Texas Southern University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe those not prepared to work hard shouldn"t attend this school. TSU has something for everyone, from every walk of life, to feel at home. My time at TSU was not only challanging, it was fun, southern in every way. Those who attended TSU from other schol were glad to enbrace the "southern" way, it was so inviting, how can one describe it. Well, southern hospitality sums it up. TSU produced a proud, and productive person, and I am glad to say I am a TSU alum.


People who don't want to achieve their maximum potential shouldn't attend this school.


People who would like to take their time getting an education and is in no hurry to get a degree.


People from small towns that are used to small crowds should not attend this school. Texas Southern is huge with one hundred fifty people or more in various classes.


I think Texas Southern University is a great school for who ever can get something out of attending. Many people attend Texas Southern from different areas, which creates its wonderful diversity. A person who should not attend Texas Southern University is someone who is unsure of their major. i believe the university is designed to sharpen skills in a specfic subject, like Law , oppose to general education.


A big city type of person shouldn't attend my high school. My town only had three thousand people and my graduating class had eighty-two. We live in a farm town where the closest mall is fourty miles away. We're not into fashion and trends as long as we had our friends and some boots we were happy.


TSU is a black university but I have learned that if you are very liberal and you really want world peace for all then this is not the school for you!! The students will talk like they are democrats and they care about everyone, but their actions are very conservative and they dont talorate anything that goes against what they believe!


some that doesn't have tolerance and patience with ignorant people.


Anyone no matter what economic status, race, religion or gender who is interested in getting not only a college education, but nurture from professors and staff, also the chance to make life time friends and strong networking connections. This school has taught me so much about Life! we have been taught subjects from various cultural perspectives and beliefs. I have Learned SO MUCH and I recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn life lessons, while also gaining knowledge for their future profession. I LOVE TSU and the independent hard working, strong woman it has help me become!


Texas Southern is a good school, but def not suited for everyone. It is a HBCU, so it does come with your typical stereotype. The campus is kind of run down is certain places. So if you are looking for prestige, clean cut campus this is def not it.