Texas Tech University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Although I have not actually attended a class at Texas Tech yet I just got home from orientation and the upper class-men that were there were the sweetest, friendlist and most defiantley the most helpful students I have ever met! Walking around the campus for two days I got to see many college kids walk to class wearing nike shorts and a t shirt and thank god because thats all I wear


Other than the graduate students, about 90 percent are drinkers and par-tiers, not my kind of crowd.


Usually, my classmates keep to themselves. Theres usually not a lot of conversation going on in class between stangers. I may be a little biased in that area because I am myself a shy person, and usually keep to myself in class.


My classmates are down to Earth, friendly, family-oriented, good people. Many of them come from Texas and the pride and spirit of West Texas is always in the air. A lot of the population at Tech is Greek, however no one looks down on you if you're not; overall everyone is very pleasant to be around.


Friendly and honest, which can be both a good and a bad thing.


My classmates ask well thought out questions when they do not understand, but can also be noisy while the teacher is lecturing.


The classmates that show up to class are very dedicated to their work and want the best for their academics. I never have trouble finding study groups when necessary. However, some students choose not to show up to class, and they definitely struggle more than the rest.


My classmates are some of the nation's brightest and outspoken students in the United States, yet I am not intimidated to approach them when I am in need of help or guidance or vice versa.


My classmates are dedicated students. They are very kind and are focused on learning. I bond with them very well and we find each other to be useful for resources and sources of learning.


The students at Texas Tech are very friendly and committed to their education.


Because Texas Tech focuses on giving students a chance to dedicate themselves in their education where other universities did not, my classmates range from students that are motivated to improve their GPA through the opportunities that Texas Tech has provided for them all the way to students that are educated academically and are now focused on improving their network and social relationships while expanding on their education.


Because I am an education major the majority of my classmates are really sweet and funny girls.


My classmates were encouraging, enthusiastic individuals who were eager to help others while always becoming better at whatever it is that they were doing.


My classmates are studious, diverse, ethical, and entertaining! I am extremely happy at Texas Tech University. My only issue...I have trouble understanding my foreign Professor's instructions and explanation when asked to explain. Hopefully, we can work this out before I must drop the course. Rate my Professor was exactly correct on the poor rating this Professor was given. I had no alternatives and chose his class in order to fill my schedule. That is my only issue, the rest of my Proffesors have been helpful and enjoyable.


Very focused and determined, take up demanding tasks even if all-nighters are required to finish up a project.


My classmates were very helpful and encouraging throughout my degree program.


Friendly but competitive since we all want to be accepted into nursing, but are willing to help each other out and work as a team.


Texas Tech has best individuals that the country has to offer.


My classmates were extremely helpful and friendly!


Not friendly, for the most part. Mostly sorority girls.


My classmates are generally quiet at first in every class, but once the semester starts rolling vibrant discussion takes place and a friendly atmosphere envelops the rooms.


In general, my classmates are there to help each other and learn to become better professionals in the future.


There is a group on campus for just about anything. Each of these groups is involved with one or more activities on campus, and many are industry-specific. There is a group for Personal Finance, Retail, Interior Design, Fashion Design, GSA, Manga, Young Conservatives, etc. There ARE other people like you at Tech. Regardless of what you wear or the color of your hair, someone undoubtedly will complement you on a cute pair of shoes or a fun hair style. We may all be different, but we are a nice bunch of people who intertwine seamlessly.


My classmates are generally pretty normal people ranging from many different backgrounds and interested in many different things.


my classmates are ver dedicated and passionate to the University.


The students at Texas Tech are definitely diverse. While many of them are from various parts of Texas, Tech truly welcomes and has students from all over the United States and world. Tech also has clubs and organizations that encompasses and considers their diverse culture of students. For example, Tech has clubs like the hispanic organization society, Korean student association, the Vietnamese students association, and ,many many others. Honestly, I can't think of a student who couldn't fit in here at Tech. While Lubbock is primarily republican (as is the state of Texas) there are many liberal students as well so it creates a balanced mix. Should you wish to become involved in political discussion, there are clubs and organizations for that and there is also a debate team which has reigned number one in the country at Texas Tech this past year and years prior. Additionally, similar to the diverse students, financial backgrounds are also diverse and Texas Tech has accommodated for this as well. Many of our students require financials assistance, and Tech has an abundance of work study programs, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities. Also, the town of Lubbock has many businesses that a student could consider working for during their time at Tech.


The students at Texas Tech University are extremely diverse with a growing international student community and Hispanic student enrollment. The University provides a substantial amount of financial aid for students from low income families and continues to increase this amount every year, further increasing enrollment. Lubbock is located in the North West panhandle of Texas and is the largest city in that area, which encourages many students from the surrounding towns to attend Texas Tech. As a student body we represent an old-fashioned southern hospitality mixed with an artistic and unique modernity. We are loyal and embrace our fellow Red Raiders, on and off campus, with openness and friendliness. People address each other with “yes ma’am” or “yes sir” and will stand in the rain just to hold the door open for you. In all of my years as a Texas Tech student I have never come across someone who didn’t possess the deep feeling of consideration for other people that is signature to the Texas Tech community. We support each other and our alumni have formed a network providing resources for the University as well as its students. One of the misconceptions about Texas Tech is that its students are only interested in the social aspects of college and not very focused on academics. It is true that we are one of the most passionate and loyal student bodies in the country when it comes to our University, especially when our football team is playing against the University of Texas, but in my opinion this is just one of the things that make this an exciting and memorable place to go to school.


