Texas Tech University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


From college advice to health advice, there are many things I would advice my past self. If I had the power to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advice him on how to take college exams, show him how to cook, show him how to do laundry, and tell him to enjoy every event the school has to offer. I would advice him to attend every job fair and club fair. I would tell myself to join any engineering club especially anything related to Civil Engineering. I would advice myself to go to a doctor before attending college so that he can prevent any future diseases, especially Germ Cell Cancer. This will prevent me on having to leave school, go through Cancer, and its horrific and painful treatsments.


When you dream of winning the lottery, what do you see? You open college and wedding funds for your niece and nephew; help pay your siblings’ debt; help your parents retire; and invest in your future. You invest for your wedding and for your children. You invest in being able to provide for your children everything that you wish your parents could have planned for you. Getting an education is winning the lottery. You care about being there for the people you love and helping them. Right now, help yourself. Invest in your education. Everything you do is leading to something. Your senior year is there to prepare you for college. Take opportunities that come your way. Create relationships with your teachers. And always ask for help. Your parents, teachers and friends want to see you succeed. Let them help you get the resources you need to accomplish that. Do not hesitate to look at colleges and apply for FAFSA. The biggest thing you will regret is not being prepared. You can have everything you dream of as long as you put the work and preparation in to get it. Prepare yourself, ask for help, and go win the lottery.


I would tell myself to be ready for change. I was fully prepared academically for anything. I've always been determined and disciplined in my school work, so I didn't have a problem adjusting to the college work load. However, I came here with my best friend as my roommate. We've been inseparable forever, and had never had a single fight. I would tell myself not to depend on her as much as I did. People will let you down, and you have to be able to be alone sometimes. Don't count on people to include you or worry about you, and don't waste your time worrying about them. Parties and clubs are always there, and sometimes they're fun, but don't be scared to just be you and focus on your school work, because ultimately that's why you're there. I didn't suffer any major setbacks in my first two semesters, but I would just warn myself that things are going to change, and I can't let anything that happens slow me down from getting a 4.0 GPA and doing the best I could.


If I could go back in time to when I was still in high school, and could give any advice it would be, stay strong. My life has thrown me one curve ball after another. The death of both parents, marriage, divorce, and homelessness has all made me fight to prove to not only myself, but to my family and friends; that you should never give up on your dreams. I know that I will make it, and become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and when I do; I will be proud.


After spending a year in college already, I would have so many things to tell myself. To have had the chance to tell me what I know now would've made my first year of college a great deal better. The main thing I would've told myself is to not make friends that take advantage of you. I made that mistake, did everything for them, and then they stopped talking to me unless they needed something. I would advise myself to make sure I was completely ready to be 6 hours away from home, especially because I did not know anyone going to Texas Tech. In addition, I would tell myself to pick a college where I knew some friends were attending, because transitioning from having my friends and family around me to a place where I had no one, was very hard on me. Another good piece of advice is to try to not schedule your classes at 8am! When you've been studying late and then have to wake up at 7am, and this happens often, it makes concentrating and taking notes in class difficult because you're drowsy, and that could potentially affect your grades.


The college is not difficult. If you pay attention in the classrooms and make all the homeworks you will have a excelent grade. Don't be afraid of it. If a new world, a new begginning, but you can do it. You will make a lot of friends, but you have to decided what is your priority: your future or your social life, thats all about it.


College is one of the most unique time of life. If I could go back and talk to my senior self, I would emphasize the need to enjoy every minute of college life. I can remember wishing for the next big step in college instead of taking advantage of everything as it came. Before you know it, college is gone and real life begins. I would also advise myself to soak in the information from all of my classes. Looking back, I am aware that retaining information from college is incredibly helpful to life after graduation, even in areas thought useless. I come across scenarios often when I find myself searching for an answer I know I learned in my college courses. However, a lot of college seemed to have been spent cramming for tests and projects only to forget the information shortly after. As an educator, I know how important learning is and would stronly press upon my past self to hold on to the knowledge gained in each class dearly.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, knowing what I know now, what would I say? The main thing I would want to tell myself would be stop being so scared. My biggest obstacle about the transition was fear. I was scared about leaving my family and friends ten hours behind. My family is very close-nit, and my friends were very dear to me. First thing I learned at college was that family is always going to be there but friends grow apart. Now being here at college and almost finished with my first year, I see how silly I was for all those nights I went crying to my mom because I was so nervous about college. And the words I would want to tell myself, “Don’t worry. It’s all worth it.”


