Texas Southmost College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are the type of students who invest time only on studies and don't really participate unless there is free something.


There are a lot of students who work really hard!


They are very helpful.


My classmates are well prepared.


It would take more then 100 words to describe my group of classmates, they range from being extemely timid to being the loudest person in the room, my classmates are funny but serious when needed, they act and talk in professionsal manners which is essential to our field of study, but all my classmates know how to incorporate a little bit of humor into what can be a serious field of study and career.


I could describe my classmates by saying that they are respectful to each other and helpful.


I love my classmates. I have always been a shy person and when i was to enter college i was very nervous. I thought that the students were going to be mean to me or even bully me but once I got to know my classmates my worries fade. The students here are very nice. No one discriminates or mistreats others. I can feel free and at ease when im on campus, I feel free to be me.


diverse, ready to learn and just a sense of good curiousity.


Some of them are really eager to learn, and they give the professor all their attention. They ask questions and with all respect the professor answer them. Others really don't care, they are doing something else and they don't give their attention to the professor.


I have not started school yet , because i will enter in january , but i hope they will be respectful, amazing and the most important thing for me, that they have something interesting and new to tell me everyday , learn about them .


My classmates are very motivated and supportive to anyone who is in need for help.


My classmates like to talk when they can, the ones that know each other, as for the rest of us we are just here ready for what college has for us.


Eager to learn, always on time and friendly.


The classmates at the school are helpful when they get together for study groups, which is important for the learning process.


They are all full of wisdom and determintaion.


Most of my classmates i do not talk to them but when i have interaction I shared ideas and what i see they are objective and concise but it depends which indivual i talk everybody is diferent . what I think is a good atmosphere


My classmates are both men and women of different ages, some are students are fresh out of high school while others graduated years ago. Some of them are very dedicated to study. We help each other when needed without even knowing ourselves for a long time. We try to have good communication among us to get along well and not having problems. It wasn't easy at first to communicate with my classmates because we are all different and have our way of thinking but as time went by we got along very well.


My classmates at the University of Texas were professional, collaborative and highly engaged.


The classmates in my degree program are as motivated and interested as I am.


"Cada cabeza es un mundo."- Spanish for, "Each mind is a world on its own."


They come off as intimidating at first glance, but once you begin to know them they're the kindest, helpful, and intelligent group of people you could ever meet.


They are friendly, kind, not racist, and very focused to study and work too.


My classmates were hardworking individuals who would gladly help fellow classmates.


My classmates are good students. They help me all the time.


Few classmates demonstrate the desire to learn, and the majority strive for the bare minimum.


The students/ classmates of the University of Texas at Brownsville are very interested in increasing their knowledge of thier major.


Most of my classmates have families or work fulltime jobs.


my clasmate are very comunicate i easy comunicate with them and they are easy to get along.


My classmates are eager to learn and easliy motivated.


My classmates here at utb seem to get along and help each other out in different things that the teacher is doing and is a good environment.


My classmates are hard working and are goal oriented.


My classmates are friendly, respectful and attentive.


In all my classes, the students are attentive and engaged in what the professor is teaching. Students at this university want to be in class and want to learn. They want to be succesful and understand that an education is the key to a bright future.


the students in my classes are very hard working




Mostly caucasian.


Most of my classmates, in general courses, they only study to pass the course not for knowledge.


My classmates have always been friendly and helpful in many ways to make my 'in class' experience enjoyable.


My class mates have alot of enthusiasm to progress in their studies.


Students at the University of Texas at Brownsville are very friendly and helpful, but they seem to want to give the least of their part in everything from attendance and punctuality to assignments and deadlines meaning that many choose to skip class and get assignments from classmates or they tend to arrive tardy; many students tend to procrastinate when it comes to completing and turning in assignments on time.


The classmates are satisfied with mediocracy.. there is not enough motivation from teachers or peers to reach for an A. I am distrubed by it since I am a hard worker and strive for a 4.0 GPA. The teachers allow them to cut corners by issuing open book tests. This seriously needs to change. We need more motivation!


My classmates are usually of all ages and come from different backgrounds.


They were very approachable, diverse, and easy to get along with. I made friends this semster that I didn't realize I would end up with and didn't expect to make any friends at all.


All of my classmates at UTBpretty much just mind their own business, but if you ask for help they are very freindly and willing to help the other out.


STudious, friendly, school minded


I have the perfect word to describe my classmates and that is "Friendly". My classmates are the perfect people for me to build friendships with, because they are the ones that know exactlly what im going through in each of my classes. It never fails that my classmates are the ones giving me great advice when needed. And not only are my classmates great but everyone in general. Just yesterday, a good dozen people helped my run after my papers after the wind took them. Thanks to them nothing was lost.


My classmates range from very different ages and backgrounds. Most of my classmates know a lot about air conditioning. Many of my classmates have a lot of experience in the field. I, on the contrary, had no experience when I entered the program. The youngest students in my class are in their late teens. The oldest students in my class are over fifty years old.


Most of my classmates get along and others there on there own.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful.


if you need any help and you dont want to ask the proffesor just ask one of your classmates they will help you. :)