Texas Southmost College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had know that financial aid does finish. I did not know that till this last semester my loans went directly to pay for my classes.


I wish I had known about how the presidents and board members of the college are not willing to hear out students and help gain school spirit . Coming fresh out of high school I still imagined the same preppy fun spirit but unfortunately there at TSC it's a whole different ball game. I actually created and founded a dance club/team on campus and trying to get the president and board members to hear us out never works, We always get turned down and they treat us like we are nothing everytime we go with them with ideas.


Its only has for you to get your associates maximum of 2years.

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Before i came to this school i wish i could have known how easy and fast time would pass through out the semsester. I would also take more classes to finish faster and proceed to obtaining a higher education. I wish i could have know that as long as you give it your all and work hard the classes will be extremely easy.


TSC exceeded my expectations by offering extensive help with the admission, registration, and financial aid processes. The counselor staff were very supportive and helpful while providing guidance on my educational goals and needs. With the assistance from TSC, I was able to gain confidence and energy to start my first semester in collge. I would recommend TSC to everyone I know.


I do not wish to know something I already informed myself in any sort of particular way.


I wished I knew that I would have choosen this degree plan from the start instead of changing my major two times.


I wish I would have known that to get work- study you should of applied before getting into the college. This way I would've had a greater opportunity to get a job within the university. I really did not know much about how work-study worked.


I wish had known before came to Texas Southmost College a little bit more information about financial Aid. Becasuse I had no idea about school scholarships or Financial Aid struggles as verification. Most of the time, TSC think that HS students are already informed of it. But is not true. That is why I suggest that TSC send a person from Financial Aid to each HS. In order to get clear any possible questions about financial Aid.


I wish I had known How helpful and friendly the staff is; I would have attended right out of high school.


I wish I knew it was cheaper than the university i was in. Also, how there is less students in the classes and the teachers can work with you individually and being able to answer your questions immideatly. In some classes, our books come in the system and that is a money saver and it is quick to use anytime and we can't use the excuse that we forgot our books. I wish i knew all of this before attending the university i was in.


I wish I had known about the Texas Excellence grant, that money would of helped me alot this year.


work/study jobs


i wish to have known about the specific courses for the nursing program to be taken.


That it was even more amazing than i thought.


Before I had come to this school I wish I had known how involved I would be so I could have started doing many things in high school. When I was in high school I didn't know my full potential and now that I do I wish I had explored it in high school as well. I wish I would have taken my studies more seriously as well. I wish I had been more involved. So if I could go back in time to tell myself anything it would be to do everything I wish I had done then.


I wish I would have known all the clubs and extracurricular activities that the University provided to its students.


that the work was going to be very demanding. and there was not going to be enough hours in the day to complete the homework.


I wish I would have known how loans work and how to get free money; not being able to make up your mind about 'what you want to be when you grow up', only adds to the loan debt and the decreasing usage of your lifetime pell grant. Things are way different now that why I started school in 2001, and I can honestly say students were a lot more careless back then than they are now- I was one of them! Existing funding cuts are in place for that purpose- to be used wisely! Don'd waste time, finish!


I wish I had a better idea of what major I want to strive for and live with the rest of my life. That way I wouldn't be as afraid of choosing a career I might regret in the future. Although UTB has a great system of classes that is flexible with any major, and they provide many different types of advisors.


I would had wish to have known of the splitting of the Univeristy and the College plan


Nothing, really.


I wish I had known more about the scholarship opportunities they had to offer while I was still in high school.


I wish I had known that UTB and TSC were splitting up. This effected alot of people. The students, factulty, and staff. The students at UTB don't have as many class choices as they used to have. Some of the faculty got laid off along with some of the staff.


I wish I knew that I could get a discount at Churches Chiken because I am a student! This school is just great.


I wish I would have known that UTB and TSC were going to split up because they've been making a bunch of unnecessary changes.


I wish i knew how to do a resume and satisfy all the requirements to get a job easily in school. I would've also wanted to be sure of the major i was going to study in order not to waste time in my career education. Another important thing, i would've liked knowing was that there were many scholarships opportunity that i could've applied to in order to help me in my education expenses and rely heavily on my loans.


