Texas Southmost College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I guess the worst thing about my school is lack of school spirit. Overall the school is bland and boring, it doesn't seem to bring anyone's spirits up and it is a shame because I believe that school spirit should be a huge part of the college experience. School spirit brings people together and that is just not the case here.


I guess the worst thing about my school is lack of school spirit. Overall the school is bland and boring, it doesn't seem to bring anyone's spirits up and it is a shame because I believe that school spirit should be a huge part of the college experience. School spirit brings people together and that is just not the case here.


i have nothing bad to say about the school. i think the school is perfect the way it is.


There is nothing wrong with my school.


the worst thing that I think my college has is that there is not enough clubes and activities


I can't complain I truly believe that attending Texas Southmost College is a great opportunity therefore there is nothing bad in it.


The worst thing in the school would probably have to be waiting a long time to regrister for classes. Once you get into the line make sure you stay there even if it takes three hours to get your classes.


The worst thing that I would consider about my school is the location being that it is right next to the border where it is known be be very violent and deadly.


I think the worst thing about Texas Southmost College is the lack of diversity. Many of the students that attend TSC are considered Hispanic. There is a small population of Caucasian, but other that there is virtually no diversity. I believe that Texas Southmost College would likely benefit from a more diverse student body.


Nowadays most of the students prefer to simply get a job and leave the college, but they do not know the benefits that a career will have in their future. Also, many young people want to go to the college and get a career, but they do not have money for tuition. For this reason, scholarships are a good way to encourage students to have a high GPA and finish a career. I promise you that I will maintain my high GPA during all my college life.

Daniela G.

I really don't thnik that Texas Southmost College have a bad thing or something that should change. I think is a good school for people like me that just want to make a associate degree.


Drugs have been one of the main reasons many students drop out school. In my local school many students have been choosing wrong decisions, its just sad to enter class and see many students sober or with the symptoms of a certain substance. My school administration goal is to stop this, but they never take steps to prevent this. I have knowledge that it is not their decision, but at least take precaution because that may depend in how the next generations are. I dont want my kids to be described in the messed up generation.


I think the waiting period to be able to enter a program and spots available is what I consider to be the worst thing about TSC.


Well I think that the college provides everything it needs to. Although, I would have liked it even better if it had a basketball team... but unfortunately, we don't. But it is okay, I am attending it because I want to pursue my career, then after class, i go to the recreational room (gym) and I play alot of basketball there anyway.


Proximity to violence in Mexico


The worst thing about school is when you have professors that you can hardly understand or when all they did the whole class time is read of a powerpoint. I can go home and read the who powerpoint by myself at home . It would be nice if the teachers explained what they are trying to teach instead of just reading from the powerpoint and not have an understainding of what I'm suppose to learn .


The worst thing about this school is the admissions department and the financial aid department. Do Not expect to just arrive with all your correct documents and to walk out with everything done. They will provide you with more paperwork, and send you to different offices just for you to end up at the first place you started. You need to do everything more than a month in advance in order to get accepted on time so you can get financial aid on the first dat of school.


Lack of college/university information, their's nobody to help you to excel in education, and very poor class organization given by staff.


tuition is very expensive. even though qulifying for financial aid i still have to pay money out of my pocket, although the school is very succesful and im happy with it.


The only thing I think is the worst is that the school recently enforced a no smoking on campus policy but students continue to smoke where there are a lot of signs displayed to prohibit it.


The worst thing about UTB it's their parking space.


I really don't think there is a bad thing about my school. If there is anything bad, it would be some of the students but the majority are students that are focused, and love the school. The bad students are usually seen only a semester and then dissapear of our lives. This school is great and I don't see anything wrong with it.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. There isn't enough parking spaces for the students and everyday it's a struggle.


The worst thing I cosider about my school are the students who give us a bad name, the students who drop out and dont graduate. Those students then go on saying that UTB is a bad school, while in reality people here don't want to try. I don't consider anything bad about this school, just the students.


The major problem about my school is that some of the students are not college-ready due to their poor academic performances. Moreover, some of the professors are making the students too comfortable in their grades by using academic curve to the extreme. Academic curve gives undue advantages to some students despite of their porous performances in homeworks, tests and the finals. This favor eventually boomerang on the students whenever they go to another school out of the valley. They(students) found it hard to cope which leads to unproductiveness. I believe grades should be awarded based on merits.


The worst thing about my school is that even though we say we are smoke free campus, students do not care and don't follow the rule.


There really isn't anything bad about my school. It's really stressful because we are college and high school students but high school wise, i would say that the worst thing would be that there are no sports to join. I used to think that, but now I understand why we don't have any; it's because we get too much work and we really don't have time for anything else.


