Texas Tech University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Good school. conservative campus, awesome sports, especially football. Good Greek scene. Just the right size, not too small, or insanely huge. Good college town, tons of cool bars or clubs to hang out in and watch sports. Good places to eat.


The best thing about Tech is the people that I've met here. In a matter of six months I've met some of the greatest friends ever. I love the fact that school spirit here is freakin high! I really don't like the dorm life here but that's only because Coleman sucks!


Texas Tech is incredible. I didn't go here because this was the only school I could get into, I went here because its where I want to be. Lubbock and Tech feel more like home than my home town and there is nothing I want to change about. The people I've come in contact with are polite and caring. We do have some loud students but its understandable when you consider the amount of pride we have in the rich history and tradition of our school. I myself become a little loud and excited when it comes to our traditions and football games. Its college, its meant to be celebrated, loved, and loud!


I have lived in the South Plains area my whole entire life. I lived in Lubbock until about 10 years old, moved to Amarillo until I was 18 and now I am back in lubbock. This is my life and I love it. Tech is a great school and it's literally close enough to home but it's been big enough for me to spread my wings and experience something new and grand.


The best thing about tx tech is the big campus feeling in a small town location. It's a perfect mix. I would change the emphasis that tech places on sports. Sports is everything here so if you are not an athlete, then you are not important. The intellectuals are not honored much. I spend most of my time in the Student Union and the Admin Buiding, where I work. Lubbock is DEFINITELY a college town, in fact, if it wasn't for tx tech, Lubbock would be nothing but another small town that no one knows about. My opinion of texas tech administration is that is very political and the buddy system is heavily applied. The best people for the job will not get it, the buddy of the people in office now will get it. And Lubbock wonders why we can't be thought of great as UT! The corrupt favoritism system will not take a system anywhere! The latest controversy was probably a shirt that a frat made for homecoming that read Vic em'. You can guess what picture was on the shirt. I thought is was very disrespectful and the administration did too: they banned the shirts. But above all, no one can doubt the school pride that students have. The school pride is crazy...it's makes you feel good to be a Red Raider.


The best thing about tech is the size. You can meet so many new people here every day, and discover so many new interests and activities as well. The size really does wonders for being able to assimilate groups of people with similar interests and gives the students more opportunities withing their class. Also, it enable the university to fund more events and further enrich a student's life here on campus at Tech. One thing i'd change is the community bathrooms, lol. When i tell people that i go to Texas Tech, the reaction is split in two, some people look at me with a blank look and say "oh, how nice" while others get recognize and get excited about Tech, mainly because of the attention that Bobby Knight drew. Most of my time spent here on campus is in the dorms. Whether eating, hanging out with friends, or going to class, for the first semester most of luboock, in my mind, was the Tech campus. I'd say that Lubbock is definitely a "college town." while most of the people here stay becasue they live here, it's definitely not as busy during the off-school season. Texas Tech's admininstration is wonderful here. From the highest of the high to the blue-collared folk her, they are all interested in getting involved, doing their part, and satisfying the needs of the Texas Tech students. The biggest recent controversy on Tech's campus was the 'vick em' shirts. A fraternity got punished for printing shirts with an aggie hanging a dog from a leash and had to write a formal apology for the printing of the shirts, though i do still see them around a lot.... Texas Tech definitely has a ton of school pride. On game days and during homecoming the student support is just massive. tailgating and partying are a few favorite fun tech traditions while the games are absolutely massive. The pictures of the school spirit and the feeling of the crowd around you and the game in front of you is just enthralling. What's unusual about Texas Tech is the size. Not only is it agorgeous campus, but it's huge! I feel like i could discover another gorgeous shot every day for the rest of my time here and never tire of its beauty. One experience i'll always remember is Howdy TECHsans. Howdy TECHsans was a program i participated in in the very beginning of the semester. A group of girls and guys moved into the dorms about two days early and got set up themselves in order to be ready to help others with their move. I made some really great friends because of this and i loved it!


Texas Tech is perfect. It's not too big, not too small...Lubbock is getting bigger every day. It's DEFINITELY a college town, the entire city revolves around Tech and without Texas Tech, Lubbockians wouldn't have anything to be involved in. School pride= amazing!


