Texas Tech University Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


Tech is in the heart of Lubbock. It is right next to the oldest part of town, the part with the most character, complete with brick streets and turn-of-the-century houses. It is a really quaint part of town. Lots of restaurants and shops line the streets, most with Tech pictures on the walls or with Tech merchandise. Walk a few paces and you have the newest part of town as well, the part catering to Tech housing and hotels for football fans and families. Yet, in all of this, it doesn't feel too small or too large.


When you step off campus, you're in the very convenient and friendly town of Lubbock. Texas Tech is walking distance from many popular restaurants like Chipotle and Starbucks (which for many college students is SO important) and stores like Walmart or Leonards. Throughout the town of Lubbock you'll find many conveniences within 15 minutes away such as a mall and golf courses. Honestly, compared to many places i've been, Lubbock is so easy to navigate and close to many places. I've saved a lot of money on gas since I've lived here!


Right around campus, there is a lot going on. There is always traffic at the stoplights, so you know there are a lot of people that are out doing things, going to work, doing daily errands, etc. It actually surprised me at first how much there was going on around the campus. Being from the city and liking the city, it makes me feel like I'm not missing anything. Most likely, if there is an event going on around campus, you will know about it one way or another, whether through email, word of mouth, or physically seeing it. As one moves farther away from campus, there are more businesses surrounding the area. Any farther than that, it's a flat nothingness! It's not bad though. I'm a city girl, and I love Lubbock!

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