Texas Tech University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


If I were one who brags, I would brag about the food. The food on campus is as good as you could find in any decent resturaunt but for less money.


I brag most about the opportunity for a straight to masters plan with the possibility of a dual major. I also like to mention how nice the campus is compared to other colleges I have visited.


My campus is the second-largest in the country. While being completely huge, it also boasts a lot of events and organizations available to students, so included in our tuition is loads of opportunities to not only meet new people, but explore new interests. There's a free class for literally everything. Had I gone somewhere else, I am sure that I would not have nearly the same chance to experience so many new things.


I brag the most about TTU's sense of school spirit, pride in their work, and their academic contributions to various fields of study. TTU has world class research facilities, a top notch law school, and one of the best nursing and medical schools in the country. TTU is more affordable than many schools in the nation and provides an equally valuable education.


The community at Texas Texh is awesome! The people here are honestly nice and truly care about me. I know for a fact that this past year I have made friendships that will last my intire life.


About the pride and spirit it has during football season as well as the competition within the school itself to be nationally recognized.


The thing I brag about most about my school is our lazy river, beautiful campus and the fact that we have the largest campus in the nation!


The program I went through for my degree was spectacular. I felt extremely confident when I graduated in my ability to get a job and teach proficiently.


Honors college professors


Amazing school, everyone is nice, and they are willing to work with you in order to make sure that you can get things accomplished.


Just the school itself. To be able to say that I attend Texas Tech University is an honor. When somone asks you were you go to school and you answer, "Texas Tech" you can immediately see the impression on their face. It's a huge honor to be a part of such a great University.


Texas Tech has a wide variety of majors, a medical school, a law school, and an outstanding campus with unlimited opportunities for students to be involved.


The campus is absolutely gorgeous! Texas Tech University offers all the resources you need for absolute success in your education. The environment is very relaxed and open which can help relieve a student from stress. The people at Texas Tech are very friendly and are always willing to help out other fellow students.


Texas Tech holds close to tradition and are a very proud school. The campus is beautiful, filled with amazing weather everyday. The professors and advisers go above and beyond on the teaching and mentor levels. All the people in the town and campus are very nice and courteous.


How I'm surrounded with college students that are focused on their future. Where as in my hometown there were to many people that were focused on partying and other things that distracts from school.


The campus is beautiful and walking to class is so peaceful. All sporting events (including football games) are free for Texas Tech students! It is so easy to make friends due to all of the cookouts, sporting events, and community service opportunities set up by the leaders. Going there is an absolute blessing and I feel like I have a second home and a second family. Its a very comforting place to be.


The thing that I brag most about is our football program here at tech and our Business program as far as academics is concerned.


About how big and beutiful it is. About the parties I go to and the football team.


There is just so much to do on campus and most of the activities are inexpensive or free. There are plays, musicals, programs and even students playing various instruments on campus corners and in the student union. Our sports programs are terrific and most students attend.


I tell them how great everything on campus is. We have some of the best teachers ever and great things to do on campus. Our campus activites board always has different fun and free things to do.


The architecture at my school is absolutely beautiful. I love to walk around campus and take pictures of all of the beautiful buildings and landscape. Our football team is pretty great and the games are a blast. I wish everyone I knew could get a chance to come to one of our games.


The school spirit at Texas Tech is amazing. Although over 30,000 students study here, we are able to band together and form a society. We are incredibly loyal to our school and the other students that attend here, regardless of the situation.


Texas Tech has already afforded me more opportunities than I would have thought possible. The professors make classroom materials understandable, and are available to help me should I need it. Also, there are many great activities I can participate in on campus that aren't associated with athletics. I have been able to meet many interesting people in classes and in the dorms. All in all, my entire eperience at Tech has simply been phenomenal.


When I talk to my friends about Texas Tech University, I brag about a lot of things. It is so much more than just a fantastic school with a gorgeous campus and a great athletic program. It's about pride, school spirit, and tradition. Not every school obtains these characterisitics, but they are the foundation of Texas Tech. I feel honored to attend this university and to be a red raider, and in my eyes, that is enough to brag about.


Our school may not the best academically but spiritually you will not be able to find a student body so enthusiastic about being a Red Raider.


My classes are small enough that one on one is always avaible and that the professor's really care


The environment at my school is really great because you will feel like at home there instantly. The professors and staffs are also great. They are always there for you and if you need help or have questions. You can talk to pretty much anyone without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.




Texas Tech campus has a feeling of Southwestern aesthetic teamed with a college level of intellect. I am able to meet cowboys interacting with townies, and all of those inbetween, all here for the extremely diverse availability of degrees.


The appearance and the professors. I attend a beautiful campus with brick buildings and trees all around. And the professors are great. if you are willing to work hard, they're more than willing to help you.


football, social scene.


Classes are great value for money. Learn a lot, teachers are enthusiastic. The best art building and art teachers out of all the schools I visited in Texas.


Initially, I usually brag to my friends that are still in highschool or in my hometown about how much I love the teachers and the classes. In my school very few teachers were actually intersting with their subjects. Also, the principal would sometimes be on power trips so highschool was frustrating. Here, the teachers always have interesting things to say in class and have a refreshing joy in their subject, although some are still monotone. I also enjoy that most students have an interest in the classes and the discussions between everyone always stimulates the brain and is usually exciting.


Great school spirit, very friendly, laid back, academically well off and very social.


I brag about how big and beautiful the campus is. As well as how supportive the school is. And also about how much I enjoy my major.


School spirit, sports and how Tech is the second largest campus in the U.S.


Mostly the people. Lubbock is a town in the middle of nowhere, so there is definitely a limited number of things to do. So, we all hang around a lot which leads to awesome friendships. The people make the place, and make it hard to imagine being anywhere else.


The people that I have met in my department have been amazing, different, and are really the only reasons I ended up not transferring to another school.


The people at Tech and in the surrounding community are extrememly friendly. The atmosphere at Tech is so spirited which makes it such a great place to be. They offer so much academically and outside of the classroom, you will never be bored or feel alone.


How friendly everybody is, and how willing everyone is to help each oher. The classes are always fun and the environment on campus is exhilirating especially during football season.


Texas Tech's beautiful and spread out campus along with its recreational center allow for physically appealing students. In addition, people who are physically fit tend to have the capacity to perform extensively better on mental tasks.


That our football team is undefeated so far and I am an athletic trainer for the team.


What I like most about Texas Tech University, being in a small town, is that everyone begins to know everyone after a while so it is easier to become friends with more students, or students going to other colleges around the city. It creates a healthy diversity and overall acceptance of common differences.


I really love that the people are all so accepting and the fact that every one gets along no matter what. You could be white, black, purple, green, buddhist, catholic, indian and everyone would be cool with it and just say hey I don't care but let us all get together and have a great time. It's the most fun and it feels like such a big family when your own family isn't there.