Best thing about Texas Tech: EVERYTHING...but probably the people. Not only the students, but the faculty and staff as well. I would change the fact that my school thinks it is efficient to water plants in the heat of the day. My school is just right...I love the size and the more the merrier! Some people say, "that's cool" while others don't really know much about it. Definately in the student union building. I work there, that is where I meet friends for lunch, cool events go on there, and you always see people you know when you are in the SUB! In between college town and "what college town." The reason is that there is part of Lubbock that is definately dominated by college students, but there are over 200,000 people in Lubbock, and only about 30,000 are Tech students, so there is so much more to Lubbock than Tech. Administration is for the most part good. I wish Dr. Dean would be the next president of our university though; he really cares and could potentially make this university even better. Biggest controversy on campus would probably be President Whitmore stepping down and the fact that we didn't getting accreditted by one organization. There is so much school pride at Tech...RAIDER POWER! I think something that sets Tech apart from the rest is that it has a big university look with a smaller university feel. Our current student to teacher ratio is 18:1 which is amazing; very comfortable, especially for freshmen. I'll always remember anything and everything about Red Raider Camp. From the time when I was a camper, to being a counselor, to be a facilitator, and now being director. Parking for sure are the most complaints made by students; but there are rules for a reason!


I believe Texas Tech is a great university and has many great opportunities for students that come here. I have never had any problems with administration or faculty and have formed a great relationship with many of them as well. I would not call Lubbock a college town, but it is a great size for Tech to be a big priority in the community. I would like to see some of the sportsmanship at sporting events change. The words to the fight song have been altered and it has begun to spread. this is one big issue that I would like to see get resolved, however I know it is not an easy process.


When I tell others that I attend Texas Tech, the first thing they say is, "How do you like campus?" Yeah, the campus is huge, but it's not unbearably too big. We do have buses that can help us get around. The campus is so beautiful at certain times int he year. My favorite are winter when it snows, and spring when they have tulips all over campus. Most of my time here is spent in the dorms. The floor i live on now has such an amazing group of girls. We have made some boring nights great. A lot of memories shared here. I thought living in the dorms another year was gonna suck, but when I met the girls on my hall they definitely changed my perspective of that. Tech may not be your usual looking college campus. But one thing that I like about this campus and this city is how on fire we are for our school. When you meet a red raider, whether you like us or not, you will definitely appreciate our love for the game. Whatever it is.


The best thing about Texas Tech is the availability of financial aid. I would change affirmative action so that everyone has an equal shot at every scholarship. The university at times can be too big, but I think that it is just right. Some people from home ask me, "Why Tech?", but here in Lubbock, they respect and love the students of Texas Tech University. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm room and classes, but the rec center is a great place to be. Lubbock is definitely a college town because Lubbock is nothing without Tech. They love to give poor people money, so I love the Tech administration. The biggest controversy here was about the Tech vs. A&M "Vick-em" shirts, which I think was hilarious and the reaction by the media was pointless and stupid because this type of mockery happens everywhere, but the media has to single out Tech. There is a lot of school pride during the football season, but that's about it. The only thing that is unusual about Tech is the West Texas weather and the college town. Christmas celebration before the end of the semester with my friends was the most memorable moment at Tech so far. The most frequent student complaints varies between the sometimes sketchy food on campus and some of the "sub-par" teachers.


