Texas Southmost College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It is frustrating that TSC is kind of disorganized and sometimes they have mishaps and they won't take responsibility. Like missing paper work or canceling a class last minute.


the only thing that i can think of is the parking. its kinda far and you have to cross the street to get to the other side sometimes it takes a while. but its not to bad i can deal with it.


The most frustrating thing about my school is submitting documents to the financial aid office. I get nervouse because i have being almost to the point of staying with out financial aid. They have notified me i have financial aid, then email me I am pending documents.


Well, I say final's week are the most stressing because you do not know what your score is until later.


what i think the most frustrating thing about my school is having homework over the weekends. in my opinion weekends are supposed to be the days you spend with your family, friend or just spend time with yourself. i do not like it when my teachers assigned us work for the weekend because for me that is a time to relax out of the things of school. most of my teacher say not to email them during the weekend because they also have a life, but they assigned us homework as if we didnt have one.


I dont find something frustrating at my school


The most frustrating thing about Texas Southmost College for me is that not all the buildings are labled clearly so it makes it difficult to find classes and buildings at first.


I think the most frustrating thing in my school is the parking spaces.


The hardest thing about this college for me is facing all the challenges that come towards the nursing program. I was able to accomplish my goals this semester by passing all my six classes with high grades. Which led me to have a high GPA.


Nothing is really frustrating if you put your mind in it. This is a great school. But I believe the frustrating part has to be registration


I have not started school yet , because i will enter in january , so i can't tell negative things about my school yet , because im not there . But i hope and wish that they won't have frustrating things for me , but if i where in TSC i thing that the most frustrating thing would be , try not to fail any subject .


The most frustating thing about my school is that being american citizen, but if you did not study in some high school of U. S. you can not get the texas grants.


I haven't found anything about Texas Southmost College that frustrates me yet. The staff are very helpful and professional.


The most fustrating thing about school would be where i live it is not the best paying place and i cant pay for school with a minimum wage job that pays 7.25 an hr and only working 4 hrs and 3 days a week. i cant get another job because it would interfere with my school and thats the last thing i want . Right now i owe 598 and i'm trying to save up to pay since finacial aid didnt cover it . To top it of i want to save money for the nursing program and exams.


Sometime the internet goes for a moment, but is not a big problem.


The most fraustrating about my school is trying to learn what I never learned in High School, I have come to the conclusion that nothing is giving to me if I don't go for it. I have learned to accept any frustrating hurdles that are give to me. I also think that getting frustrated over something I can learn eventually will get me no where. i have put 110% in my classes.


The limited amount of classes for my major degree being offered.


The most frustrating thing would have to be that sometimes you get a professor that you don't understand because they speak quietly or they have a real heavy accent from where ever they are from.


The only fustrating thing about the school at the moment for me is that since they had the split with TSC and are merging with Pan Am, there is kind of a mess with classes and locating offices like the Advising and any other important office. I'm pretty sure this will clear up very soon though.


The most frustrating thing about The University of Texas at Brownsville is that they take for ever to award the finacial aid packages. This is very frudtruaring because every student has the right to know their status of aid before june, so they can make a wise choice.


the most frustrating situation about school is the classes are not always available and will have to wait until they are or substitude for something that was not planned on being on the course plans.


The most frustruating thing about my school is the staff. The teachers and counselors dont give you the time we deserve. Some of the counselors tend to be rude with students. Students want to go to a place where you can be heard and ask questions aboust their degree, but sometime it is hard with the staff.


The most frustrating of UTB is the city that has about. Brownsville is not a tourist, you do not have many places to visit.


The most frustrating thing about my school would probably have to be that there is too many cars and not a lot of parking, especially in places around the north and south halls where most of the students need parking. Other than that there is really nothing frustrating about my school.




I don't seem to find anything fustrating about the school.


There is nothing frustrating about my school. The University of Texas at Brownsville is a great school to study.


the only thing tha is frustrating about my school is that it takes about ten minutes to go from one side of the school to the other, yet i believe it iis worth it.


The most frustraring thing about my school is the food service and transportation. The food in the cafeteria is very limited and too expensive for a college student that needs to get something to eat between classes. Also, there is no effective transportation service since the only bus on campus gives service only to the sorroundings of the university.


everything is perfect!


The most frustrating thing about my school is that i feel that no one truly wants to help you.


The most frustrating thing about school is parking space. We have about 7 parking lots that are about mid-sized. The thing is, that we have many students and faculty that come from Mexico and I believe the university doesn't count them in with parking. I arrive an hour early to a good parking space, but that isn't a problem for me, since I can catch up on some homework.


i do not have enough room allowed to say all that frustrates me with this school


As a first year college student and a first year driver it is extremely hard to find a parking spot. I have to get there about 30 minutes before class just to look. Its so frustrating to everybody because this can cause a lot of tardiness to the students especially since the parking spaces are limited. Which leads us to parking about a 15 minute walk from the parking lot to the campus.


Something that frustrated me is that we have to walk for one class to another and they are far away. Other thing is when there is a bad weather sometimes I can not go to my class because is not a closed building.


The most frustrating thing about the university could be that there is not always enough parking around the campus and could lead to some tension between class mates. Due to the demand of the university from many attending our school from outside the state let alone country it can be difficult to find parking. Due to this in convince we can sometimes be late to our class or exam even if we plan ahead.


What is very frustrating about my school is when we reach for help for academic advising and its too crowded and when financial aid is too populated with people, it prevents for me to keep moving forward for my coming classes


The parking lot is very frustrating since there are a lot of students.


I would have to say the most frustrating thing about my school is the parking!


The one thing I found extremely irritating was the lack of effort that I noticed from some of my peers. Even with their low grades, they would not even attempt to go to a study session or talk to the teacher about what they could do better. That, I believe, was the most irritating aspect of college.


Trying to enroll in the coures you need.


i really dont think there is anything frustrating from my school.


the parking lot is a trouble for me and my friend everyday I thin k they should have more parking lots, because they are doing to much buildings.


it's in a small city


The most frustrating thing about my school would probably be the parking lot, since it is so little it is very difficult to find good parking space after 8 a.m.


The most frustrating thing in school is really nothing because I am interested in what I do at school.


the most frustrating thing about my university is that sometimes the classes are too big and we rarely get to speak to the professor one on one, or he/she sometimes does not focus on each student as an individual, instead the class as a group.