Texas Southmost College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is right next door to Mexico!!! YAY!!! It is close to the island and it is part of history!


The best thing that happened for me is to be in TSC, also learn good mathematics and chemistry, because before I entered college I did not know much about chemistry and mathematics, but right now I feel really prepared because now I can help people in chemistry because I really like chemistry. I am willing to learn new things every day. I like to learn and see how I get difficult materials with B or A. I always try to give all the things that I can in order to pass my classes. Indeed, TSC is a really good university.


The best things in my school are the proffesors they are alwasys intrested in the need of the student. They have separate working hours outside the class schedule and are there to help one on one.


I really enjoy being in Texas Sothmost College. Proffesors are challenging, yet accesible. i also love the cultural atmosphere the school has


texas southmost college has a diffrent system that started on 2013. this system requires that every homework assiignment is online. we hardley do any paper work handouts in class everything is digital. so i like this new system becuase we get more familarized with technology. and we get to keep track of our own assignments and our grades. the algerbra course is the one i like the most becuase with this new system on the homeworks for math, when working the math problems it can give us as many examples as we want until we get it correct. tutoring available


One of the best things i consider the best in my school is that the school staff is indeed very friendly. If any question needs to answered they'll be very glad to assist you.

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My proffesors are all very hepful and always going out of their way to help out the students in any possible way. The classes i am taking are so intresting and challenging. The school has labs open all day for any type of subject to help you with any work or simply study for a test. The best thing overall at my school would have to be the assistance and how ready everyone is to help you.


The best thing about my college is that the teachers are willing to work with you, and the staff is comprehensive about your situations.


The best thing I consider about the school is the professors, and staffs are really friendly and their are many opportunites to get help when needed.


As I mentioned previously, the ambiance, the friendliness of those who are attending this school. It is a very contagious feeling. Also, it is very close to home for those that chose to stay local and quite affordable even for a university.


Texas Southmost College is a is a school that I consider one of the best in the country. Texas Southmost College is a place where I know I will learn in many different fun ways and enjoy learning. The best thing about Texas Southmost College that the teachers priority is teaching us the students in a very intelegent manner; and the students priority is learning from our incredible teachers.


the best thing about my school are my classmates. i really enojoy having great classmates becuase when in need of help i can esaely go to one of them and i know for sure that i will recieve the help i need.


the most important thing about my school is the kindness and interest from the advisors into the students. Freshmen year was kind of stressful to me. When entering a new school with a different way of learning most people feel frustated and lost. This can make the first year be chaotic but when you have caring advisors, you can feel at ease because if you feel confused or if you have questions, you know you can count on them.

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Texas Southmost College has various positive things to talk about. First of all, we could start talking about its location. The school's location is very important for students and TSC is properly located. Second, the careers offered by the school are very promising. Texas Southmost College offers important careers such as : Architecture, Business, Criminal Justice, Nursing, etc. The institutions' teachers are well qualified; qualified teachers often lead to a more efficient learning process. Finally, the ability to create your own schedule makes Texas Southmost College a great choice if you are currently working and desire to develop your career.


I would have to say the best thing about my school is the professors. The administration at Texas Southmost College is very selective when hiring those who will have the greatest influence on its students. Every professor I've had since being enrolled here is more than qualified, highly intellgent and knowledgeable in their subject matter. Professors are more than willing to meet outside of class whenever student's need additional help.


The best thing about Texas Southmost College is that it is so close to my home. I am receiving a quality education and the College is only 20 minutes away from my home. Also, the tuition at TSC is very affordable, especially since I do not qualify for financial aid and I am paying for school on my own.


When I got my high school diploma, I came to live In Brownsville because I want to go to College here. It was a difficult change for me because English is not my first language, but I’m trying each day. My main goal is getting a bachelor degree, but first I want to get an associated at TSC. After this, I want to go to UTB and study accounting.


The best thing about my school is how helpful the teachers and faculty are. They strive to help us in any way they can on a daily basis.


The amount of diversity and backgrounds people have, and how much we're willing to succeed in such a small underestimated city as Brownsville is seen as. It pushes us above and beyond in terms of power and success.


The best thing about my school is the tutoring labs. There is 4 tutoring labs for Math, English and reading. This tutoring labs have been of so much help for me in my math class. My teacher gives us homework every day we attend to class and since im not really good at math i strugle a lot when i try to do it my self, The tuttors are students from this same school so it is easier to cummunicate with them and being able to study together.


I would have to say , the school enviornment. I like the atmosphere here, it feels very natural and does not feel hostile. I am an incoming freshmen , but the times that i have came to TSC for my own personal questions. i have been greeted with very smart, intelligent people who want to help me and give me the ansewers that i am looking for. So the best thing i would have to say would be the environment this campus gives off. I am grateful to be here and happy to be attending this college.