The best thing about Texas Tech is its people and the students that create the atmosphere. Given the opportunity, I would change the way business is handled in regards to authority. I think the old way of running the campus are outdated and require a major change, but that is hard to see with the naked eye and does not directly affect the general students. I believe that Tech is just right in terms of size and if it were to be a little bigger, I would have no complaints. When I mention to people that I am a Red Raider, some take it as a negative thing, usually UT or A&M students, but others ask questions about my university. I realize now that as a university we are becoming more well known, but in the mean time other people are more inquistive about us. I spend most of my time at the recreation center or in my room on campus, simply because I work where I live. I am there for my residents and attempt to be as close in proximity as possible just in case I am needed. Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas is definitely a college town and personally I do not see it as anything else. I cannot imagine living here without attending or working at the university. As far as the Administration of Texas Tech, i believe that some have done a great job and others need to clean up their act, take a chance and stand up for what they believe in rather than selling themselves short of what authority tells them. Of course, that may be a particular situation, but I think that new ideas within departments is not such a bad or evil concept. The biggest controversy on campus was Bobby Knight leaving his career to his son, but after the win against number 5 Texas, there has been no controversy. Also, there was the controversy over messing with the fight song and although that has not ben solved, the studnet body needs to understand that it is disrespectful to say f*** in something that belongs to all of us. It is not funny nor make u a better person, so please do not join in. Is there a lot of school pride? A lot is an understatement of the school pride at Tech. Football games are the most spirited with the most in attemdance, but over all there is school pride in everything we do. No, this is not a cult and I do not, have not ever felt so overwhelmed with pride that it took over my life, but I am proud to wear the logo and support the school that has furthered my education. So far, Tech is the only school that includes a sports package to every student. Meaning that you get into every HOME game for free! The alumni have threatened to take that privilege away if we refuse to sing the fight song correctly. Other schools make students buy individual tickets or only allow them to go to a certain number of games, while Tech students are able to attend them all. There are two experiences that I will never forget, one being my position as a Community Advisor, and the other being Gospel Choir. I enjoy working with residents and being that "go-to" person. Gospel choir has introduced me to amazing spiritual people that have motivated me to be a better person in faith. As far as complaints are concerned, some students have a problem with community bathrooms, but personally I think they are one of the best things simply because they are cleaned daily and it is nice to always have hot water. Students also complain about math and sciences classes because of professors that cannot speak english, but we do what we have to do.


The best thing about Texas Tech is all the traditions. I would change the view others have on Texas Tech. I think that the school size is just right, a few classes could be smaller. They ask why I didn't get in to A&M or UT but in reality I did get in to both of those schools. I spend most of my time in the SUB or Music Building on campus. College town. I feel that there should be more strict rules on admission. There is a ton of school pride. I will always remember marching on the field during halftime and running down the tunnels in pre-game with the Goin' Band.


Lubbock isn't anything special but it has everything we need. Sometimes it's annoying that the town is so conservative and it's a dry county. You can't even go and get a bottle of wine (which is technically healthy for you). Lubbock needs a rude awakening about the reality of the world. Technically 3 or more unrelated females and/or males cannot live in the same apartment or house or else it would be seen as a whore house. That's pretty sad. Lubbock stinks. Tech is great and the students here generally love the school and the opportunities given.


Texas Tech University is one of the most incredible places on earth! I spend the last four years work ing on my undergradatue degree and loved it. I loved Lubbock and Texas Tech so much, that I stayed to pursue a Master's Degree! The campus is one of the most astonishing and relaxing places you will ever go. The aesthetic appeal is proudly promoted, and while we have the largest continuous college campus in the entire nation, surprisingly you can get to anywhere on campus in 15 minutes. The campus is easy to navigate, and feels like home. I have met some of the most incredible people attending this university. These people are the people I know will be in my life forever! Our athletics program is pretty stellar. While we may not be the best team in every sport all the time, our last bowl game in December was probably the most exciting game that I have ever seen, and we WON! We have over 200 students organizations, so there is something for everyone to get involved in. No matter what your interests, there are other people who are interested in the same things. Students who attend Texas Tech LOVE Texas Tech. Game days are one of the most exciting times. You see red and black all around you, with thousands of people gathering to support their team. (On a side note, learn the fight song when you attend any school, although preferably Texas Tech).