Maybe, and just maybe, the fact that I need to walk a lot to get to my classes. But, it is not a real problem, because of the fact that walking is a healthy activity for everyone.


Walking across campus in the hot sun.


The worst thing about the University of Texas at Brownsville is that activities are not advertised as much for the students to attend to. Activities set on campus are not known enough in advance for the student to decide whether they wish to attend or not.


The only complain I have about this school is the lack of better parking areas near the buildings of better interest. Even the students who have a parking pass/permit do not have parking spaces nearby. People park on the sides of the streets in the nearby neighborhoods making it a dangerous road to walk on since the cars block students walking by. However I must admit they have done a good job at creating more parking lots for students while complying with the neighbors or so I assume.


The lack of inspiration. Most people just like to party and skip out on studying.


What I consider the worst thing at this school is that their isnt any parking during class hours, we have to fight for parking so we can get to class. The University would of been great if it had more parking for us students and even more there isnt too much shade here! it gets really hot since wheir in south texas. So parking and no shade is the worst thing here so far that bothers me.


the area around the school is not very safe becuause north philly is a rough area


The worst thing about my school is the parking. There is way to many students driving their cars to school and not enough parking spaces for everyone. We pay sixty dollars at the beggining of the semester for our parking permits and sometimes can't even park in the student parking lots because every available space is taken up. We end up parking far from the school and sometimes it causes us to be late for our classes. I don't see how hard it would be to make more parking spaces for the students.


The worst thing about my school has to be it's concentration on science majors. Fall 2011 was the first semester where I took science courses at this university and I was disgusted. I had previously taken science courses at UTPA in Edinburg, Texas so my expectations were high. However, at UTB the labs were dirty, missing equipment, dirty equipment, stained equipment, uncomfortable seating, missing specimens, etc. The professor always mentioned "the school didn't have enough funds to provide us with these specimens we need for dissection". I heard that all the time at UTB.


One of the worse things about the university, is that the buildings and rooms get in the way of our learning, for example the outlets sometimes do not work which affects our access to our work.


The worst thing about my university is that the non-smoking policy isn’t really enforced. There are many signs and bulletin boards full of non-smoking facility sign but neither the professors, nor certain students follow it. I know people with chronic diseases that can’t be too close to the smoke but it’s hard to avoid it when there are people smoking everywhere. It’s uncomfortable to hold your breath while walking from class to the next or to just be outside doing your homework. They should really be considerate about other people in the University.


not having a football or basketball team. Because there is a lot of talent at the school.


The worst thing would be finding a parking spot nearest to my class. The search takes a lot of vaulable time to find and most of the time , I never find one and have to park far away.


The worst thing that could be here are the dorms. The reason for this is because the school is nice but the dorms are built on an old hotel where there were soldiers stationed back in the day. They leak water when it rains, and are really expensive, but due to the distance from where I live to the school is too far to travel I have no other choice. Not to mention how close we live to the border is dangerous with the Mexican war going on having bullets hitting our dorms.


It would have to be the parking space.


I work and go to school my study hours are not similar to those of the average student, so at times i want to study with a tutor from my department and it is very difficult to find one at the times i need him/her. The majority of the tutoring offices here at campus close at 5 which is when I'm leaving work at times i try to get information by phone but they are never reachable; Anyhow, I always overcome this situation by obtaining classmate phone numbers and asking them questions as needed.


In my mind The Universtiy of Texas at Brownsville is great in every way but the long wait for financial aid. There is never a time that i can go to the financial aid office and be finished that one time. I feel that more organization will help them greatly.


There could really be more variety in degree programs offered.


What I considered the worst thing about the school is that it requires you to take many basic. Some basic classes have nothing to do with your career but they still require you to take this classes. I know we have to have some knowledge in our history and writing but, their are certain career that will not required the used of this knowledge.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is that it is right next to the Mexican border. Literally less than a mile away. The recreation center is very close to it. There is a lot of voilence across the border that does affect the school at times. As far as for my opinion I do believe that the University does go the extra mile to make sure that all students are safe and feel safe at all school hours of the day. The university has a brand new library and many new business and education buildings.


I consider Parking the wost thing at my school because you cant never find a good parking spot close to your classes.


Until this day, I think that my school has everything a student could wish from his/her school, and sincerely I can not find anything bad in UTB.


The worst thing about The University of Texas is the student staff. Most of the students attending are young and not focused on their academic goals. Most of the student bosy disrespect the campus and devalues the university. It is such a shame becuase the staff is incredible and helpful.