Texas Southern University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person looking for diversity


People who attend this school should be personable. They should be ready to take on a big city such As Houston. The school is under five minutes away from the busiest part of Houston which is downtown. This school is great and has a welcoming feel to it.


You have to be strong willed and focused on the task at hand, if your the type who gets off track easily and is influenced by others then it definitely is not the school for you.


One who wants to have the Black College experience.


From my experience in the years of 1990-1994, a student who is self-motivated, determined, an independent learner/thinker with high expectations for themself should attend Texas Southern University. With many colleges and universities, freedom of choice for attending many activities, class, etc. has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, students attending college or preparing should have a sense of well-being regarding their goal and timeline for accomplishing it.


I would tell someone thats want to enjoy the HBCU experience and those who may not be sure about attending an hbcu. I think someone who is focused and not easily distracted should attend this university. If someone is interested in being a member of multipe clubs and organizations then this school Texas Southern University is also for them. Last anyone who is interested in having a good college experience at a university that is headed for bigger and brighter things should try attending this university.


Any open-minded person willing to learn more about themselves and the cultures around them. You most be driven because the schools campus is very relaxed and its easy to get distracted!


The type of people that should attend this school are those that are outgoing indivisuals. If you stay outgoing, career and goal focused, you can exceed very far within this university.


Anybody and everybody should attend this school. A person must first be in tuned with theirself before they attend a college far away from home. If a person has not been raised in a predominately black community it can seem like a culture shock and put them a little out of their element.


A person that wants to earn a higher learning, and become successful in life. It is also wonderful to have excellent social skills, because there is alot of social activities that students can attend to.


Someone how wants to meet people from diffrent ethnicity. That enjoy college life and that share the same major and career goals. The teachers at Texas Southern are nice and thay really help you when you are behind in class.


A person best suited to attend Texas Southern University should possess a strong desire to dare to explore his/her individuality. Be prepared to be exposed to diverse cultures and ethnics interposed in a neighborhood setting that lies adjacent to another well known university (The University of Houston - located in the next block) that literally interacts with the two universities. A person should be able to adapt to inner city living and all the components that are composed in living in a city comprised of over six million very diverse people.


Anyone that doesn't mind being at a non-diverse school.


Someone interested in the medical field.


Anyone! One hundred words is not necessary as it relates to attendance requirements to this University. The students here at Texas Southern appreciate and embrace everyone regardless of their appearance, or cultural background. Life long friends, Nurture from faculty and staff. Everyone who attend TSU is so Proud and we all know and acknowledge that Texas Southern is not only in Houston Texas but the school and everything we have learned from it will Always remain in each and every students Heart!