Texas Tech University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How to study better and separate play time from school work.


I wish I would have known that it is very windy in Lubbock and the school spirit is more than I thought it was.


I wish i had known a little more about how how finacial aid worked and how you go about getting scholarships, and grants. I had to take out loans and now i have to start paying them back soon. If i had some grants, i wouldnt be so far in debt. I also wish i had known more about the major i choose. There are more marketable certificates i could have recieved.


More about the nursing school.


I wish I would have known how cold it gets in the winter. Besides that, it has been pretty easy to figure everything else out on my own.


That is was going to be excatly the same as high school.


That work in the town outside of school is difficult to find.


Spent more time with my brother


I wish I had not changed my major after 2 years of school.


I wish I would have researched more schools and got my finanacial situation more in order.


Before attending Texas Tech University, I wish I would have known more about getting involved on campus academically. There is an immense amount of diverse organizations so that every student can succeed and be involved.


I wish I had known the things that they don't tell you about the departments. I wish that I had known that the business school is not even ranked as one of the better schools in texas.

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