past behind. Many people get so wrapped up in their new college life that they feel like that is their entire world and they change themselves based upon that. For example, they stop talking and responding to people from high school because they think their new college friends are better or more cool than those from their past. Most of those changes are not for the better, although some may be beneficial. Your friends from high school have probably known you a long time and will be there for you when you need them. When you first meet new friends in college they are not always going to act like that so if you cut off all of your old friends to accomodate the new ones then it could be detrimental to all of your relationships by the end of your college career. Like the song says "make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."


If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self that even though it may seem like a ridiculously difficult task to go to college and to succeed in college, it can be done. I would tell myself, your perspective is important and is needed in the academic environment. The hardest part is getting started. Just get started and don't give up on yourself, even if you think everyone else has. Then take it one quarter at a time, or one assignment at a time and don't be afraid to talk to your teachers and be honest with them. They can tell from a mile away when a student isn't prepared, so be honest and tell them if you're struggling with an assignment and they will help you as best as they can. They won't do the work for you, but they will help you get to the answer.


Figuring out the balance between your academic and social life is crucial. You don't want to tire yourself out with studying or completing homework. What's best is taking the time to relax in between so that you can turn in the best work possible.


Well, kid, it's about time for you to be off. The big change is coming. College, the world of freedom! I know you aren't all that excited about it right now, but trust me, it's goiing to be a great experience...most of the time. Alright, sometimes it's going to be emotionally painful at times, but it turns out for the better. You're going to meet some incredible people that will support you in your worst times and congradulate you in your best. Be ready for work; it gets tougher from here on in. Expect longer papers, intense philosphical discussions that will challenge your faith and perceptions of reality. Do not slack off. Ever. You have no idea how trouble you will get yourself in if you do. Also, limit how much time you spend on the internet. Just because you can spend all day online does not mean you have to. In fact, you shouldn't. Go out and play, heaven's sake! Excercise a bit. Ride your bike. Join the ultimate frisbee group, they seem like a fun group. But above all, don't be afraid. You've got God on your side.


If I could go back to high school and inform myself about what college is going to be like I would tell myself to not worry about anything. College is an amazing place to be and you will enjoy it.


I will advise all high school seniors to go an visit the school they plan to attend in the fall. Talk to the students at the school but not just the tour guides. I would advise seniors to have an idea of the major they wish to pursue and take courses that head you in that direction. There is nothing wrong with taking a variety of courses your freshman year but do not wait to long to declare a major unless you plan on spending an extra semester or year in school getting on track for you degree plan. Campus life is all of what you make it. There are plenty of things to do in college besides studying and going to class. Go to college with an open mind, especially in your freshman year, because that will be the year you learn the most about yourself. Learning from mistakes and experiences will be the best way to experience college just remember your sololy respsonible for your actions. Lastly, with technology advances your never to far from family if you get home sick. Make your room just like home, be yourself and just live a respsonible life; college is fun.


Look for a school that will be small enough to address your academic needs and yet large enough to provide you with a diverse college community. Study hard and don't slack off but don't overwhelm yourself with school only. Try and find a balance between classes and a social life so that you won't burn out early and will still have a network of friends to get you through the years. Do take advantage of all the opportunities available for tutoring, volunteer events and committees, and other organizations that interest you. Don't be afraid to try new things or go outside of your bubbly; you'll be surprised at how many amazing things and people will become a part of your world when you just open yourself up to new experiences. Get to know the faculy well because they're there to help you even if its outside of their posted hours. the more interest you show in expanding your knowledge, the more they will help you.


I would tell my past self to really get ready for college. Sure i made honor roll in high school and did well in my classes, but it was still high school which means it wasn't as hard as college. I wish I could tell myself to take going into college more seriously. I shoud have been more academically ready for college than I was. Though I have only been in college a year and haven't hade a lot of time to make a lot of mistakes, I still made mistakes I wish i could change. I would tell myself what classes to do differently to set me on a better path than i was on. Some more positive tips I would share with my past self is to stick with my intended major because I will get accepted into at the beginning of my sophmore year and I will be excited about that!