If you are looking to acquire a great college education, then Texas Southmost College is wonderful place to start. Since Texas Southmost College offers a Vocational Nursing Program that gives me and anyone else interested in the nursing program the opportunity to pursue my dream in the health care profession. Furthermore, the fact that the college is located close to my home is beneficial to me where I don't have to feel like I am so far from home.


I consider our mascot, a scorpion, the best thing about my school because I believe it can be made to look cool with some professional graphic work done to it, there is so much potential in our mascot!


I think is the service they offer. When there is something i dont understand, all the staff of the college help. And i like the buildings and the classroom they are very comfortable and I like attending to school that way because they create a good area to learn. Another thing a like a lot, is that we all have acess no computers lab and we can do all the homewroks there.


The best thing in my school would be that we can choose our own classes the time we want and if we need help the advisors are always there for us if we have any questions.


The best thing about my school in my opion is that we are an electronic campus. Being an electronic campus is the best thing because now a days everything we do has to do with some sort of electronic device. Being able to do everything through our laptop is great because we don't have to do everything by hand like in other times.


The best thing about my school would have to be my professors, because of them I have learned great things that will help me in the future.


The best thing about my school, is that I'm close to my family and it has a very nice community around. It is very easy to get to places since they also provides a specific metro bus to get students around where they need to.


After my senior year, I enrolled into college. My dream is to become a registered nurse. I know one day I will achive the goal I desire. I keep praying each day for strength because school can be a challenge at times. I see some of the upper classmen wearing their scrubs, and I think to myself, “one day I want to wear their uniforms.”I entered Texas Southmost College with a dream. I will think to myself I entered with a dream and I will finish with it being my reality!


I really enjoy my professors. Although many people think that since we aren't a big school as Texas A&M or UT Austin that Brownsville is lacking in providing a qualitly education. The professors I have from my field of study elaborate so well on their study I feel like I am at a huge university but with a smaller teacher student ratio


My school allows me to go online. Without this, I would not oterwise be able to attend and work towards my degree.


The best thing of my school would be the location. My school is located near the border from Mexico. Being in this location gives us, the students, a great advantage to learn about the Mexican culture and the opportunity to interact with students from Mexico. We can also benefit from being near the border by learning to speak spanish and adopting it as a second language. Being near the border gives us the advantage to learn a bit about the Mexican history and how Texas came to be an independant state. The location offers us a great learning experience.


That they guide as you need.


The best thing about my school would have to be the campus. Our campus is great, it makes you feel at home, and it is friendly, meaning that there is a lot of places where to meet with your friends and even meet other people. The university of texas at brownsville also has a lot of activities around campus which is even better, especially for freshmen, because it helps you meet new people.


The things that I consider are the best in my school are the facilities where we take classes, as well as the equipment that has each classroom. Also the instructors whose day after day teach us about the subject they taught. Besides the good team of advisors with whom you can count when you have a dubt or question about your classes, schedule, career, etc. Finally the Enrichment labs in which they offer help to serve you better results in your assignments or homeworks.


The best thing about my school is that I'm actually learning what needs to be learned to fulfill my career goal. Teachers in this campus really know their material and they teach it extremely well. I'm very grateful that I attended this school.


The best thing about my school, in my opinion is definitely the campus itself. We are undeniably on historical grounds. Although Fort Brown is a place where many battles were fought long ago; Today, Fort Brown is nothing more but a memory and a single branch of a big campus that is only growing in size and potential.


The best thing about Texas Southmost College would have to be the S.T.I.N.G group. As a freshmen I have to admit that the staff students, and proffesors have been very nice, they try to bring out the best in us. S.T.I.N.G always has the best interest in their students, and have left an impact in my first year college experience.


UTB is a relatively small school. It is not as overwhelmingly big as others schools I have seen and heard about. The best thing about this school is in fact its size. It is not too big and not too small and has a great education to offer. Because of its size, it is easy to navigate and easier to feel comfortable as a freshman.


The best thing about my school is the perks. We have discounts, aide,a library, a workout center, even free tutoring and theres so much more. Its great to have everything you can possibly need under one campus.


I think the best thing in school is the good environment and relationship between students and professors.


They have resting areas and have diner halls but the food isn't too healthy. They need more varies of food.


Affordable and close to home.


The best thing about UTB is that even though is a small community college you can feel the sensation of a growing school getting better and better all the time, compared to when I went for the first time, UTB has improved a lot.


It is affordable and easily accessable. Thanks to UTB's placement I am able to live at home while going to school saving me any housing or food expenses.


access to some many different things that could help you when your a freshman and after you graduate from temple you can come back and still get help


To me the best thing about my school is the deep rich hispanic presence here at UTB.


Since my childhood dream is to become a teacher of French, I am very glad that UTB has a minor program of French. It is not perfect, but at least I could build a foundation to further expand my knowledge and skills.


University of Texas in Brownsville offers alot of assistance to the students as an individual which allows for them to improve, stay motivated and learn.


I think that the best thing about the University of Texas at Brownsville is that they have great opportunities for everyone and that they offer great services for students.