There is not one stereotype at Texas Tech University. I honestly see and experience every type of person around campus. When walking out of my all girls dorm, I see sorority girls in their oversized t-shirts, leggings, and New Balance shoes. Passing the music building, I see the typical "band nerds" overflowing the area as they toot their horns. Going through the Student Union Building, tons of lunch tables are pushed together to form one long table as the frat guys join to eat and talk. And going to the Rec Center, I can guarantee that anyone you see in that general vicinity will have their iPod in their ears and will be wearing athletic clothes to workout in! At any time of day or night, people are running on the trails, playing on the beach volleyball court outside, or tackling each other on the field in a rugby game! The library is another place that is always swallowing kids to absorb knowledge and then spitting them out when it has had its fill. Between the Student Union Building (SUB) and the library, there's no doubt that any kind of person can be found. I have to say that a lot more people smoke than I expected. It bothers me because I'll be walking behind someone on my way to or from class and all of sudden this big puff of smoke is headed towards my face...DUCK!!! No, not really. I just make a beeline for a path a couple feet away. But overall, I see an even amount of every type of person: black, white, brown, yellow, red, purple; republicans, democrats; small, big; dumb, intelligent; sad, happy; rich, poor.


The students at Texas Tech are very diverse. We have students from all around the world. There are so many groups that a student could get involved in on campus that every person should be able to find a place where they fit in and are comfortable being themselves. There are also so many places off campus that are geared towards college students that if you can't find a place on campus where you fit in, you will be able to find some place off campus where you fit in. When it comes to dressing for class, most students just wear jeans and a t-shirt. You will rarely find people getting all dressed up for class. Texas Tech is a very casual university where you can feel comfortable expressing who you are and be accepted for who you are.


The students are very diverse. My first semester on campus, I was heavily involved with the religious groups around campus. There are many groups to choose from, so you'll always find your denomination. There are several different racial groups; a lot of them can be found in the language building on campus. The majority of people I noticed on campus were part of a fraternity or sorority, so they dressed according to what was "in style". For example, Uggs, North Face, Toms, Sperrys, etc. Most of these people were wealthy, but not all of them acted pompous.


Texas Tech is an extremely welcoming school to people of all different types of cultures, races, socioeconomic statuses, and religions. It is really hard to say what type of student would feel out of place at this school and what type wouldn't. The campus is so diverse that it is really hard not to find a group that you would feel out of place with. There is not a specific style that Tech students like to wear. You will notice that the fraternity's wear polo attire and sororities enjoy wearing Nike shorts and long t-shirts. Basically anything that show's off what Greek organizations they are a part of. Otherwise many students either dress casually in what they are comfortable in or they will dress in Tech attire to show off their school spirit. How everyone dresses does not have an effect on the interactions among the different groups of students. In the dining hall you may see the separation into the Greek students, the athletes, casual students, and the more intellectual students. But at the end of the day we recognize that we are all Tech students and we all work together to make ourselves and our school better. Most students coming to tech come from all across Texas from areas such as Austin, Dallas, El Paso, and Houston. These students financial backgrounds differ but the majority would have to be made up of middle class residents from these areas. The majority of students coming to Tech are politically aware of what is taking place in our country and many of them tend to lean more right than left. When discussing with other students about their career choices and how much they want to earn many do not always discuss how much they want to specifically earn. But no one is afraid to say that they hope they make a lot of money one day.


The student population is extremely diverse across all categories of race, religion, sex, socio-economic status. Any person could and will find a large population of students in line with their views and background. Despite being in a conservative city, Texas Tech has organizations dedicated to most religions, political views, and controversial topics.


Most of the students at Texas Tech are completely different. For the most part, they are white Christians from small Texas cities or suburbs. However, there is an abundance of international students and people from the rest of the country. There is a community of every kind since the school has such a large population of students, usually you just have to look for it. Mostly, students here are very Republican due to the fact that Texas Tech is located in West Texas and Texas is well known for being a Republican state. There is a Democratic presence at Texas Tech, because younger people tend to be Democrats, and they are very politically active on campus.


Diligent students are abundant in the Arts and Sciences College at Texas Tech University. Everyone is very helpful and ask a lot of questions so that no one is lost in the classroom.


Although I have met a limited amount of people, I know people that vary greatly. Some are very wild, some are extremely reserved and their work ethic varies similarly. There are a lot of good folks, though.


My classmates at Texas Tech depends on the class. In classes such as business they are really into their studies and very eager to set up a study group for once or twice a week. For other classes such as electives or requirements students are a little more chill and other form study groups before test days. All classmates are willing to share notes and build friendships though.


My classmates are high achievers that come together for class to achieve high goals in our journey to an excellent college education.


My classmates at Texas Tech University are very fun, friendly and relaxed.


My classmates are always up for a good study group, I can also rely on them daily for help if needed.


My classmates are mostly focused on their schoolwork and on excelling into the world. Most of my classes do not have huge numbers, so it is easy to open up and actively learn. It is challenging and builds me up to have such encouraging classmates and friends.


My classmates are very hard working students that are just trying to climb the ladder to reach their goals just like myself while also having fun, humerous, and caring personalities that help me get through the stressful and hard times of college that arise from time to time.


My classmates are very energetic students that thrive to learn, and are huge fans of Texas Tech sports and events


They are all normal, hard-working students who care about their future.


My classmates are motivated, creative and competitive.


My classmates are all similar to myself in that they are new to the college life and trying to find out and understand what direction they want their lives to go in. Many of them are very serious about this while others want to have a little bit of fun before needing to crack down and be serious about their majors and their futures.


they work together, they are friendly


My classmates are extremely diverse and come from all over Texas, the United States, and at times the world; they also teach me to look at things from a different perspective and to accept different point of views as from how people see them and not only my own point of view.


I have enjoyed most of the people I have met in my classes as I have been able to ask them questions freely with no critisim recieved.


My classmates are like-minded and share my same goals of attaining a worthwhile education.


Strong red raider fans