I would give myself the advice to look into the college I really want to go to and meet the scholarship deadlines; because once senior year ends and you are deciding where to go it is hard because you didn’t apply to scholarships. I would recommend myself to be less into sports and more into knowing what university I would like to go to. And take more dual credited and AP classes that way you dont have to pay for them in college.


I would tell myself to take advantage of the time being a high school, to enjoy it more and be grateful. Also, to study a little bit more and don’t get distracted less.


I would tell myself to relax and to not be so worried about being in control. You cannot plan everything that is going to happen, things in college can change everyday. You have to learn how to be flexible and to roll with the punches. It allows you to learn more about yourself and grow into a true adult.


I would tell my high school self not worry. You are going to do great in college, and have a great time! Just remember to go to all of your classes and DO THE HOMEWORK! Also, before you go buy a new wardrobe with a few name brand clothes. Do not be so shy around girls. They are super nice, will date you if you just show some confidence! And take it slow with Melanie Cornell, she loves you so don’t screw it up!


Don't be so afraid to get out there. Make friends when you can, because friendships don't just grow on their own. And definitely don't depend on your boyfriend to be there to fill in those gaps where friends should be, he has a life, too! Don't quit dancing, worst mistake I ever made. And finally, you're a good student and you're smart, so don't worry about your grades too much and live a little!


I would tell myself to remain focused on my school work and keep my eyes on the prize (my future). School is really no joke and you definitely need the school experience to get places in life. Things just are not handed to you. I would also tell myself to work as hard as possible and not to let anybody make any decisions for me as far as choosing which school(s) to attend. Follow your heart but be smart about every decision you make! Be sure you have a plan! It may not be the perfect plan, but it is a plan and it shows you have your mind set somewhere and you have goals set as well. Also, be sure to have a backup plan for everything as well. You never know what could go wrong and it always helps to have something to fall back on. And just remember, stay focused and eyes on the prize!


If i could go back in time as a senior in high school, I the most imporatnt advice I would give to myself would be to improve on my punctuality.


As a college student knowing what I know now I would advise my self as a senior to be more perpared . Start with appling for scholarships early. Making sure that carefully chose the right college or university that suit them. Learn how to save money because parents are not going to always be there. Learn how to balance school work and free time , no its ok to party but work come first. When you get on campus get involved with on campus activities be part of a club or two. Most importantly have fun with your college life because you only get one .


If I could go back and tell my high school self anything I would have to tell myself to study harder. Along with that I would have to also tell myself to participate in morte community service events and to apply for scholarships a lot sooner than what I had, so I could actually have some of my college paid for instead of struggleing.


Randell your doing well, but college is more advanced! i need you to start by writing out your goals, and what motivates you the most. use that motivation to strive for success, exceed at high levels in college. most importantly, start reading books so that you can get used to it.


Hey. I know being a senior is tough since you are the section leader of the trumpet section and essentially the go-to man for our band director, but this is actually a pivotal moment in your life. But, let me give you some advice. Forget about that beautiful, Hispanic flute player you’ve had a crush on since sophomore year and focus on your studies and your trumpet playing. You have a chance to make to the All-State band this year! Besides, you meet an even more gorgeous woman your sophomore year of college. Please pay attention in Calculus class. This ultimately decides your grade in Calculus I, II, and III in college. Aim for that 4 on the English AP exam! It’ll save you a lot of trouble (and money) later on. Oh, and one more thing, stop dwelling on the anguish you hold onto inside and start focusing on everything that is good in your life. Every little thing that could go wrong will probably go wrong, so focus on how to build that bridge to cross above it, not below it. Your life is just beginning. Stay strong and aim high.