I wish I had known about the incredible facilities they have. The gym is amazing. It has raquetball, basketball, a small track, weights, and locker rooms. The Arts Center also looks amazing with its decorations and artwork being displayed all over the building.


I would have asked more questions about mediacal waivers and found a more cooperative campus staff. The office staff seem very cold, distant and uncaring about the people that attend campus. Not to mention the staff is not forth coming about information or special departments that can help a student. Not to mention childcare is only avalible to nursing students and other in the more vocational training.


I did not know that the university would help me with my accomodations. The accomodation that I had in high school. I have learn a lot this semester about the university. For example, there are different kinds of disabilities and help on campus for you to succeed. They also have workshops I personally make time to attend all of the workshops because I do learn from them. I did not know that there was a program at the college call A.S.P.I.R.E what they do is guide you through all of your college years.


What I wish I had before comin to the University of Texas at Brownsville is time. There is so many activities and events I wish I could go but I have other things to do. There is always something to do in campus. They are many organizations and clubs that UTB have to offer and so many oportunities.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known how much differnt it is than high school. I was shocked my first semster, because I had been so used to teachers always on your back to get your work done on time in high school. College is much more indepented, and you have to be resposible for your own work .


To know better what classes to take first for my degree.


I wish I had known proper note taking and studying techniques to help transition from a highschool enviorenment to a college enviorenment


The transfer from High School to a University is overwhelming. As a teen, my parents were my backbone for any situtation, responsibility and time management were no where to be found in my dictionary. Now as an adult, all I have wished to know, I have acquired through out my pursuit of knowledge at The University of Texas at Brownsville. Not only has this University helped me broaden my knowledge, it has also served to implement certain criteria, such as time management, responsibilty and values into my personal agenda.


That it was way more easier to get into the university here in brownsville than other colleges here in texas. I got so many rejection letters for other school, dropping my self-esteem. As of right now Im happy Im in school finally living my dream of going to college.


I wish I had met "diligence" before I came to this school. I notice that as a full-time student, diligence is very required to preservere till graduation.


I wish i would have known to get here one hour early. The parking lots are always full.


I wish i knew how to manage my time before I came to this school. But while in college i learned how to manage my time so with that I am learning how I can pick up my GPA


before coming to this school i wish i had known that there is not that much school spirit. i think school spirit is very important for a school in order for the students to get involved in school activities. i also wish i had known that its not the strongest school on the education field.


I wish I had known that the reading load was going to be very heavy.


Ways in which I could be ahead with some classes when I enter college


When I was in high school, I wish I would have known many things I know now. My advice for high school students that are planning to go to college would be to keep up the good grades. It also a good idea to take Dual or AP classes. During your college years make sure you give it a try to what college offers you. In UTB there are different programs that would help you with your classes, and there are also different activities on campus in which you can participate.


I wish I had know more about the times and semesters certain courses are offered. I also wish I had know about some programs to which one can only apply right after high school graduation and not once enrolled.


I wish I had realized how few degrees in medicine the University of Brownsville had.


Something that I have known about this school is were is money for the first generation that attend to college. Furthermore, I will like to known were is a place were they can help us with are homework.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known how fast paced the classes would be. I was used to high school being difficult, but having more time to complete work and learn new things since we had all year to do so. In college, since it's only a semester at a time, the professors lecture fast and work is due every other day with tests just about every week.


I wish I had known that most of the student attending here are Hispanic/Latino, other than that, I do not wish I knew anything else about this school.


I wish more career options were available especially to students who do not know what they will be doing later on if life. Many of my friends end up taking basic undergraduate courses only to end up no where or with heavy debts to pay back. Since before entering, their should be a concise plan for each student to achieve their desired major/career.


I wish I would have known to make the most of student organizations on campus. When I first got involved in a student organization, I was already a junior on campus. Being involve in the student organization let me get to know a lot of students, faculty and staff on campus that I previously did not know about. Through this networking within the school, I was able to interact a lot more on campus and receive the most that I could out of my college career.