Texas Southern University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The MOST frustrating thing about Texas Southern University is the fact that the teachers simply do not care! They hardly teach you the read their notes to you and move on they do not elaborate on anything and they are VERY rude!


There is really no one there that can help you matriculate.


The most frustrating thing about my school is its location. It's located in a not-so-good neighborhood and is somewhat isolated from major businesses. All of the restaurants, malls, and larger stores are located far away and are not easily accessible by the average student, especially those without personal transportation such as freshmen.


I am not frustrated at all with the way the school is being ran or anything of that sort but a minnor detail that concerns me is the cafeteria. The food selection could a bit tasteless at times.


Texas Southern is a great school. Our faculty is great and made it an easy transition from high school to college for me so i cant think of anything fustrating about my school.


The most frusting thing about TSU is that there are a lot of students on campus who aren't truly interested in getting an education. Too frequently do I overhear students talking about almost getting grades lower than C's for all their classes in a semester. There are also quite a few students who choose to enroll, but never show up to classes. My thing is, if you don't want to learn, don't enroll in college.


Parking is the most frustrating thing about TSU. They have changed one of the biggest parking lots that students had into grass for tailgating! Also the parking stickers cost $128 a semester, and if your financial aid isn't there yet, you have to pay out of pocket!


The financial Aid office


The professors. Some of the professors dont teach the classes like a college level accelarated course or college level for that matter. Its difficult trying to get the info for the class if you dont know any valid informations.


The most frustrating thing about my school was the rumors that were always spreading around. Since it was a small town we all grew up with each other so there were never any secrects and always somethin to talk about.


Find out what infomation you need in order to further your career path


Getting the run-around by the faculty, one never really knows when they are going to get the right information. Sometimes it can feel like they dont care about our education, just their paycheck.


I wish there was a program for working students that are indepent and with grants.