I would have liked nothing more than for myself to go back into time and help me out during the whole college process. My first semester was very tough, because the transition from high school to college was a lot to take on. The school gives you a lot of resourses and advise to help with time managment and stress, but words and help from others was not enough for me. I had to learn by myself how to study better, read and understand things better, be more independant, and deal with stress. If I went back to being a high school senior, and gave myself advise as a college student, I would better prepare myself for all of the factors I mentioned. I finished my second semester with a 3.6 grade point average, and if I had only learned what I know now a little sooner, I could have made better grades my first semester.


The advice I would give to myself would be that I need to find a school that will not only accept me, but can assist me in finding the aide needed to stay in school. Along with getting a feel for time management, as well as a technique to study more efficiently. With that I also would have a concept map to what my vocational calling should be by weighing out the pros and cons. I would tell myself to not just look at the scholarships my school offered but to give every option a good look through in every direction. Apply, apply, apply. Any school, any scholarship and any internship/research project I could get my hands on.


I would simply tell myself that life isn't easy when you go to college. You will face lots of challenges and twists and turns but you need to find the one path that brings you home. Make plenty of friends in college,these friends will be with you for a lifetime. Be sure to get involved and interact in the city. But also make sure that you aren't making decisions that you regret later on in life.Be sure to study for your classes and work hard. The last word of advice that I would say is that when all else fails, pray. He is with you always and can help you achieve anything.


Dear 18-year-old Mary, The best advice that I have to give you as you enter college is to always be open to change and new experiences and to advise you not to come into this thinking that you have it all figured out. Life and the college experience are going to throw so many curveballs at you, and you need to keep your eye on the pitcher so that you can knock them out of the park. Learn to love and appreciate yourself for exactly who you are and who you will grow to be, don't constantly seek the approval or acceptance of others. Ultimately, your experience is going to be life-altering and eye-opening, in ways that you can't imagine, so open your heart to what the world, God and others have to teach you!! Always seek to be growing and understanding why circumstances are occurring in your life, and try not to regret anything that you do, but choose to embrace it all and it will truly enrich your life. Love others unconditionally (including yourself), give of your time freely, study often but play even more, face your fears and have fun! Mary


If i were to go back in time to my past self as a senior, I would advise myself to stop procrastinating and try to apply to as much college presentations as possible so I could pick out a good college for myself, getting scholarships, and applying for fasfa. For colleges, I would pick out what college I wanted to go to depending, on the location, the finances, and the programs that could help me with my classes . I would also want it to be close to home, the financing would be good depending on the credits, and that I could take a bus to it. Which is Why I'm in LCC. Getting scholarships is easy, so that way I don't have to spend my graduation money. Finally doing fasfa. Fasfa is so important that it's great for first timers. It would cover for your classes, but you would have to pay them back since it's a loan. I would also tell myself to try find some help while I'm in college because some classes, aren't so easy. That is what I would advice myself to do if I could tell myself that.


This question is a tough one for me. If I did not have my two children, I would go back in time and tell myself to continue on to college as soon as I graduated from high school. I would tell my past self to put laziness and freedom to the side and to put my education first. Unfortunately if I was to do that, I would not have my two beautiful daughters today. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that every decision I made in my life led me to where and who I am today. I would love to have a successful career right now, rather than being 29 years old and just starting my college education. However, I love my children and I am thankful for the opportunities and joys that I have in my life at this very moment.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself that all of my decisions are up to me and that everything that will happen to me in the future is for a reason; that is how we learn and grow as an individual. Every day we learn new and important things that help us become who we are today. Yes, maybe after something bad had happened (ex: made a bad grade on a test) would I have wished I could have done something different. In reality, we don’t get do-overs and “oh if I could only have done this.” We have one shot and we need to make the best out of it. In order to learn important life lessons, we need to experience the hurt, happiness, joy, frustration, losses, and gains that come with it. Therefore, I would tell my past self to make the best out of every day. I would tell myself to accept the failures and learn from my mistakes, it will make me a stronger person in the end.


Keep up the good work, it has definitely paid off. Just do not lose your focus once you get to college. But be careful do not burn yourself out. Learn some study habits and no more late nights.


My number one peice of advice would be to not stress so much. instead of trying to get everything done all at once, plan it out so that you can do a little at a time.


