Texas Southmost College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person that is self motivated and likes to be independent. A person that enjoys making the drive to the university and attending class. There are many things to do at the university other than attending class and studying. The university has a brand new recreational complex with work out machines, baseball field, swimming pool and work out classes. So a person that loves to work out would definenlty benift from this university. Also a person that is family oriented and likes to live a a home away from home.


Interesting question, the kind of person that should attend this school is someone that wants succeed in their future. In my case the kind of person that wants to see a future different from that of their past, the kind of person that is ready to take the next step in their life to become a better person, nothing less of a well-educated person ready to take on whatever is to come.


The kind of person that should attend the university of texas at Brownsville is a person that has the desire to succeed in the future. Somebody that has realized how important getting a degree is, they know that without further education they won't get past minimum wage jobs. A person that wants a bright future and is willing to work hard and smart to make the dream future a reality. A person who knows what they want in life and that are taking their decisions seriously should attend this school.


Someone who is motivated, dedicated, and willing to learn and work hard. Be open to help and be active in the school's programs. Create relationships with advisors, teachers, and financial aid. Attend class and be on time. Be open to new experiences.


A person who likes diversity should attend this school . Since I also work for this university, I can say that attending this school has been a great blessing to me, it is located in the center of Brownsville, and all the students are assisted equally. The staff and faculty are very helpful and kind with any information you might need.


anyone who can not afford to live somewhere far up state and anyone who likes to stay near the beach or gets home sick to easily.


A person should have the qualities of a hard work ethic and Hispanic heritage. To be successful at UTB, an adequate amount of time should be contributed to studies. Someone who does not possess a great amount of knowledge can be extremely successful at this university as long as he/she puts forth the effort. Fitting in with the crowd can be a problem for anyone; over 70% of the student body is of Hispanic descent. I would not recommend this university to anyone who is uncomfortable being a around a Hispanic ethic population.


Any person interested in having a better future can and should attend this school. Especially, if they want to pay a lower price for a college education.


A person who has good communication skills.


Anyone and everyone, theres no such thing as what kind of a person should or should not attend this school.


A person that likes a small school and isnt here to make friends and connections, as much as just get an education.


Someone who can not afford a very expensive school, non U.S. citizens and people that want a quiet and calm university.


The kind of person who should attend this school is a person who is willing to do the school work required by their professors and a person who dosen't make this school a hang-out and dating service. The type of person who is willing to listen to their professors, be open-minded and willing to accept the knowledge of the professor, not to challenge the professors. That is the type of person who should attend this school.


Laid-back, responsible, friendly and motivated.


Anybody who loves the Hispanic culture or wants to get involved in the culture.


There are a lot of people who attend to The University of Texas at Brownsville. I have had people who come from Republic Dominica, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Russia and so on. People who come to teach us the use of different cultures.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is open to any person who wants to succed in life. At this university we do not discriminate. If you are of a Mexican, African American, or even Korean descent you will be gladly welcomed at this university. Since the University of Texas is not a big campus we tend to be very close to eachother. We try to make friends with anyone who joins our school. As long as you want to get educated The university of Texas will gladly accept you.