Texas Southern University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Texas Southern University is extremely laided back type of school. The professors are awesome and the students are all about education. The campus is beautiful and convient; all the buildings that you need to attend are all right there together which makes it easier for students to find there classes. The college is also on of the HBC's, Historically Black College. Texas Southern University is also a fun and exciting place full of laugher, fun, games, and tons of fun activities. The college focuses more on student's education so that the student may succeed throughout there lives.


My accomplishment in the midst of a lot of financial difficulties


Great professors and good leadership. The social experience is stellar as well. The energy of the school is set-up for the success of the students. The people in my department, Political Science, were accomodating and offered excellent guidance on future endeavors. They provided realistic council on what to expect in law school. They caused me to evaluate my focus, which is a hard-core requirement in law school.


My class work load and my schedule


I really do not brag about my school but if I was to brag I would brag about our baseball team because they're good and they seem like the only team to win games and I would brag about the wonderful sorority I joined in Spring 09, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I do have to say that the alumi at my school have a lot of school spirit when it comes to Homecoming. I would also brag about being independent by having my own car and apartment living away from home.


I don't have any reason to brag about Texas Southern University. I attend the school, and I have attended it for 1.5 yrs. but that is as far as it go. if I do brag about anything it would be about my hard work, progression, and the results from studying.


What else is there to go TSU is in the 4th largest city in the nation, the largest HBCU in the southern part of the United States, and whatever program you apply to you are guaranteed to leave with an alternative perspective on life. TSU takes you and molds you into the professional man or women that you would like to become in life. TSU is the youngest HBCU however has made tramendous contributions to the Houston community since establishment in 1947. The Alma Mater states "All Roads lead Texas Southern paved with a light for one and all"


What I brag about the most regarding my school is our communications department. Noticing how Texas Southern University isn't as large as the University of Houston (around the corner from my school), I believe that our radio station and film department has great value. Being a film major, I am honored to be apart of Texas Southern's Communications program!


i tell them how fun it is and and how they should try to go to some type of college because there is nothing at home for them to be doing. i also tellthem about the campus activities and how everyone around me is so nice and full of energy.