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What's the Greek scene like?

The Greek Scene at Texas Tech is amazing. With around 50 fraternities and sororities, Texas Tech definitely has a greek organization that's right for you should you choose to go Greek. Many times, the media and press make Greek life look bad, but in real life Greeks do much more than party. Greeks are upheld to maintaining a certain GPA to remain active, they must also complete community service hours, and must also be active in other clubs and organizations on tech's campus. Greeks stay busy, and are generally well known as well as well rounded. As a Greek, sorority life was one of the most rewarding parts of my college experience!

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When you first arrive at Tech, it seems as if the greek kids overrun the school. In actuality, greek students are probably a pretty small percentage of the overall student body. However, those who are greek take their fraternity or sorority life very seriously. It's easy to spot the greek students because, for the most part, they all fit easily into the stereotypes. The boys wear frat-wear and the girls are always wearing their sorority shirts. The frat boys do redeem themselves however, by making an effort to represent their frats well through behaving as gentlemen.

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I have lots of friends who have pledged. They have to be super active in their socials and parties whether they want to or not. Some find it to be an expensive buy-a-friend, but others truly find the ladies that will end up in their weddings! There is a stereotype that all sorority girls drink all the time and are super ditzy, but I have some close friends that are in sororities because of the volunteer work they are able to do and because they truly care about the other girls in it.

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