Texas Tech University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


A couple of years ago, the popular organization on campus was the Saddle Tramps, but now the popular organization is the Goin Band from Raiderland. I'm not involved with a group yet, but next year I will join HON (Honors College Organization) and the Pre-Med Society. Most students in the dorms are very antisocial for some reason so they don't leave their doors open. Athletic events are VERY popular (especially football), guest speakers are not that popular at all, and theater shows are very popular. The dating scene is very nice out here, even with the super-hyped STD cloud hovering around the entire city. I met my closest friends in the dorm, leaving my door open. At 2am, I am either studying or procrastinating on my homework. Arbor day is a major holiday at Tech as well as the Carol of Lights before the Christmas holidays. People party all the time out here. To me, the greek life is not important because it's pointless to pay lots of money for your friends while you can meet people for FREE!!!!! Last weekend, I did a combination of homework and working at my job...I know, very exciting. On Saturday night, you can go to the movies or the corn maize or go clubbing, but that's about it. I go to my best friend's house that lives off campus and I go to my job that's off campus.


The most popular team on campus is our football team. I am involved in the Visions of Light Gospel choir and we minister our words through song and attend worships at different universities in texas. Many students in the residence halls close their doors, but there are always a few that keep their doors cracked for convenience. Athletic events are very popular and entertaining to students. Plays and speakers are common at Tech and there are usually many that participate in these free events. I am not aware of the dating scene, but from what I have seen, the scene is very open and always active. I met my closest friends because they lived next to me or i was introduced to them by friends of friends and so on. At 2am on a Tuesday i am playing cards, chatting online or studying. Every year and every game we wrap Will Rogers statue near memorial circle and attend Spring Fling, which is a community carnival held on the tech campus. Some people party hard 4-6 days a week, but that usually dies down the longer students are here. The people that party the hardest are freshman, until they realize how to manage their time and study. Sororities and fraternities are important on our campus, but only important to those that are in them. I am not in the grrek scene, therefore I have no connection or emotional tie to the group. Last weekend I hung out with friends, slept many hours and played card games. On a saturday night some of the people I hang out with go out to eat, venture to an apartment, play spoons, card games, watch movies or just chat. I travel off capus of enjoy other food and to get away for a while.


Greek Life. Tau Beta Sigma is a music service sorority we provide service for the band and music building. no, most doors are kept closed. sports events are very popular.


There's lots to do. All freshmen have to live on campus their first year. Living on campus isn't the greatest, the halls are old, but there's always food, lots of food and a lot of my greatest memories come from living on campus. All my close friends are the ones on my floor. We do everything together. From midnight runs to Wal Mart to parties and studying we have fun. Living on campus isn't that bad. If you're looking for a relationship it's not that hard to find one. If you are single and happy you can stay that way no problem. Football is the biggest thing here at Tech. People camp out at night for some of the bigger games. Though we are known to have bad sportsmanship, all-in-all the students love their football, it's life down here. We go to games, we cheer, we taunt and we have fun. Basketball is pretty big as well, but because a lot of games are on the weekdays it's harder to go to.


Last weekend was my 21st birthday and my friends and I just went out to a few bars and drank.


As said above Tech is big enough for you to spread your wings and meet your fullest potential but small enough for you to meet your future bridesmaids and groomsmen. Greek life seems to take over the University at times. Though they only make up about 20% of the student population the school seems to be overwhelmed by them in Student Government and some of the larger organizations. Many times unless you are a greek affiliate or gorgeous blond hair, blue eyes, and slim you can't get into some of the organizations. You will always notice a Greek member from a distance. They all seem to dress alike. You will find men wearing polo shirts and slacks with the boat shoes and crochs. The girls will be wearing their sorority shirt (sometimes tye dye, army fatigue, or just shirts with their letters) and those ugly "ugg" boots. When it's hot out you will many times see the girls wearing ugg boats and miniskirts or cheerleading shorts. As a native southern Californian I cannot stand the lack of style that many students exert. If you are not interested in being the "big dog" on campus and simply want to enjoy your time with great people we have many organizations for you to be a part of. We have service organizations, pre-professional and many social organizations outside of Greek Life. Whoever you are you will always find a place and a group of people to belong to. We have an Anime Club, Fencing Club, Equestrian, community service, habitat for humanity, and so much more. There are also a lot of athletic clubs and intramurals aplenty. You simply have to go out and look for it.

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