Texas Lutheran University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To save more money! Education is worthwhile, but expensive.


It is very important to get out there and get involved. If you don't, you will easily become bored.


That this was the best school for me. I could have avoided being a year behind in my studies and felt like I belonged with the people around me, instead of being ostracized and outcast.


I knew a lot about the school before i came because I knew other who had graduated from the university. At times I do wish I had really understood the amount this school costs but when I think about my education I know i am getting a very good one.


I wish I would have known how small the town was and how little there was to do there.


I wish I could have known the classes that all TLU students are required to take before hand so that I could have taken them earlier throughout my high school years.


There's nothing I really wished that I would have known before coming here, expect to have taken more dual credit courses in high school, because it really helps you out in the end.


I wish I knew how to effectively study for examinations. I never learned how to do this when in high school and it would have benefited me to know this before I got to the college level.


Before I came to Texas Lutheran, I knew very little about research papers and time management. If high school had actually prepared me for such challenges, the transition into becoming a freshman college student would have been much easier. The greatest and most demanding requirement of college learning to manage time.


I feel like I knew enough to come to Texas Lutheran University, and what I didn't know I learned quickly my first year. I wouldn't change anything about that experience.


This University, and others as well I think, will make it difficult to get credit usable for your major through AP tests or otherwise. When they tell you that Calculus 1 is taught differently here than at your high school, call bs on them. If you aced an AP test related to your major, push to have it count as a class FOR YOUR MAJOR. That said, it is easy to get non-major related credits.


More about how small the theatre department is. I would have liked to hang around with the theatre kids for a few days, to see what they thought of the department.


I wish I could have been a little more focused on my grades. I wish I had been more prepared for my baseball career.


I wish I had known how often classes were offered and which semester I needed to take each class.


Before I came to TLU, I wish I had known how focused you had to be. I had always heard that college was harder than high school but I never understood in what way. I think the hardest part of college is peer pressure to fall behind. Friends at college ask you to go places or hang out and you have to be able to say no. I wish someone in my family could have explained the difference from colege and high school to me.


I wish i had known alot more about the different activities and clubs i could join, because i would have joined them sooner. But it is ok because upon attending TLU I was given the opportunity to see first hand how much fun the other students have in each club. I also had the ability to see what each club did, so I was more capable of picking a club I would fit well with and enjoy more.


Just that my own financial circumstances would change. I began receiving less financial aid after my sister graduated from college. I'm happy with TLU but the financial strain makes me wonder if it's worth it to attend. But I think it probably is.