Texas Southmost College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I guess the school spirit week. It is pretty fun and there is free food.


texas southmost college is a college that requires a 2 year degree. which helps you achieve your associates. but they also help us get through our basics. what tsc does is helping us get ready for a university.so depending on your degree you might take a longer ,becuase you will have to take basics and get them out of the way .they also have a test called tsi that you can take as many times you want for 10$.if you pass this test,you can be able to skip a course depending on which section you tested on.


A community college its very cheap and starts you off in a good direction.


My school is best known for being an online school. By online school i mean having our books , homework , quizes and test online. we have classes on campus where our teacher explain more on the assignments they want us to complete and also take notes for online work. This is why they required us to take our electronic devices like laptops, tablets and phones that are capable to sustain the school programs. having everything online is very useful because this makes us have more control of our things for example with books we dont have to worry of misplacing them.


Texas Southmost College (TSC) located at the most southern point of Texas. TSC offers different options for two-year degrees, specialized job training, transfer to four-year institutions and lifetime enrichment. TSC provides the same first two years toward a Bachelor’s degree available at a university. At TSC, I would gain the knowledge and skills I need to succeed while saving thousands of dollars. Moreover, with smaller classes, I would get more support along the way.


Providing students with a quality education and two-year degree options.


Texas Southmost College is best known for it's devotion to helping non-traditional students, who may not be able to afford a college education at the University level, earn their associates degree. From my experience, professors are more than willing to go above and beyond what they are required to do in order to see thier students succeed. At Texas Southmost College, as long as a student is dedicated to furthering their education, there is no doubt he or she will be successful.


My school Texas Southmost College best known for accepting all the people who applies for it. It is really easy to do it and if you need any help. You just go to admission office. They will provide you all the information needed. All the stuff is really polite and helpful, they make you feel confident about college and it helps a lot because you start in the right way. All in all TSC gives an open opportunity to everyne, that is their major priority, make our lifes easier.


Honestly, I still have not attended school until the upcoming Spring semester, but Fall 2013, when I first attempted to attend school, was very known for trying their best to help the students. Yes, it might sound very common like all other community colleges, but they try to help everyone as best as they can, and honestly go above and beyond with everything they do to assist the students.


My school is well know for giving opportunities to people that are willing to learn and better themselves. They have the two year programs that a lot of people are looking for and universities don't have. It's also way more economic than other community colleges and universities because they have the excellent program Pearson Online allowing us to have our books online ready to use since the first day of school, it's excellent. I really love attending Texas Southmost College, it's an excellent enviroment to be around to top it off.


Proximity to the Country of Mexico and is a member of the UT school system.


My school is best known for their Volleyball team.


My school is mainly known for having the best volleyball team in the nation. It is also known for some of the most remarkable students and staff that attend and have graduated from The University of Texas at Brownsville. It is a place known for their caring students and staff that do not allow students to feel stressed out about school and extend a helping hand.


It's known for being near the border with Mexico and for accepting many students regarding their race, ethics, etc.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is known for their Education, Music and Business Degree's.


I don't know


Being close to the border. having so many internationals.


My school is best known for being the univeristy right across the border from Mexico. We're located less than five minutes from one of the international gateway bridges.


Volleyball Math Science


UTB is known for its Gravitational Wave Astronomy Center in Physics, as well as international heritage and bilingualism.


My school is best known for being next to the border.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is best know for their nationaly ranked volleyball team.


My school isn't very famous in the U.S., but it is best known for the "paranormal activity" that goes on around there.


My school is known for having a great community. Our whole area works together to get people that live here an education. All of the schools in this area work together to help out the students. There is another university about an hour away, and they just formed some kind of alliance, to make it once school. Also, our school is right next to the border of Mexico, so there's a very nice culture change from what you normally see in the US.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is best known for its excellent resources, faculty, and staff. Also is best know for its vast majority of careers it provides for its students and its athletism.


It is best known for it's cheap tuiton, helpful and friendly assistance, and being on the southern border of the United States.


Diversity of race and ethnicity, tutorings, help to persons with disabbilities.


My school is best known for its sense of community. Here in Brownsville, almost everyone knows each other or knows someone who knows each other. It is a very supporting community. There are many programs and services the school offers to help. Everyone is very helpful around campus.


the school mascot.


My university is best known for being the close to the border of Mexico and being very good at soccer we are just all around the best competitors;) I think you have to experience it by coming down here to understand why UTB will blow your mind!!It is a beauitful huge campus newly remodeled buildings and lots of parking.


Diversity of cultures and ethnicity. I must say that you will find a very unexpected set of both students and faculty that is composed of people from all over the world.


UTB recently won the volley ball season, other than that thre isn't much to say about UTB, its a small school in a rural town at the end of the US.


I think our school is best know for all the toutoring the offer. They have many differnt math, reading, and writing labs that anyone is welcome to attened.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is known for its culture diversity since it is located near the mexican border. It is also known for it women's volleyball team that just won NATIONALS this year!! Also for the strong men and women soccor teams.


For an exellent education next to the border


I would have to say the school is known for being so close to the border of Mexico.


UTB-TSC has given me the opportunity to receive several scholarships to continually help me achieve my educational goals. As a result, I was invited to be a student speaker in September 2011 to the Scorpion Endowed Scholarship Dinner. I have continued to contribute to my community and the university by participating in activities with the ASPIRE program. I have added volunteering at the Brownsville Adult Literacy Center to help adult students like myself better their English speaking and writing skills. Since I can personally relate to the struggle of learning a new language.


My school is best known here in the valley for its mascot "the scorpion". It is one of the only universities here in the valley.


Teaching the future leaders of America.


A lot of what the school is known for is it's sports, but it has become more common that it be known for it's research. The research portion of our institution is growing dramatically, and seeing as how I'm a biological sciences major I really do benefit from all of the opportunities. We are particularly well known for our Astronomy department, becuase we house one of the largest radio telescopes in the world.


My school is best known for helping students achieve their careers, not just to begin school but to finish it with a dream career.


I think my school is know for having a waklking distance to mexico, its crazy you can cross the border for lunch,If you wanted to.


My school is well known for all the advance technical and academic classes. Because there is a correlation between Texas Southmost College and the University of Texas. My campus is full of opportunities for the students.


The University of texas at Brownsville is known for best in excellence. Utb is an institution that provides affordable and high quality education. It is also known as being the best suitable school option for students who want higher education without having to go out of their own home or are very limited and can't go further out of the city. Also, Utb is committed to its student and students demands and appreciates their social, cultural, and economic life. It is the only university in the south of texas where the best go for seeking the best in education.


UTB is best known for NASA Center for Gravitational Wave and Astronomy. This center is located in the physics and astronomy building which allows you to see the shining stars of space. This center is also a lab which gives students the chance to be part of the international research. What this program helps you by, is to experience the rush of being a real astronomer. This center or lab helps you in the Sciences if considering for it to be your major. This university sure offers you a chance to observe the STARS.


This school is best known for our President Dr. Juliet Garcia. She has been in several magazines due to her success as a Hispanic woman.


My School is known for having ghosts. It is also known for having a good astronomy program.


The wonderful buildings


For our lower cost of education.


Sympathy describes our schoool.