I have truly enjoyed my college experience so far. My university has allowed me to express myself in a way that is respectful yet meaningful. My experience has taught me alot about myself in how I handle both positive and negative situations. College has given me the confidence to dive into new experiences like community service or a job interview. I believe its so important to get a college education, not so you can say that you had the "best" grades or you went to the "best" school, but so that you can broaden your knowlege and increase you wisdom. So that you can say that you actually learned something that is applicable to everyday life. Coming out of high school, sometimes we think we know everything there is to know about life, but I believe that attending college shows a sign of maturity since you are willing to admit that you dont know all that there is to know and you are willing to be taught and to learn. Attending college is such a privilege, one that I am so blessed to have, and I hope that everyone will take advantage if they have the opportunity. +ITNOJ+


"The unexamined life is not worth living!" Exclaimed my professor on my first day of classes, he went around pointing to individuals asking, "what does this mean to you?" Well a class of timid little freshman college students didn't know how to respond to such a question, but it was in that moment I realized college was going to be everything I wanted it to be. I soon learned to break every thing down, to question every statement, look behind every corner. I learned to really appreciate literature and then I learned new questions. I would analyize society, gender, violence, government, music, everything I had never given a second thought to before, now I was giving more thought than I think my brain was willing to handle. With each class, I began to appreciate something, realize there was this world so much bigger than the one I had known, there was culture that inspired art, violence that affected poetry, and knowledge that could lead to greatness. Through my courses I've finally begun to grasp why an unexamined life is not worth living... with everything I question and learn, I'm finally able to see the world clearly.


My college experience was one of the best times of my life. Attending Texas Lutheran University afforded me the opportunity to receive an outstanding education from a well respected university. It also gave me the chance to play baseball at the college level which is something not many people get to do. I was able to break many school and conference records and play for a school that has top talent. I played every game of my career and won a conference title playing baseball at TLU. The education I received there was top notch and I graduated with honors with a Physics degree and a minor in Math. I am now in graduate school for civil engineering at Texas A&M University in College Station and I believe receiving my undergraduate degree from such a well respected university as TLU helped me get accepted into graduate school at Texas A&M. I also believe TLU helped me gain experience in living life and to encourage me to be a better person, morally and spiritually. I will never forget my time at TLU and will remain a faithful alumni. Everyone should attend college. It is a lesson in life.


Knowledge itself is supremacy. It allows me to discover the deepest parts of this world and helps me to realize the significance of my life. The need for knowledge takes many people toward different parts of the globe, and introduces to them the magnificence of absorbing unusual experiences. This enriching, life-changing experience allows me to complete an enlightening agenda in another country. By spending time elsewhere, I open a window to a world of new experiences. I will learn more about languages, diverse cultures and people while experiencing life in a foreign country. Individual growth and development are important components for the college students, and I am strongly convinced that a study abroad experience at TLU offered me eternal possibilities toward accomplishing my dreams. Study abroad is a part of our destination, and has always placed great importance on the ability of students to work and think independently. Study abroad doesn’t concern itself with producing individuals who are clearly conservative, but those who maximize all available opportunities. Overall, I believe that my college experience at TLU assisted me with unique and strong aspiration to explore the world around me, and to learn more about the different cultures.


When I was getting ready to graduate from high school, people always said that you would find your life-long friends in college, and I never really knew what they were talking about, until I came to college. Coming to a university in which I didn't know anyone, I made sure that I invovled myself in activities around the campus in order to make friends. I am member of the Student Government Association, serving my third term, and I am a member of Xi Tau Sorority. As far as what I have gotten out of my college experience, I would definitely have to say that getting invovled and making friends has been life changing, so I've gotten many friendships and learned about myself as an individual. It has been valuable to attend because of the wonderful friendships that I have gained while attending this university. I wouldn't have it any other way and I am glad that I chose to come here because I love the friendships that I have formed.


I didn't attend college right out of high school. I honestly viewed college as a waste of the best years of my life. One day while I was counting tips at my bartending gig down the street from my house a man started making degrading comments toward me. That's when it hit me. That day I signed up for classes at Texas Lutheran University. In fact, that day changed my life. Deciding to go to school was the best decision I have ever made. I love getting up in the morning and feeling like I have a future and goals. I am going to school to be a nurse and every class I attend here is going to help me help others in the future. I have gotten involved in multiple on campus programs that make me feel complete. I feel like I belong here. The faculty and students here have become my family. For once in my life I have built a strong foundation that I can count on to hold me up. My education thus far at this institution is the most valuable thing I have attained up to this point.


