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The most unique thing about my school compared to other schools I considered is the close knit relationships between students and faculty members. I have numerous valuable relationships with many of my professers and academic advisors; this has given me a major advantage over my school's competitors.


studenst who comits themselves do well in their examination


I feel the thing that makes my current school different from the others I considered, is the class size. Most of my choices were large state schools with huge enrollments, whereas Texas Southern University boasts a tighter community of students, along with smaller classes.


Texas Southern University faculty had the public relations skills to understand and build relationships with their students. The professors were very involved with students who showed the determination and willingness to complete their degree with little distractions. I was active in the marching band as a majorette and the band director was active in his band members education as this was the focus and purpose for attending.


Nothing is really unique about it.


The most unique thing about my school compared to other schools i applied to like Southwestern Oklahoma State and the University of houston, is that Texas Southern Univesity is a Historically Black University. All the other schools i attended while i was younger we're very mixed but i knew going to an HBCU i could get a really good cultural expierence as well as an education.


It is culturally diversed and it really offers an open environment for the student to learn.


There are smaller classes here therefore there are many opportunity for one on one with your teachers. They are more focused on each student and know which areas each students need more help in


Texas Southern Unversity is one of the few historically Black Instiutions with a law school which is the most diverse law school in the nation might I add. As an HBU this university has outstanding program in areas of science,engineering, pharmacy, and public administraition along with a host of other programs which guarantee a carreer upon graduation. TSU also is uniquely placed in the heart of a historic community which is attached to the university in every aspect. TSU is a HBU however the diversity is culturally high due to the international recruiting efforts on campus. JOIN US HERE!!!


My school has been through a lot of adversity in the last few years and as stayed strong and upheld there educational statis. Tsu is dedicated to the task at hand.


Our environment allows each student to live and learn from their mistakes.


My school was a Historically Black College.


For a state university, the campus feels more like a small, liberal arts college, in class size, class work, and interaction between instructors and students.