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The school spirit is very strong here.


Compared with other schools Texas Tech University not only competes academically and socially with America's top universities, but it also has come to feel like home for me which I feel could have only been possible at this amazing university.


The feeling among the students was most friendly at Tech


Our school spirit is amazing. We are rowdy at any event Texas Tech offers and we have fun.


Our student section is the loudest, funnest and biggest place. Campus gets empty when home football games are occuring and if you don't get there early you might not get seats.


Texas Tech has an expansive list of degree programs and areas of study and I found this appealing for a few reasons. It means the creation of a diverse study body as students are drawn to renowned programs from all over; exposure to new ideas, cultures, and people; and the opportunity to change our paths should we discover that our chosen majors are no longer a good fit. Self-discovery and awareness occur when we step out on our own and I couldn’t have chosen a better institution to serve as my home for those formative years.


Tech has to be one of the most unique schools I have seen. Not only does it have characteristic spirit and stand-out students, but the programs are great to match its appearance. I am from an entirely different state and even then coming here, I feel at home. People are welcoming and everybody is having fun and determined to work hard at the same time.


The loyalty of the surrounding community and alumns.


Texas Tech is in a small hometown enviroment.


The prestigious engineering schools, size of the student body, and sports.


Lubbock is a unique town all on it's own. The greek life is dominant must at this school. The campus is always clean and nice looking. During Christmas the campus is decorated and it is welcoming. The student's are always friendly everywhere all over campus and off campus. Lubbock is a great town to live in during college.


I am attending this school because i was givin no other option.


Texas Tech is the best school for me. It is unique in that the city it is located (Lubbock, TX), is just about 5 1/2 hours from home for me. This distance is just far enough that I feel that I have my own independence, but not so far away that it becomes hard for me to return home. It also has about 35,000 students attending, so it is easy to make a variety of friends and meet new, interesting people. I love Texas Tech and all it's traditions.


The environment is one of a kind and the students are unique. The campus is one of the best in the country and the faculties are friendly. The academics are what they should be; difficult. Overall the school is one of its kinds.


We have a huge international community.


Texas Tech has some of the greatest opportunities. We have one of the best Agriculture Science Colleges and Human Sciences colleges in the nation. Everything we offer excels, and no where else can you experience all four seasons in one day.


The entire city of Lubbock and the surrounding communites are extremely supportive of Texas Tech as are the Alumni across the US.


Although in some cases Texas Tech does not meet some of the standards I would like, it is a very educational university and is a nationally ranked school. I still believe that this is a great place to graduate from and would not change my mind about going here. I also love the fact it is so close to my home.


At Texas Tech University we have a unique school spirit and traditions, such as the annual Carol of Lights and the wrapping of the Masked Rider statue on home football game days. We also have Division I athletics, which many of the other schools I considered did not. Texas Tech also has very great and knowlegeable professors. We also have friendly and outgoing students and staff alike.


Texas Tech has a rich cultural history that shine through in its archetecture, atmosphere, and traditions. From the moment I arrived on campus for my first tour, I felt something was different about Tech. Everyone was friendly and I was treated as an individual, not as a nameless face who will come to their school. They made me feel wanted.


Texas Tech is one of the biggest campuses in the nation. They have a lot of state of the art buildings and equipment. The teachers are superb. And the small community of Lubbock is nice so you don't get lost. Also, everyone who goes there or lives in Lubbock are just all-around nice, friendly people.


The campus is very large but it is SO easy to get involved and make your experience here very worth while. There is always something going on which makes the transition into the school very easy.


Texas Tech is in a city that has very few things to do. To make up for that, Texas Tech is continuously setting up events and get togethers to meet new people and make new friends. They do everything in their power to help one succeed. They allow all students to get into sporting events for free so no student is left out due to their inability to pay.


From its academic excellence to the pride and tradition. Texas Tech University is different and unique in many ways. theres a higly supportive attidues for academic success that can not be matched by other universities. The university strongly abides by the Alma Mater "To strive for honor evermore". and i say long live the matadors.


The architecture program is art based.


The school I chose has incredible opportunities to get involved with undergraduate research projects in a wide range of science, engineering and other technical fields. This was quite appealing to me, especially considering the increasing importance of undergraduate experience now that the state of the economy has made the search for post-graduation career jobs difficult.