I can only compare Tech to the UT because thats the only other large university I've been to, but the best thing about Texas Tech is probably the laid-back attitude. For the most part, it seems that most of the students are pretty friendly with one another. Maybe its that West Texas attitude, I don't know. Also, I like the sort of rebellious attitude that the fans have at football games. I know I said that I'm embarrassed by some of the things that the fans do, and I am, but sometimes some other schools CAN be a little too wound up. I'm not saying I like some of the stupid things that fans come up with at football games, but sometimes you just have to loosen up a little. You've got to love our colors too. Black and red is just great. One thing I'd change is definitely the disrespectful fans at football games. Its a true stereotype and its always on my mind when I tell someone my age that I go to Tech. When I tell people I go to Tech, they are glad I chose a large university, but its not much of a surprise because its the only D1 school anywhere close to my hometown. I'm from Amarillo, which is only 2 hours away from Lubbock. As far as schools close to home, we could choose from Amarillo College (one of the best community colleges in the country), West Texas A&M (a D2 school, and unfortunately part of the A&M system) or Texas Tech. I spend most of my time in the Student Union Building. I like to go downstairs and sit in the two TV rooms that usually play ESPN all day. I can go in there, eat lunch, watch Sportscenter, and maybe chat it up with someone about sports. I just like the SUB because its a nicely designed building and you just feel a good college vibe just being there. I would say its a pretty good college town. Lubbock would certainly not be anything close to what it is without Tech, but Lubbock doesn't thrive on only Tech either. Its the hub city for most of the open land between Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Oklahoma City, and Albuquerque. Amarillo is basically just like Lubbock except it doesn't have a large university, so I know what Lubbock would be like without Tech. It wouldn't have that college town feel and attitude, where you know you can go to Whataburger at 3 in the morning and you will see other students there too. The biggest controversy here recently was probably Bob Knight quitting the head coach position of the basketball team. Basketball is not nearly as big as football, so its strange to think that the winningest college basketball coach in history quitting would probably not get as much local controversy as if Mike Leach quit. I think there is a lot of pride. One thing that Texas Tech doesn't have as much as a lot of other schools is traditions. We were formed much later than a lot of schools in Texas, so some of our traditions don't date back near as far as others', but school pride is definitely present. You've got to agree when you hear the campus tour guides telling the students and their parents that Will Rogers and Soapsuds' butts face towards Texas A&M. Unusual things... this campus is so big. Its the second biggest campus in the nation. While that is nice because everything is so spread out and nice to look at, that is a long walk to and from some classes. I guess that means more time to spend checking out the ladies. I just transferred here in the fall of '07, but something I will always remember is when we beat Texas A&M in football after Javorsky Lane guaranteed a win for his Aggie team. As he and his team walked under the student section after the game was over into the locker rooms, the entire student section yelled, "Guar-an-tee! Guar-an-tee!" I've heard a lot of students complaining that they can't understand their teachers because of their accents. I don't know if it is as common at other schools as it is here to have foreign professors, but I've had to drop a class myself simply because I couldn't understand my professor.


Texas Tech is really working on expanding and growing. We are currently at 28,000 students and our Chancellor has a goal of reaching 40,000 students by 2020. That means we are building newer and more high-tech facilities. We are bringing in some national and world renowned professors and bringing in better programs and development more opportunities for our students. Tech is growing and working to make a difference. The people at Tech are some of the nicest most down-to-Earth people you will ever find. As an Asian from southern California coming to Tech was one of the scariest and most exhilarating experiences. Without a doubt I stood out like a single long stem red rose in the dead of a New York winter. But I fit in and found some of my very best friends. These people, I know, will be in my life forever. Though lacking in ethnic diversity, the school compensates in many other ways. We have diverse extra-curricular activities from chess club to habitat for humanity or Greek life we have it all. Our recreational center has swimming pools, indoor track, weight rooms, we offer belly dancing, salsa dancing, cardioboxing, and even fencing. The school goal is to help develop a well rounded student strong in both academics and extra-curricular activities. Lubbock is without a doubt a college town. The county lives for Tech and they love the students more than the students could ever love the town. It's a perfect place to study and go to college. You can always find something to do, you just have to decide what. From movie theaters, the drive-in, clubs, and the mall we have just about everything to have a solid experience. The administration really works with the students and truly cares for their success. I have met the Chancellor, President, Provost, Vice President of Student Affairs, and so many others. This is not because I am very involved but because they care. When I was trying to set up meetings with various persons their secretary went out of their ways to work around my schedule. One secretary even rescheduled a meeting because she felt it was important for me, a student, to be able to meet with my Provost. They truly care and they will always work with you to help your experience be a great one.

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