Texas Southern University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the location. Texas Southern University is located in a lower-income neighborhood in Houston, Texas. Regular citizens have easy access to walk right onto campus at their convenience.


I would not neccessarily say the worst, but this area needs major improvement; effective and efficient process of dealing with the overload of students in the FInancial Aid department as well as in the Administrative aspect.


Being my first year at this school I haven't found anything wrong with it. Everything is nice and the facukty is helpfull.


I would have to say that the school spirit is really low and is causing it to not seem as apealing as it did before. Alot the the alumni are not involved in any of the on campus events so it kind of puts a damper on how creative the students that attend that school really are.


The worst thing about my school is, they do not have a lot of scholarships available. why I consider this to be the worst thing is because not everybody gets financial aid. Paying for school out of pocket is a little stressful when you don't know where your going to get the money from.


The professionalism with the registration people must improve!


One of the worst things at Texas Southern is that some of the buildings are old. So i kinda got stuck on a old elevator and one of my classed and a broken window and birds had made a nest in the class. But not all the building are like this.


The worst thing about my school is the effenicy of our dorms.


The worst thing about Texas Southern is a lot of the negative students. In the past the school has had problems with credidation; many of their students lost respect for the school. If we as students took the time out to see how much our school has been through; maybe we will appreciate it more. Students may say things such as, "I hate this school and it will never amount to anything". Some students should understand that we, the students and faculty, are symbols of Texas Southern. If we want a change we have to respect our school.


That many students do not take advantage of all the school has to offer.