Texas Southmost College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who are studying to get their bachelors degree and would like to save some money by taking their basics here and transferring to a University. Anyone who is looking to just transition into a career right away or is just trying to figure out what they want to study.


i believe any indivdual should attend tsc. anyone whom is ready to learn and acomplish their goals.


Someone that is willing to aim a certain goal for a future career. A person that is dedicated to completing all schools requirements.


The kind of people that should attend this school should be a hard worker, very determine and that does not give up.


The kind of people that should attend this school are people who want a better future for themselves and their family, to be succesful in life.


Someone who is determined to acomplish their goals. Someone who is ready for a challenge. An individual should be mentally prepared to take on such a responsibilty in a timely matter. Going to college without being prepared can haunt you forever. Use your college experience wisely.


I believe this school is for everyone. You can either start a 2 year associates then transfer to a university to finish your bachelors. This school is also cheaper and helps students saved money.


Anybody can really come to this school. It's a great school and comes with alot of majors to choose from.


i think that all people should attend college especially those that like to learn and have the money to go to college. A lot of people want to go to college because they love to learn new things but maybe dont have the money to enter school.


Any type of person trying to further their education and knowledge. It doesn't matter where you are from, or who you are. As long as you are willing to put in the effort, you are more than welcomed.

Daniela G.

The person should attened to Texas Southmost College are those who want to overcome in life. Also those who want to give an example their kids . For example, show they that if you want to you can get. Also those persons who just want to make the basics for them career.


I believe the kind of person that should attend this school would be students that are really focused on a career that would provide the education and the increasing growth of the community. To also share the experience with other high schools to be the example of a supporter of the school. The student must be ready and to be prepared to look ahead of the importance of a good education and to be able to help others pursue their dreams of graduating with very high expectations. This person will be you!


The kind of person who really wants to study. No matter about your financial situation because there are many schoolarships, and financial aids to support you during your career if you really want to study, and overcome yourself.


I think anybody who wants to save money should attend. The classes are economic and no books are needed for the most part.


Someone that is willing to focus on their course work. Also someone who wants and desires a good future for him and his family. This person should be able to sacrifice time to study and pursue excellence.


Students attempting to attend this school should be responsible, have a great desire to learn, should be commmited to take the effort very seriously every day. They could be of any age or origin as long as they have a great determination to become a professional.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who just wants to go for a certificate or an associates degree. This is also a school that you can go to so you can get some of your basics done so that you can go to a university.


People how have iniciative and hunger for a good future.


i bealive that every kind of person should attend this school. Everybody has a dream and only though hard work and dedication can the dream be realized. Everyone can achive greatness and we all have unlimited potential. We are all clay waiting to be shaped and molded, through proper study and schooling i believe that anything is possible. Hard work, dedication, persistance and leadership are all traits that we should aspire to.


some one that is driven to success willing to go beyond the school work, wanting to make new friends, to study with others. This school is great especaily if you are looking for small class rooms and where the teacher works with each and every student individualy.


I believe a mature and responsbile young adult should attend any institution of higher learning in order to enrich their life with knowledge. Anyone seeking answers, a challenge, or who deliberatley wants to purse a specific career should attend this institution. Greatness can only be acheived with disciplined, dedication, and dexterity. If you are ready for a new stage in your life and ready to drink from the fountain of knowledge then, welcome.


a person attending this institution should be someone who is willing to apply themselves to hard work and not expect to have something handed to them. This college as well as others allow students to manage their own time and work which is a life lesson on managing your life as well so if a person is not open to that type of lifestyle it will be difficult for them.


A person that is willing to study and spend hours dedicated to understanding the material by finding help from others from tutoring services provided by the university, professsors, peers, online tutoring such as khan academy, etc. should attend the University of Texas at Brownsville. This person has to strive always to not only do good or better. They must make an effort to do their BEST. If they get As, Bs, and Cs, they should strive to get As and Bs only or all As. They should turn in their homework on time, and study for quizzes and tests.


