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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could turn back time and change something in my senior year , it would be made to take more college classes and apply for more scholarships for life after high school is very difficult, because now just not me I have to worry about only by the school, but I also worry about the fact the need to work in order to have an adequate livelihood to pay for my classes and materials . Financial support is essential to the life of any student, during my senior year the school offered free college classes , take some but not enough if you could reach back time and take many more classes , like would not miss any scholarship application because right now I feel the financial need and something that stresses me too .


Amanda, please stop being so care free! I mostly spent my time the way my high school self thought was the best way spending it. Oh, I was wrong. Obtaining better grades is now and should have always been my priority. Amanda, ask questions. Something as simple as that, could have given me knowledge to opportunities I didn’t know I could have had. Join a club that will teach you about responsibility, leadership, and commitment. Getting involved has helped me know my surroundings and meet people that might come in handy someday. Knowing that I graduated without actually trying my best in high school is motivating me to study harder. Having a more flexible schedule, I have time to finish a certificate degree in leadership academy and also for my ISC gym club. Volunteering in my college is kind of a challenge for me, but whenever I have an opportunity, I assist my school service squad. Having more discipline and managing my time better are some qualities I’ve learned in my first college semester and I’m sure will help me with my CPA career. If I could do it now, high school self could do it then.


don't get below an "A".


Considering the old me would find the new me very credible in a physical aspect (based on the lifting I've done in college and how it has sculpted my body), I would prompt the old me to not only implement lifting and researching in the field to get a head start on my career as a sports scientist, but for my general overall health. My senior self would be in an Illinois high school, as I left home at 18 in search of a new start in a different state. Eventually I made my way back to Texas for college (as it was much cheaper), but I would absolutely hound the old me to move back to Texas pronto to get a move on my schooling. I would be so much further ahead had I not lollygagged around for a year in Illinois after graduating. My senior self would sure get an earful. I would also make it a point to introduce myself to coffee and it's wonderful awakening effects. Oh how I wish a time machine existed.


Don't waste your time here you have only nine short months to make something of your self, so don't stand idely by while time slips past you. all the regreats that have built up over the past three years have to leave you other wise you won't be albe to move foward. don't make the same choices I did nothing will come of it, because when its done you'll lose everthing that you hold dear to you. Our Blood brother will leave the next day we graduate so spend every minute you can with him because its going to be hard on him being so far away from home and friends. You'll need to be strong for the both of you later on down the road, when things get bumpy for the both of you. Remmeber love is something that will pirce the hearts of even the strongest armor, but don't let take over. The future that we have work so hard to make become a reality is on the very edge of our fingertips, so let my words both guide you and protect you from the hard times ahead or you.


I always imagined college as independence from my family, the chance to change my life for the better, meeting new friends, having some fun along the way, and learning more about my major. Well after a few wrong turns and lessons well learned, it was. The most helpful thing to know about college is to always get involved in school sponsored activities, i met some of my closest friends that way. but also #1 when it comes to roomates always remember that your not sisters, so dont shop for groceries like it, always split the grocerie bill. #2 when it comes to class sit in front, have a tape recorder but have it set before class starts and #3 last but not least if you need help don't ask a classmate go straight to the proffessor, that's why they're there. Wear comfortable closed toe shoes (never sandals or heels), you never what the day of class will include, you dont wanna have to run back and forth to change. Another helpful hint is to desginate a bed time. Yes it sounds lame but in the long run its your very best friend. And breakfast is a must.


I would advise high school students to not depend on anybody else but themselves and family. Apply for FIFSA. Every penny counts. When you have a job that you enjoy, you don't ever have to work a day in your life.


If i could go back and talk to myself when i was in high school, i would tell myself not to slack off just because its my final year. I would also tell myself to complete the most rigorous course i could of done so the work in college would be easier. Follow every good instruction given to me and not questioning any of it.


I would probably have taken more dual enrollment courses (in order to have achieved college credit). I would just work to improve my study habits and ask as many questions as necessary. Its a huge change, but I think I was well prepared for it. If you are aware that the change will be substantial, and you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, you will be successful.