I would advise myself to take the one warning my family gave me seriously-- the Freshman 15 is a real thing. I learned that the hard way. I thought they were exaggerating, "Oh, sure! Yah, right!" I was so wrong. For some reason, social life revolves around eating on a daily basis. Food is involved in EVERYTHING you do, whether it's a study session, or a lonely night in your room. The ease of access to the food is so high that you don't even hesitate. Going through a breakup? Ice cream it's a ride down the elevator away. Back from a late night? Chicken tenders at the dining hall you pass on the way to your dorm. If you think you're going to take the stairs, you're wrong. Having a room on the 12th makes that impossible, and honestly, who is going to take the stairs at 2 in the morning when the elevator take so little effort. I made all of these health mistakes and I would tell myself to be more cautious of it becuase you will not be fitting in your cute clothes if you aren't!


Get involved with organizations! You'll some of the best friends you'll have just by getting involved!


As a high school senior I had already completed two years of college, but what I had not "completed" was two years of independence. Now with a year and a half left at Texas Tech I am looking back and wondering if I made the right decisions. Financially, if I had stayed home I would have had my college education paid for, but would I be where I am right now? Looking back at my high school senior self I am proud to have come to the conclusion that I did make the right choice. I have grown so much as a person and experienced so many wonderful things, and I would not trade it for anything. My advice to my younger self is to live in the moment and take in everything life has to offer. Now, if I could just follow those words of advice through the rest of my college career and beyond!


ALWAY ALWAYS ALWAYS go to class! It's hard to recover from that.


Focus on your degree, it is your priority to earn in college. Go to class, proffesors give more information on the subject and sometimes extra credit on Fridays. Take good notes, and make friends in your class for study groups before exams. Study for exams a week ahead of time, that way you don't have to cram the night before an exam. Talk to your proffesors, they like to know that there are students interested in the subject they teach. Exercise and eat healthy, to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you get all the nutrition you need, helps you focus in class and exams. Call home often, your family loves to hear from you. Get involved, all universities offer clubs, sports, volunteer oppurtunities. It will help build up your resume and you will meet tons of people along the way.


College can be big and scary, but find yourself a good group of friends. Don't be afraid to go out and meet new people. Get to know your professors and don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't procrastinate, but balance school and social life. These five tips will help you have a successful college career.


I would advise myself not to underestimate how big of a change college can be in the life of a graduating senior, however I would also have to tell myself not to be scared of the opportunity that college brings. Already in my short lived college career I have found that college is a real maturing process and isn't to be taken lightly. When you get to college take it seriously, because as cliched as it may sound, it is easy to mess up your first semester or even your first year here. Not to say you shouldn't explore possibilities that may come your way, but to be careful is really all that needs to be said. Everyone should understand that this place isn't all fun and games, but really the begginning of the rest of your life.


You made a smart move attending college classes during high school! Now just stay focused and talk to LOTS of councelors to stay on track! Research UCs, CSU's, and Dance Academies early, apply for lots of scholarships, and be the absolute best you can be in your studies. Just as importantly pay attention to health and mental well being, and keep stress in check. Don't procrastinate!! I definitely recommend attending a community college first to complete your GE. The classes are smaller,and the instructors more personal, so it is an easy transition from high school. Also, it will allow you to save money on tuition until you are ready to tackle your upper division course at a big university.


History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again”. –Maya Angelou. My parents never had a chance to pursue a college education, but they dreamed for me all that was not possible for them. Through their great struggles, they immigrated to America from Port au prince, Haiti; At a young age my parents instilled in me that my hard work would eventually open up a world of possibilities. however during high school i did not apply myself the way that my parents would have wanted me to. I had issues on learning how to stand independently when my parents' strength faltered them. if i had a chance to go back in time I would tell myself that college is 65 percent who you know. I would have networked more and would have to told myself to spend less time stressing about prom and more time stressing about college finances. I would have told myself that there are ways to avoid college debt. I would have took advantages of the resources that I had such as talking to the teachers who already attended college and getting their opinion.


Be prepared to work harder then you ever have before. In college, you have alot of extra time on your hands. Use that time wisely, plan out your extra time for homework, studying and relaxing time for yourself. Dont be afraid to ask questions cause you think the question is dumb, cause not asking questions is the real dumb part. Find things for you to do that makes you happy or that can put you in better mood cause these things can be helpful when you begin to feel overwhelmed, believe me it happens to 100% of all college students at a point of time. Be all that you can be,strive for greatness, work hard, study hard, have fun, and enjoy your college expereince.