I would be surrounded by friends and in a comfortable environment. The campus was open and welcoming and it seemed like a place where I could be comfortable and get a quality education


It is a very large campus and they do a nice job of keeping it clean and pretty. The teachers, at least in the art department really encourage you and teach you how to take your ideas 18 steps further. By the end product you have created something that is both beautiful and conceptual. In highschool I never really applied myself, so Tech was one of the only schools that took me. I have developed into somebody that I am proud to be, I have a high moral, and good work ethic. I am thankful they gave me a shot


The most unique aspect of Texas Tech is the overall pride and school spirit for everything that involves the red raiders. The football games are truly an unworldly experience, and all of the fans are so in love with Texas Tech. Other schools had claimed that the school pride is very high, but none of them amounted to Texas Tech?s. I now have a serious sense of pride when I say where I attend college. I also enjoyed that all of the surrounding areas in Lubbock were equally as obsessed with the school as the students.


I think the most unique thing about my school would have to be its position in the academic field. It is located out in west Texas and is vigorously taking advantage of this by trying to become the leading university in wind energy and engineering. The school already has a renowned wind science center, created after a devastating tornado struck Lubbock, and is diligently working to expand to yet again learn from the wind.


The most unique thing about Texas Tech is the environment, especially for those who did not grow up in West Texas. West Texas has a culture that is steeped in traditions, where chivalry is quite alive and people are proud to be Texans. This culture can be intimidating for those who are not familiar with it, and thus I would advise new students, because although it might not seem like it, most West Texans are more open-minded than they appear, and just as nice as they seem.


I am currently enrolled at Texas Tech University for the 09-10 year. I recently got accepted to Southern Methodist University and I will be going there this upcoming fall. Texas Tech is wonderful but SMU is more suitable for me. SMU is a nationally recognized university for its programs in Business, Science, and the Arts. SMU is in the outskirts of Dallas which is surrounded by other cities; it?s great because you can be closer to family. Lastly SMU was recently ranked in Forbes magazine as the 13th best university in the United States.


My school is unique in its architecture and how large the campus is, i believe it is the largest continuous campus in the nation.


The atmosphere at Texas Tech is so welcoming and diiferent then any other campus I have witnessed. 15 minutes on campus and I knew Texas Tech was right for me. Both the people and campus were fascinating. After attending a semester I dont regret any choice I have made about choosing Texas Tech. The knowldege I have obtained in vast and effiecient. I have witnessed a new style of learning that I had no idea existed.


The chance to become involved in so many activities, whether it is clubs, sports, sororities / fraternities. Also, the new lazy river is awesome in the hot weather.


Tech is friendly and has a lot of school spirit. It has a great reputation for producing high-achieving graduates. It has a health-science center affiliated with it and they have a great occupational therapy program, which for me, is my career goal, making Tech very attractive.


Texas Tech is unique because it is a bigger university with a small home town feeling. Lubbock is not that big of a town, yet it is focused mainly on Texas Tech. Everyone rallies behind and supports the university. Although there are large amounts of students, you are still able to see your friends walking across campus, but have the chance to meet new people along the way. There are so many different people here, yet when it all comes down to it everyone is proud to be a Red Raider and everyone is family.


The art here is amazing. Every first friday of the month, Lubbock has a "First Friday Art Trail." In addition the the FFAT, Texas Tech has some of the most interesting pieces of art and an impressive WW2 memorial. The campus is beautiful. A percentage of the funding for each building goes to placing art in and around the building. If one wants a really pretty campus, he or she should go to Texas Tech.


There is no other school in the state that is as flat as Tech is here in Lubbock. That is not a bad thing. It keeps us seperate from the other big schools here.


Since Prairie View is a built on historical land makes it unique.


This school offerred me a large chunk of financial aid. It is more distinguished than the other schools I considered.


diversity campus location team / school spirit professor involvement student unions


Texas Tech students are very dedicated to their school and show a lot of school spirit.


The campus, the people, the football team.


Texas Tech is unique because it is a fairly large school, but you would never guess it was. The community and school activites involve every student who wishes to participate, you never feel left out even with 25,000 other students. Fitting in and making friends is one of the easiest things to do in Lubbock.


It is located in a relatively small town, so when big sporting events come along it feels like the whole town gets together to watch it. Its a great, convinient college town.


This school has absolutely everything to offer. It is a wonderful environment to learn and achieve in. I couldn't be happier!


the atmosphere


Texas Tech is great when it comes to social life and school spirit. Frats and sororities are really big here.


I never really considered any other schools.