Texas Tech University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


I am a Fashion kid, Honors College kid, and Retail kid. I don't take the regular write-a-paper-then-take-a-test classes. I love that, really. My fashion classes eat my time like a fat kid eats cake. I am always sewing either at home or in the lab. When I was taking my core classes, I did so through the Honors College. I liken that to taking AP classes in high school: same stuff, only harder and more work. It was nice, though, because those professors tend to be more learned and the classes are smaller. Retailing is in a league of its own as well. I have learned about computer programs I didn't even know existed, terms I didn't know existed, and jobs I didn't even know existed. There is a lot of learning going on.


My classes are awesome! They aren't too hard; they provided just the right amount of challenge for me. My professors were thoroughly enjoyable and I had a lot of fun meeting new people and learning new things that I know will help me later on in my studies.


My classes are pretty easy. The only thing about my classes that is hard is the fact that I have a lot of papers to write, but that comes with my chosen major, English. Overall, my classes are easy but as I get into more of the upper level classes I expect my classes to become more difficult.


My classes are rough. Many of them are challenging and not easy to do well in, but then again, my major isn't the easiest. But, there are those classes that are easy and still learn or not, it depends on what you want. My choice, personally, I like to be interested in what I'm studying in order to I challenge myself. So, while my classes are difficult, I love them.

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