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Tell us about the food and dining options.

Being that Lubbock is such a college town, most of the restaurants, bars, and other nightlife are catered specifically to college students. Every residence hall on campus has its own cafeteria that provides students with different options for every meal. Some of the residence halls even have other restaurant-like options for students that they can also purchase. Rather than restricting students, and only allowing them to purchase from their respective dining halls with the money in their student accounts, students can also use that money to purchase food at the student union building. Money from the student's account will be deducted every time their card is swiped either at the SUB or in of the dining halls. The SUB is the most popular place to eat on campus. In the main dining area there is a chick-filet, a pizza place, a burger place, and a steak-2-go and throughout the rest of the building there is an Italian sandwich shop, a boar's head sandwich shop, a breakfast grill, and a healthy food court with salads, wraps, and other healthy alternatives. There is also a convenient store and a gelato stand. In addition to being convenient, all of the food in the SUB is really good. The only drawback is that eating on campus can get expensive. A sandwich can cost almost seven dollars and even the chick-filet is a little bit higher than one you would encounter off campus. But there's good news for students not wanting to eat on campus. There is an entire neighborhood across the street from campus that provides an endless number of food options. There's a Chili's, a Spanky's, Baskin Robbins, Which Wich, Subway, One Guy's Pizza, and the list goes on. There is a new and interesting Chinese or Mexican restaurant around every corner and new restaurants are popping up every day. Also in this area, known as downtown Lubbock or Broadway, there are numerous bars and many of the dance clubs aren't far away. This is great for students living on campus who like to go out on the weekends because everything is within walking distance. That means you don't have to worry about how you’re going to drive home after you've had too much to drink. You can do the responsible thing, leave your car keys at home, and just walk with a group of your friends. Another great thing about being a Tech student is all of the student discounts offered by restaurants. All you have to do is show them your Tech ID card or hand them one of the student bucks (free coupons that the school hands out periodically throughout the semester for things like food, drinks, haircuts, tanning, etc.).

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As far as eating on campus, the options are relatively varied. Almost every dorm building has a dining hall inside, and every dining hall is different. The freshman have the option of 3 different meal plans, each meal plan has a different amount of money on it. Based on the meal plan, you also receive certain discounts at different dining areas. For example, the highest meal plan gives you a 50% discount at one of the dining halls. The lowest meal plan gives you a 10% discount at the student union building. It's very easy to build a meal plan and base dining choices around how much money you're willing to spend and what kind of food you want to eat. The options Tech gives for eating on campus were definitely one of the benefits of freshman year.

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Until you have 30 hours of credit, you have to live on campus. As such, you have to have a dining plan - which means LOTS OF DORM FOOD. You will be sick of your dorm's food offerings in no time. Luckily, all the dorms have different styles of food and different restaurants. Some are the typical buffet style, but those are only open for a few hours during meal times. In Wall Hall, where I used to live, Sam's Place was open until midnight. This was wonderful for all of those late night cram sessions! In the Student Union Building, there is a TON of places to eat, from sushi to healthy choices to gelato and smoothies. I would advise eating off campus every once and a while, but your dining bucks are paid for! Save money where you can!

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