Going to college has given me a chnace to better myself through education. I learnt a better perspective of life. I am the first to be in college in my family and looking at how my family see's life is just religiously. I have learnt a lot and would love to use my knowledge in a career where i can grow. I have worked hard as alot of students out there to get better education and to choose a better path to grow our career and be able to provide for our family in future and less hardship for our childrens. Bring more productivity in this earth with our knowledge and help our country through our education.


My college experience so far is not as great as I would like it to be. In the past I've had to choose work over education. Now I'm fortunate to be able to attend school online. So far my college experience has made me grateful to live in America. I have attended school so far not having to pay a penny. Although my experience is short, I would like to stay in school until this time until I actually have a degree. I have realized that in order to find employment in this age that it is not only important to have a high school diploma, but also to have some sort of college history. I feel that furthering my college attendance will be of great value to me when I am looking to begin my career in the future. In conclusion, although my colloege experience is small, furthering my education will be great for me in the long run.


I have noticed that I have developed into a well rounded person and that I have created a connection with the community through my first semester at Texas Lutheran University. I have reached a better understanding regarding the technical subjects related to my major in engineering and minor in mathematics, and I have also learned so much about subjects that I originally thought did not apply to my major like how to write a proper and well organized essay in English class and a connection with the community through my Freshman Experience class. It has been valuable to attend TLU because I have needed that one-on-one attention that this university has the reputation of having with its students. Halfway through this last semester I was diagnosed with mononucleosis and I was out sick for a good week and a half, if it was not for my professors help I would not have stayed caught up and I would have not had the success I have experienced this last semester at TLU.


College has changed the way I view the world. The liberal arts approach of the college has allowed me to take classes that have given me an unbiased and educated look at the world around me. Psychology has shown me answers to why people interact the way they do, communication courses have opened my eyes to symbolism and social media interactions, and science, english, and math courses have heightened my intellect and verbal skills. The broad range of ideals all being offered at Texas Lutheran University allow for any student seeking knowledge to have the opportunity to pursue any career desired. I am confident that by pursuing my degree at this university I will have every bit of knowledge and opportunity I need to be successful in graduate school.


Texas Lutheran University has been very valuble in many different ways. Firstly, it defined what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Going in I had an idea of what I wanted to be, but after my time here I know what I want to become (a marine biological researcher). Secondly, TLU provides an atomsphere that makes it easy to communicate and interact with the professors. I feel very close to my academic advisor and that I can truely talk with my professors about anything. I trust them to help me in my future career options. Lastly, TLU has helped me discover some great friends. Through their roommate matching program and social functions I have been able to make some great friendships that will, hopefully, last for a very long time.


This diverse enviroment has helped me to better adapt too many things, people and places. This will be get for my future allowing me to have more experience with difference genders, races and cultures. In the work place i would be well prepared and knowledgeable of the different kinds of people i met. This private Univerisity is very small but powerful because of the high expectation of each student. The instructors at Texas Lutheran University threats each student as if they were their own. They expect the best of all of us. Not only do we have the support system of friends and family but we also have the support system of the faculty. It is valuable because they lessons we learn here are be beneficial to us in the future.


Hello My name is Divonna Channel Mock and what I have gotten out of my college experience is a chance to really experience living. Growing up in a urban area with so much violence and people just standing around really not doing to much of anything, wasn't the life for me. College gave me the opportunity to see drive and determination at its finest. I have told myself for years that I have always been like a city girl, someone who's always on the move looking for new and exciting things out of life, and college it like that for me. College, my family, and friends is what saved me from being just another statistic. For that I owe them the world. College gave me orginality!


College provided me with ample opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Through my interactions with numerous people, I developed my own style of self-expression and identity. My philosophies have been shaped by the unique and wildly-different people I have met. College is one large web of experiences that taught me how to connect to others. Empathy and understanding were usually woven into my encounters, and showed me how to relate to people when I did not think we had anything in common. I have become a stronger, wiser, and kinder human being because of the many lessons I learned over my years in college. Attending a university is an amazing experience that I wish everyone had the opportunity to explore. Everything that I believe in and fight for have been enriched by my personal growth at the university level.


