Texas Tech University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The most common misconception about Texas Tech University is that we are a party school that doesn’t care about academics, but the truth is Texas Tech has consistently been recognized by its peers, students, and alumni as an amazing and progressive University. Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business was listed as one of the best business schools in the country by the Princeton Review, Tech’s School of Law was the only law school in Texas to be ranked in the top 20 this year by Prelaw magazine, and the University as a whole earned a top-tier ranking among national Universities in this year’s edition of America’s Best Colleges by U.S. News and World Report. Now, don’t get me wrong, the student body at Texas Tech is every bit as passionate, rowdy, and fun-loving as you would expect, but it all stems from a deep rooted pride in our University and its traditions and it should be considered just one of the many things that makes Texas Tech such a great school.


Its a party school, everybody has STD's, theres nothing to do in Lubbock, people who go there couldn't get into other schools like the University of Texas


Party School, for cowboys and rednecks


Most people say were hicks, too country, not smart, all we do is drink


Many people believe that Texas Tech students are rowdy party animals.


1. We have the highest STD rate in Texas.....which is totally not TRUE !!! 2. It is easier to get into Tech than getting into other school...which is def. not true..because people still need to work hard to get into Tech !!! 3. Texas Tech and the city Lubbock is most boring place ever in Texas..which is not true AT ALL !!! Wreck 'em Tech !!


It's said that Tech is a huge party school that is pretty much obsessed with football. Also that all the students are a bunch of country kids who ride horses around and watch tumbleweeds roll across campus.


all rich kids


Lots of hot girls Way too many frat daddies way too many sorority girls elevated std rate extremely rude fans at football games


pretty white people.


Raider Rash, rich students, in the middle of no where


A lot of people that don't go to Tech tend to assume that Texas Tech students have bad grades, STD's and a drinking problem.


They are really smart & only care about sports.


They all are Christians but they party!


As far as I know there isn't any stereotypes that I know of that stand out. I never heard anything bad about Tech when I decided to attend but I do have friends that go to other universities and say that Texas Tech students have a bad rep for being mean at football games. Hey, we are just competitive when it comes to our sports. People should know how college sports are against rivals.


It's the place where people go when they don't get in to UT. There is nothing to do here. Being involved in any "greek" group is not that great at TTU. TTU is an easy school.


That Tech is a party school and that everyone who goes to Tech is gorgeous. That alot of the students that come to Tech didnt make it into UT or A&M.


I have heard from parents of highschool students that they think it is a party school. Any college is a party school to be honest. It is up to the individual to choose whether they want to go to class and do their work or go out.




we are drunk std ridden assholes.




3 BIG misconceptions. 1) Most people think that we are a small school. 2) All we do is party. 3) Texas Tech is very easy to get accepted to.


Drunks, STD filled, People that couldn't get into A&M or Texas, bad fans.


Basically some of the sterotypes I have heard are were classless in sporting games, we drink all the time, we all have raider rash, anybody can get accepted into Tech, all we do is party.


Everyone's Greek. Everyones a Cowboy. Two Words: Raider Rash.


All the guys are rednecks and all the girls spend daddy's money on clothes and tanning. And all everyone does is drink beer and play football.


We have a reputation for being "country." Not strictly cowboy hat wearing, straw-chewing "country", but roughneck, fighting "country." We're also known for not having much class (hence, us putting cuss words in our own fight song). We are also known for having bad sportsmanship at sporting events. But then again, we're known for having a wealthy student population (west Texas oil) and good looking girls (something in the Texas water). We are also known to be pretty diverse - hippies, frat boys and girls, artsies, and "GDI's."


that Tech is an easy school to get into and that the students here are dumb and theres a problem with STDs


I have heard the stereotype that Texas Tech students have bad sportsmanship when it comes to football games. People also like to talk about how terrible Lubbock is because it's dusty and in the middle of nowhere.


Soem people think that Texa Tech students are a bunch of cowboys and party animals.


That we are UT's and A&M rejects


That we do not have smart people and that its not challenging. Also, that there are alot of STDs and we have a very roudy audience during sporting events.


Its only a party school. Everyone just cares about drinking. There is nothing to do in Lubbock. Everyone has STD's


The everyone up here has STD of some sort. We are the worst students when it comes to sportsmanship.


Rough, Rowdy, Rude, Obnoxious, Loud, Mean, Unintelligent, belligerent, unfocused.


We are rednecks.


The school is not qualified to provide a quality education as UT or other notable schools. It is thought of as a party school.


We are a fraternity and sorority associated university. We teand to be very proud of our school as we have a lot of school spirit and support


That we have STD's...which is not true...in fact we are the 2nd lowest in the Big 12. We are drunk...all the time! Not true...most of my friends don't drink very often...plus, what college DOESN'T have people who get drunk? We didn't get into A&M or UT. LIES LIES LIES! Yeah, we have the few who say that...but many of the people in my classes were valedictorian of their high school, as well as me.


I hear frequently that the reason many of the students that go to Texas Tech do so because they were not accepted to the University of Texas or Texas A&M.


Some stereotypes I heard about before coming to Texas Tech, was that the students here don't know how to have fun. They basically based this on the fact that Lubbock is a small dry county.


We all get drunk everyday, have unprotected sex and obtain every single STD known to man...especially the raider rash. Also, the fraternities are slobs and the sororities are sluts...but that's the case at every university.


Many people believe that Tech students are not intelligent and are from small towns. I have been told that some think Tech students are ignorant and could not get into A&M or the University of Texas.


People think that students that go to Tech are stupid and not as smart as those that go elsewhere. People also think that Tech is a huge party school, and no one does anything but party.


We came to Tech because we couldn't get in anywhere else.


There are many stereotypes about Texas Tech and Texas Tech students. One such stereotype is that there is nothing to do in Lubbock. Another stereotype is that Texas Tech students all have STD's/STI's. An additional stereotype is that Texas Tech is a party school. A separate stereotype is that Texas Tech is just for students that did not get into other schools.


The most popular stereotype is that all Texas Tech students are dumb. Tech students are bad fans (bad sportsmanship - loud, obnoxious, offensive) The hot girls - Playboy ranked us 2nd in the nation for hottest female student body.


Many people believe that Texas Tech is overly conservative and backwatered. Many believe the place is just a "podunk" university in west Texas. Many also believe that most students who attend Tech settled because they could not get into some of the "supposed" better universities in Texas.