Texas Tech University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who wants to thrive in school, but also have fun with school spirit and extracurriculars. Texas Tech University wants students to get involved in some way, and they make it easy by having a lot of options to choose from. Options range from greek life to religious organizations to major specific organizations.


Someone interested in the medical field or in engineering. We have a wondeful engineering and Pre-Med program. Those are Tech's strengths as well as our law school.


Someone who doesn't mind walking or biking through a green sprawling campus with friendly students and plenty of student organized events.


Conservative. Likes college towns. Suburban kids. Major responsibility is to study. Friendly. Rednecks. Cowboys. Career-oriented.


Anyone who likes a large student body and who is friendly. This school is full of friendly faces.


This school is perfect for anyone! The camous is very diverse and has many diverse clubs and fraternities. I think any student would be able to fit in to simething at this campus. They also offer on campus jobs, which are great for students living in the dorms. Texas has a great psycology program, so if you plan to major in that, this is the place to be. Also, there Nursing School is great. Very competitive to get in but once you are, you will love it. They have everything updated and are able to teach everything at the hospital.


Serious and ambitous people should attend Texas Tech.


A goal-oriented and driven student would fit in perfectly at Texas Tech University. If you are a student who loves to get involved, Texas Tech is the place to be; from Greek life to volunteer groups, there are hundreds of organizations available for you. Texas Tech athletics are also a huge plus to attending this university, so if you're a sport-lover and exhibit school spirit, Texas Tech is definitely the place you want to be.


All kinds of students should attend this school because the more diverse people and intellects surround you the more well-rounded you are in school, the better you will be able to work with other people no matter where you go. I would advise great study habits and punctuality in the classrooms and great communication lines with the teachers to be successful at Texas Tech University.


Anyone that wants to go to college and anyone that is willing to be far away from home for the first time.


Main focus is time management do that and you can do well anywhere.


An outgoing, energetic, and willing to participate student. This student should expect a lot of group work within classrooms. Also, someone who can balance a social with school work very well.


Texas Tech University is a really nice school, serious student should attend this school. they are really straight about their policy, they education and the way they do thing. If you are willing to be successful you are welcome to join us because at Texas Tech University everything is possible. hard worker, serious student should easilly success in this school.


Any student that wants a great education and also wants to have fun at the same time.


Any person can attend Texas Tech University. I like it because it is a town that is centered around the university. On football game days it's like the whole town shuts down, puts on their red and black, and heads to the stadium to watch the game. The school spirit is amazing and there are so many great traditions to learn. Everyone at Texas Tech lives and breathes Texas Tech. I would recommend it to anyone.


The average Texas Tech student is friendly, dedicated, and proud to be a Matador.


A very outgoing and friendly person should attend Tech because it is so big. If you aren't outgoing or friendly it will be hard to make close friends. You have to be open minded to try new stuff and put yourself out there. If you love tradition you should come here.


Any student who is willing to learn from some of the best professors and gain new friends every single day. Someone who loves a school that takes pride in it's athletic teams like Football and Basketball. Someone who wants to experience living on their own but have the comfort of the excellent Texas Tech staff. And someone who wants to have fun!


The type of person that shouold attend Texas Tech University should come from a honest hard working family with good values. They should be willing to work hard because it is up to them to succeed. Not only should they be well rounded but also have a sense of appreciation for the opportunity.


A student who is looking to attend Texas Tech should be well rounded in academics as well as school spirit. There are so many oppurtunities at Texas Tech,so if someone is looking for an active, well rounded college then this is the perfect campus for you. The town is friendly and oppurtunities awaitg you at my school Texas Tech University.


Someone who wants to meet new people and have a fun experience not only in their personal life but inside the classroom as well.


Texas Tech offers a wide variety of options for education. A person entering the school has a chance to complete their basic requirement classes, like English, basic sciences, and mathematics, while determining their best fit for a major study curriculum.


Anybody can attend this school, but honestly someone who is hard working, independent, and ready to start a career, should attend this school. They have every major you can think of. Also, it's the only University that has a Law School and Medical School on campus. It's a great school, with great students, and great community.


Someone dedicated and ready to learn. Education is all about what you make of it. If a person is willing to put in the time and effort to succeed, Texas Tech is a great place for them.


Someone who is upbeat and ready to learn. Texas Tech is on a tier one track so we're are looking to recruit the best and the brightest!


someone interested in changing the world through agricultural opportunities whether by food, animals, or studies. It is a very involved school and the students are very close to each other. Anyone looking to grow or share would feel very welcome here. Lots of school spirit




The people that should attend this school are hard working students that are willing to give it their all and will not quit no matter how hard things get.


The kind of person that should attend this school falls into several categories: A jock, an engineer, or a person who is not entirely sure what degree they are interested in. Texas Tech is inexpensive enough to attend that you can determine your destiny while enjoying your surroundings over the course of a year or so. The faculty at this school WANT you to graduate, and as such, they may play a pivotal role in helping you decide your career.


A well organized, outgoing person who is ecstatic about getting and education and willing to succeed.


Texas Tech is an inviting and friendly school with tons of extra curricular activities . It's not too big but not too small, there's a place for everyone! Anyone that enjoys school spirit and a hands on education belongs in the Red Raider family.


Conservative, non-diverse, white males


I believe jsut about anyone can attend Tech. They have so many different programs for almost all majors. Also, for those students that want to be pushed more academically, Tech offers an Honors College and cources.


Anyone who is willing to study hard but at the same time can have a good time. The teachers are great and will work well with new students. You must have school spirit at this school and be very accepting of others. It is a very diverse community but everyone still gets along very well.


A person with a boistrious attitude who likes to be around groups of people would do best at this school. Tech has a high energy level and everyone here is, for the most part, sweet and down to earth. It is a large campus so it is great for athleteic people to go running during the week or it is great for people who just want to take a stroll on a weekend.


The type of person that should attend this school is a hard working person who is not afraid to let loose once in a while.


Any person would be accepted. It's a great place to learn.


Someone who is very business oriented and loves football. We have a great business program and one of the fastest growing pre-law programs in the state. We also have a very poplar pre-med program. The arts are not supported much, but there is a lot of artistic opportunities throughout the city.


Someone who is highly motivated to accel lin their field.


If you are focused on school, this is a good university. As long as you can accept that there is very little diversity, there shouldn't be a problem.


One that is not afraid of conservative views, wants a good education, but in a relaxed and spirited atmosphere.


Any kind that is ready to work


Any person that wants quality education while enjoying a college-town that isn't too big, but not too small either


Outgoing, goal-setting, punctual, driven, friendly


Anyone who would like a quality education.


A person who is outgoing and enjoys to be around other people. Texas Tech provides a lot of opportunities for students to interact with one another.