I would tell myself to be prepared to live on my own. I would advise myself to become a better driver, and most importantly SAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE!!!! I currently have a sister who is a senior in high school and I have been helping her to the best of my ability; I honestly wish I would have had someone telling me what to do, step by step.


I would tell myself that i need to make sure what i really need going into the classes. I should research the majors that i am looking at and make sure i've got all the right classes under my belt. Also i would suggest to myself that i should take as many classes as i could each semester. But the one thing i would tell myself is that if you take on a lot you are going to be stressed out and you should try and take it easy if you can. College is fun and your going to enjoy it quite a bit but make sure you keep yo your priorities which is school.


If i could talk to myself I would tell myself that I meed to become more serious and get ready to take on more responsibility.


I would encourage myself to value my education, stressing its importance and value, and inform myself to keep my options open as pertaining to career field and college choices. I would tell myself to avoid student loans and credit cards of any type and that I would need to work while in college and learn to budget, save, and plan ahead; to always have a backup plan just in case original plans fail. I would explain to myself how college is a lot different from high school, being that it's not free to attend and that my success in completion and graduation would rely solely on my ability and effort I put forth, that I would be my biggest support system. I would also encourage myself not to just get one degree but to get as educated I could, to research and find out every tool and resource available to help me on my educational journey. Lastly, I would encourage myself that I could to whatever set my mind to, to choose a longterm career field that I enjoyed and one that would make a difference; changing not only my life but the lives of others, for the better.


Time management is everything. Make sure that you can get your priorities straight, so that you can get everything done and still have time to do what you want. Planning is essential to success, when it comes to college your education is all on you, you have to take the initiative and go after the things that you want to do. High School only prepares you so much for college, you need to enjoy everything that you have in high school because when you graduate you won't have many of the things that you do now. Enjoy the small things that life has to offer, and be more open minded about things so that you can truly get the most out of your college experience. People are probably the most important part of college, when you find good people, hang on to them and don't let them go because when you are surrounded by good people you won't have to face the hard things alone.


The advice I will give is to start preparing for college early as possible. Decide what you want to study in college way before your freshman year in high school. This will let you know what courses you need to take to help prepare you for college. Also I would stress you must read your text book. College professors expect for you to come to class prepared and you have read your assignment.


As a high school senior, I was unaware how much high school really effects on your college career. My senior year, I could have been alot more goal oriented than I was. If I would have put forth more effort towards scholarships, grades, awards, I would be alot better off in college. It is so critically important to always keep college in mind when you're in high school, it is just around the corner.


Tiffany, relax. Everything is going to be okay. Don't think about things too much and make yourself sick from stress. Everything will work out in the end. You can't figure out everything in life right when you want to. Just go with the flow and do your best in school. DO NOT ever skip class! You will regret it!


If I were able to go back in time knowing what I know now about college and making the transition I would first start out by saying,"Keep your chin up." The word 'no' is only the beginning to another opportunity. The simple advice that is given in young peoples critical high school years is probably, in my opinion, the best advice ever given. ALWAYS go to class no matter what. That is the best advice that I could give myself when I was a senior in high school about college. The teacher will most likely notice you if you are there everyday. You will be able to make friends in the same field as you. One last important aspect related to attending scheduled school hours everyday is that you are bound to make better grades just by being there. In conclusion if i were to tell myself at a younger age what to do it would be to go to school everyday so that those life altering opportunities dont pass you up just because you weren't there.


Don't be afraid of where you're going, who you're going to meet, and what you'll become. College isn't about placing you in life, it's about taking those first steps towards the life you want afterwards - you know, the real one. Your first year, enjoy the time you have but stay focused for the next classes to come. Your second and third, keep on top of your schedule socially and academically, and remember you're going to want independent time. Your last year, maintain your grades, but above all maintain your friendships before you leave school. You will have bad days, but recall the stupid, funny, strange and beautiful times you have had throughout your time; school is worth it. It's worth it to you to live this life to your fullest potential. Finally, remember that if you can make yourself smile until 10 a.m. then your day will be guarenteed a little happier. Happiness is what you're searching for in school. Never forget that.