Any individual who is mindful of saving money and is determined to push past learning only in the classroom should attend this university. It is important for one to be able to learn independently in order to make the most out of this institution.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is a campus for every kind of person. The environment suits every type of person, In campus you can see diferent type of people sharing knowledge and time and ideas. I think every kind of people can feel very comfortable in the environment The University of Texas have to offer. Also how is in the frontier of Texas is so easy to see different types of cultures,traditions and race. The thing is that people respect each other and this is why it's so easy to get along with different type of people


A person who wants the perfect sized university and attention.


Any person should attend this school because I think it is a great place where the learning begins.


Anyone that is willing to work for their education.


A prospective student of The University of Texas at Brownsville should be someone who has the will to better their lives by obtaining a solid education. Only those that are willing to work hard and buckle up for the tough road that is life should attend this school. The University of Texas at Brownsville will give you the bricks to build a strong foundation in education and thus creating an exemplary citizen in the process. This school will give you the knowledge you need but you need to have the will to take it up a notch.


Any individual who desires to self enrich themselves should attend this school. University of Texas at Brownsville provides a great feeling of knowing that this school is a well structured school and has the reasources that are beneficial to their students. The classrooms, libraries, student gathering facilities, and gym are all well equipped with up to date with their accomodities and equipment.


Somebody who could live with his parents or his/family here, since there is only limited space for housing on campus.


A person who wants to be someone in life. A person who is not afraid to ask for help when needed. A person who has big goals and a person who is not afraid to be themselves.


All kind of persons should attend the University of Texas at Brownsville, because it is a good school


Well with the recent split between UTB and STC, not anyone can attend anymore. The school is aiming to be more academically rigorous, so it should be more competitive to be accepted. That said, only someone who is serious about receiveing a 4 year degree should apply. Also, I hear we have a great criminal justice and medical department.


Anyone can attend this school.


people who would like to succed in life and look for a good experience and education


I think a person who is committed to being successful and wanting to get something out of going to college.


Anybody can attend in the school. It's open to whoever wants a higher education.


Students who wish to stay close to home (lower Texas valley area) should attend this school. Students who can't afford expensive college tuition should also consider UTB.


The University is for anyone who wants a good education.


Any one can attend UTB because it has an open door policy. Traditional and non-traditional students succeed at UTB.


the persons that attend to this university are very ramdom


Like any person attending college, the kind of person that should attend this school is a hard working, persistant, and focused student. They are very helpful here, so any person should attend this school.


I believe that any person should attend this school. It is up to the individual personal to make the best of this school or to let it go to waste. A person that is determined and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the best of their college education will make the most of this school. While UTB may not be a HIGHLY recognized school, it is one that offers a great education just like any other school in the country.


I think anyone who wants to attend a good college and get a good education for a should attend UTB. It is very affordable and its located in a very calm city.


A success motivated individual with a positive outlook for the future of this country, state and city. They should definitely be interactive with a desire to bloom in technology and communications. It helps if they are Internationally Interactive as it is a border city and participates in binational conferences. It would also behove them if they are interested in health and nutrition as we are a campus involved in Green Eco and Public Health Issues. We are growing and building for the future generations of Education while Recycling the old, tried and true Blue.


The kind of person who should attend the University of Texas at Brownsville is a person interested in obtaining a quality education. This school has grown significantly over the past ten years. It is a beautiful campus and the professors at this school are very passionate about their field. This school is excellent, again, for anyone intersted in a quality education and clubs and activities which provide for networking, community service projects and having fun.


Someone that is looking to just finish their degree and not have many distractions. This city is small with not much to do so it's hard to not focus in school. Teachers are interested in success of student, so students should have no problem with succeeding. If you're looking for a kind, heartwarming area, this school is exactly what you're looking for. You won't be disappointed!


The kind of person I belive will flourish in this school setting would be a student who is eager to learn and who is open to discussing different ideologies other then his/her own.


Any kind of person that seeks to expand their knowledge should attend UTB. Also people who want a brighter future for themselve and seek to better themselve in specific areas or would like to try a career as part of their life. But , the person attending this school has to be a hard working and dedicated student while attending beacuse this school requires you to study as much as possible to learn many new things.