Texas Lutheran University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


In my opinon, the best thing at Texas Lutheran University is the small community. I think of TLU as a part of my family. The professors, faculty and staff do a great job of making you feel at home. I loved the small classes and being able to communiate with my peers and professors in the class.


I think that the best thing about Texas Lutheran University is the the small classes and the great professors. I love attending this institution because I have been able to build a close personal relationship with my teachers which makes me want to get up in the morning and go to class. I think that having a relationship with your teacher holds you accountable and encourages a more successful education.


The best thing at my school is the economy i think its wonderful here the campus is beautiful, the professors are very nice they will help you in any way they can. the classes are very small here that maximum students in one classroom is like 30 and to me thats what i like because you can focus more and you have a better chance of having one on one with your professor than you would with 100 sturdents or more.


Small classes. you able to asks questions and professors are able to focus more on individuals.


I consider the size of the school to be one of the best things about TLU. Have a smaller student to teacher ratio makes the classes more challenging but more personal. The campus is a smaller campus then most Universities, it makes it less stressful the first day and isnt as overwhelming to those who come from a small high school. Having a smaller amount of students makes it easier to pick out a friendly face in between classes. The thing I consider to be the best about TLU is the Size of both the campus and population.


The best thing about Texas Lutheran University is the small class environment. With classes sizes that are around 23 people to 1 professor it makes it easier for students (especially freshman) to feel like they can actually get help when they are having issues with assignments. The professors are always very welcoming and very helpful to whatever the student needs help with. I have found it extremely helpful in my transition from high school to college to be able to feel like an actual student as opposed to just a "number" like I might be at a larger university.


The best thing about Texas Lutheran is the the diverse culture (students, professors) so students are able to receive different point of views. Also, Texas Lutheran is known for their community service in reaching out to others less fortunate and mentoring programs.


The small student teacher ratio coupeled with the small town atmosphere is a welcoming feature for undergraduate. The small classes allow for more class envovlment and interaction. Without intimidating, overwhelming class sizes this allows for the proffesors to work with thier students on a more personal, professional level. I know I am not just a drowned out voice in a large college or university. I can trust in the fact that I am surrounded by a group of proffesors and like teachers who will help in every way they can to see I do well in my academic collegate years.


The best thing about my school would have to be how close the students and faculty are. It amazes me that there can be that strong of a connection between students and faculty. Not only do the students get along very well but the faculty does too. It is nice to see how close the faculty become with each other and students, so this makes me very proud to say I attend Texas Lutheran University.


I can get help with anything that I ever need help with, from academics to mental health problems.