If i could go back and advise myself on the future one of the first things i would tell me would be this: dont worry so much about social status becasue the drama that fills the halls of a highschool are non existent in college. The second thind would be that while classes wont be a walk in the park they are not truly as hard as people portray them to be. Also, the fear of leaving home for a new setting while at first may be quite a burden on the mind it really isnt as bad as it sounds becasue it only takes a few days to get adjusted and it eventually becomes your home. Procrastination is something that invariably invades the minds of all college student but i would advise on the use of calendars and agendas to get thigns accomplished on time because in the end procrastination is the thing that makes college work so much harder.


If I were able to go back in time I would direct myself to follow the advice that I had been given. I would direct myself to take a better grasp on the information that I learned in high school and then to actually apply the information I had previously learned into my daily life. I would also tell myself that the transition to college is not easy because once you are in college a student needs to have good study habits so that your personal and educational life don't interfere with eachother. Lastly I would direct myself to actually look for scholarships everywhere. This means that I should not only look for scholarships at the school but also on the internet or other organizations that may be giving money.


Use the opportunity of being exposed to different activities, lifestyles and hobbies to find out what you really enjoy. The first year of college allows for many experiences that are completely new since students come from such diverse backgrounds. Take advantage of the diverse population and learn everything you can about other students' ways of life, which can be so foreign to your own. Find friends that will support and encourage you, not just ones that have the same interests as you. These are the friends that will be a part of your life beyond college. Lasting friendships built on trust and love will far outlast those based on similar hobbies. Keep in mind that your purpose in college is to gain knowledge; learn all you can from your professors and make the time worth your while.


The advice I would give to myself is to do better with my study habits. When I got to college I was under the assumption that college was similar to high school but I get to pick the time and class that I wanted to attend. After about a month at Texas Tech away from home with noone telling me to study or whatever I found out that I had to study for the test. In high school everything came natural, I never really had to study.


Study. I floundered my first semester in college, which is the reason this is my junior year in college and I'm at my third (and final) school. And study doesn't mean just doing the required homework. Read the chapters. Take notes on your own. Look into more than just the things covered in class. Being a "nerd" is NOT a bad thing. Its revered in college, not mocked. So learn to do it early so your GPA will stay up. I'm getting 4.0's every semester now, but its still hard to make up that 1.2 first semester when I had a lot of trouble. Also, nobody (well almost nobody) will know you from high school. Its ok if you made mistakes in high school - no one here is going to know. Make new friends as soon as you get to college because it will get more difficult as time elapses, as people has set their groups by the end of the first year. So - make friends, have fun, but study. Academics are the reason for going to college, not partying and drinking. Have fun, but keep the focus.


If I were to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would let myself know that I needed to get motivated and focused. College is not easy and takes dedication and hard work. Students have to be individually motivated and have the strength and will to achieve.


Dual credit is worth the work


I would tell myself to never hold back from any opportunity that is given to me. It is also important to stay focused on why you're attending college, to attain a degree and begin a caeer. The vitality of staying organized in your school work will make or break you. College is not like high school. You must become involved and make a voice for yourself. Now is a time in your life to discover your true passions and who you really are. The first day of college is like the first day of the rest of your life; no one knows you, but most everyone would like to know you.


There are two distinct aspects to my answer. Academically, I have had the blesssing of working with some incredible teachers and have learned quite a bit. On the other hand, it is interesting to be a Christian on a large campus, due in part to the large amount of people who do not share your beliefs. However, there are many Christian groups that have continued to help me grow spiritually, and because of that my brief time at Texas Tech has been very good.


I have always been a mommys girl, so when I went off to college it was life changing. I didn't think I would like it but turns out I absolutly love it. I love the campus and being on my own. I didn't think I would be able to handle it but it has been a great experience. I am learning to live as an adult. I have learned so much about being on my own and growing up. It is a good experience and I think everyone should have the opportunity to try it. I am so greatful I have the opportunity to go to college because I know most people can't afford it or get loans or scholarships like I have.


My experience thus far has taught me responsibly above all else. I have discovered that you cannot procrastinate or miss classes and still be successful. It is necessary to manage your time as efficiently as possible. I have learned to balance my time much better than I had learned in high school, to do homework as soon as is possible as opposed to procrastinating. It has been valuable to attend because the professors there are genuinely concerned with how well you do in their classes. They are willing to assist beyond the required amount to ensure your success. It is also a good choice to make a smooth transition from high school as opposed to overwhelming oneself with a university that has much larger class sizes.

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