Texas Southmost College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Texas is a very diverse school with many different people to meet and enjoy your college years .


The University of Texas at Brownsville is driven by academic excellence and artisic merit. My university allows for everyone to equally voice their oppositions and ideals regarding any topic. We stand united not only as students of the university, but as people of the free world.


It is a small University that continues to grow and reach new levels for students like me to achieve our goals with integrity.


University of Texas at Brownsville is a college that allows you to have a one on one connection with your professors.


University focused on academic achievement .


New, studious, technology minded.


Small, tight-knit community school with university standards.


The university that I attend has all sorts of background folks. There is no room for racism, as far as I know. Academic wise, mostly every student that takes classes here, usually tend to go to other colleges to finish with their careers. Seems like not everything is available here for graduation, like class purposes.


The University of Texas at Brownsviile says: Knowledge knows no boundaries.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is a university for students who do not want to go far from home. It is a big school with many of local students attending.


The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College has potential to expand in all aspects.


There is natural beauty and spanish influence all over my campus.


This school is expensive and out of the reach from those who want to excel and make something of themselves.


A bit challenging but also worth the effort.


The Unveristy of Texas at Brownsville, was the best college that I have attended. My professors have always being a great help to me. I learned so much from them. The staff was always willing to help the student with what ever they needed. Everyone is so helpful and understanding. It never seems like a bad day there.


Many people don't like it because it's near home. Many people would prefer to go to bigger cities where there is a party environment. Overall, it isn't a bad school.

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