To be honest I have gotten a lot out of my college experience when I first came to college I had no idea what to do or what i was going to come across my high school did not prepare me for college so should I say that I was quite nervous to come. The first few weeks I was just starting to learn about college life and how to handel it. I did not know anyone here so that also made it hard for me but once i met my advisor i knew i had nothing to worry about anymore because he sat me down and told me basically everything that i will come across my freshmen year here at Texas Lutheran University. It was a lot but him and I both knew that i could handel it. To me the reason why it has been valuable to me to attend is because i now know what my future would look like with a college degree and where i could possibly be at in five years. So coming to college was the best decision i have ever made and i am going to stick with it.


I am a thirty-six year old mother of three children. I did not go to college straight out of high school. I have always wanted to go but something always came up. I have always preached to my children the importance of getting a college education so they would be better prepared for the world that awaits them. It was very hard to say this to them, though, without having gone to college myself. With my oldest daughter getting ready to graduate from high school, I finally made the decision to not let things stand in my way and just do it. Although it is extremely hard working forty hours a week, going to school part-time, and being a mother, I am so glad that I did it. I am learning new things that will eventually lead to a career as a Nurse Practitioner so that I may better able to provide for my family. Not only am I gaining knowledge, my professors and fellow students alike are always telling me how proud they are of me. I have never had a very high self esteem, but their words of encourgement gives me a new outlook on life.


Texas Lutheran has broadened the breadth and depth of education. They have opened my eyes to an acceptance and understanding of faith, culture, and diversity in many aspects. This school encourages students to reach out to the community in immense ways through volunteer work and Study Abroad opportunities of all varieties. I have been able to see what capacities I am capable of, and challenge myself beyond what I thought was ever possible. Through faculty and academic support, I have been pushed further than seeking education only through TLU. I was taught how to learn, and that it goes beyond the classroom through any activity I wish to excel in--whether it be through my job, volunteering with the mentally disabled, or even spending quality time with family. The experiences and opportunities I am given at this school are some I will forever cherish. I am blessed to be part of the community at Texas Lutheran University.


Even as a sophomore at Texas Lutheran University I have already been instilled with a sense of confidence when it comes to the knowledge that is required to be successful in the job force. The professors here are very knowledgable about their particular areas of study and the strong majority are excellent at communicating their lessons and real-world experience to the students in their classes. I have always been able to clarify topics covered in class by meeting with the professors themselves and asking questions leading to a stronger knowledge base to be expanded in later more advanced courses. I feel that I have gotten the best value for my time here at TLU due to the focus that the professors here give to academics and the expansion of the students views of the world around them. My studies here not only focus on my major but give me a strong liberal education that helps me touch the surface of other topics prevalent in the world, making me a more effective and productive future employee in the workforce.


Texas Lutheran University offers smaller classes, which allowed me to have more one-on-one interaction with my professors. It is because of those interactions that I found my passion in Accounting and was given an opportunity to intern for one of the largest public accounting firms in the world. Upon my graduation from TLU in May 2010, I received an offer for full-time employment with that accounting firm, and am now a professional in the Accounting world. If it had not been for the attention and interest in my development by my professors, I would never have considered a career in Accounting and would not be in the place I am now. Though it is small, the TLU community is a tight-knit group of people that helped me to develop friendships, understand differing viewpoints and cultures, and learn that religious freedom is a blessing. When I came to TLU, I was a shy girl who could not give a speech in front of a classroom, and now I am a successful business person with nothing but gratitude to my alma mater. Thank you TLU!


It’s peacefully dark until my alarm abruptly wakes me at 6:30am. I lay listening to music generate through my hallow dorm room walls. I peer through the window squinting at sunlight shining off the morning dew. Then it dawns on me that it’s not only a new morning, but I am a new freshman in college! Through my tired eyes, I suddenly realize I need to get ready for my first day. Coming from a public high school, I will never forget attending my first private Christian university class. I quickly scanned the smaller class size and listened to my professor openly pray before the lecture started. This experience was different because it made me feel as though I were important and not just another face. From my first day on, I anticipated each class, every chapel service, every paper, and the late nights studying that my efforts and educational goals were important and that I mattered. It has been valuable for me to attend college because it gave me the opportunity to earn my Associate Degree. My unique college experience helped me to become a better person and believe that I can accomplish my goals.