Texas Tech University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person should not attend Texas Tech Univeristy if they are doubtful in the university. Doubt can hinder any student who is not well enough prepared to attend TTU. Texas Tech University is a university for students who are independt and outgoing. If one does not classify under these categories, they will have a challenging time adjusting to the change and making friends. In order to scucced at TTU a student must believe in themselves before anyone else.


Those unwilling to embrace small town values shouldn't attend Texas Tech University. The people there are down to earth, laid back, and always willing to lend a hand. If you need the "advantages" of big city life (vallet parking, fancy cheeses, and a hoity toity atmosphere) you may find TTU lacking.


Anyone who feels more comfortable in big cities. Lubbock and the campus has a small town feel. If you are not religious or hold different religous beliefs other than Christianity, you might want to choose a different school. I would like to emphasize that as far as I have seen, there has been no hate crimes or signs of bigotry. If you don't like football, are a longhorn, or a&m fan, DO NOT COME HERE. There have been reports of Tech fans jumping Longhorn fans.


Someone who like to drink alcoholic beverages shouldn't come to this school since it is a dry campus.


Anyone who is not a cowboy.


Someone who struggles to study effectively. Liberals. Immigrants. Like big cities. Someone who has other responsibilities other than studying. Hippies.


Every person is uniquely different and special in every way. Whether it is their goals in life or the major they choose. It only takes the right college to make them strive academically and later in life. I believe that every type of person has the right to attend any college. No one has the right to deny a person's education for any reason. College exists for the people not the other way around. Everyone should attend my college that is my belief.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this would probably be a home-body. Texas Tech is quiet a way out in West Texas, meaning not too close to anything, but that's what I love about it!


The type of person that sould not attend this school would be a person that does not have pride for themselves or for their school. A person should not attend Texas Tech University if they are content with mediocrity and/or settling. And, above all a student should not attend Texas Tech University if they are not willing to dedicate every ounce of themselves to their future.


Texas Tech is for everybody really. However, if you don't like the cold or wind, want to go into politics, or don't like to walk, then I wouldn't attend Texas Tech.


a person who is from a big city should not


Texas Tech University is diverse in the type of students that attend but if one is not willing to put forth effort, they should not attend Texas Tech University.


Let me just say that everybody are allowed to attend texas tecch university but you got to be serious. if you are not you can not be part of the university. In order to be accepted there, they get a look at your backgroung education if you are not qualified meaning you do not fullfill all the requirement you will not get in. Texas tech is only for serious student because there studyind is the key.


People who are not responsible. and cant respect others and there property


The kind of person who should not attend Texas Tech is someone who is not able to adapt to many different types of weather because the weather at Texas Tech is very unpredictable. Also, if a student is not very outgoing I would not encourage them to attend this university.


A person that should not attend would be someone who does not like to be surrounded by such a lively atmostpher. Texas Tech is a great school that I think everyone would like because of the awesome traditions and school spirt. Students that do not like to be around this should not attend.


I think any student who wants to higher their education should go to Texas Tech University. There is such a diverse population that goes to Tech, it is easy to fit in anywhere. If anything, not liking a small town could keep you from going here, but once you get past that, it's one of the best schools.


Any student that has long term goals and is willing to provide the effort for academics as well as other extracurricular activities will deffinatly be successful at Texas Tech. There is a high emphasis on school spirit at Tech so whoever is willing to stand up and shout in the stands will fit in well here. Texas Tech is a highly conservative school and it is important that students know this and consider this before they think of attending. However there are many clubs and organizations for students who may not fit into this conservative common mold.


I believe that everyone should attend texas tech. It can offer something for everyone.


Any student is welcome at Texas Tech. The city of Lubbock is home to various ethnic groups, music lovers, cowboys, goths and geeks. Texas Tech is a diverse campus with opportunities to take classes and earn degrees in music, education, engineering, technology, medicine, law and much more. Al ages of studens can be found on campus.


The kind of person that should not attend Texas Tech University is they type of person that does not want to be in large classes with lots of students. For some people it is just fine but if you prefer a more face to face environment, TTU is not the place.


Everyone has the right to a higher education. There are some students at every school who work hard for their education and others who don?t. I believe universities should eliminate students who do not care about their education, in order to open a spot in that classroom for someone who does want to have a better education. Someone who puts forth no effort in the classroom should not be welcome into a university. This does not mean a student with less intellectual knowledge then another peer. It just means a student who is unwilling to try for an education.


A person who doesn't have any school spirit woud probably not like to attend Texas Tech Univeristy because we are in the Big 12 Conference and very supportive of our athletics and pretty much everyone goes to all the games.


I believe this goes for any college you plan on attending, but if you believe that college is just like high school and that you don't have to study for exams or you don't put little to no effort in your school work, you will not survive. Don't go to Texas Tech University just to say, "Hey, I'm in college" either. The professors and students here take their work seriously and most likely you will be surrounded by students who are ready to learn and are striving to become successful in life.


Texas Tech Is very a good place for very liberal students. The school suppots unique ideas and encorages them to be expessed. Lubbock, being a small town is relaxing. Things move a little bit slower here but you still can have tons of fun. The town is very supportive of the school and is always kind.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Texas Tech University would be one that isn't open to try new activities. The students at Tech are all devoted to the school and it's traditions. If your able to enjoy the festivities, show your raider pride, and fight for Texas Tech you'll easily fit in with the students.


Texas Tech University is a rather large school. In the year 2008 alone over twenty-eight thousand students attended the school so anyone who would do better in a smaller college should not attend this school. Students who attend Tech will incounter class lectures of over 900 students, a large campus, and resident halls of up to 12 floors. Some people would benifet from this type of enviornment and feel comfortable in such a large community but others would do better in a smaller school and these individuals should not attend Texas Tech University.


Some one who is not very goal oriented would not do very well at Texas Tech. The program here pushes you to do your best in all aspects of life. Also, if someone is not very fond of being close and interacting with thousands of students, this is not the place for you. I prefer the number of students due to the fact that I am allowed to expand my relationships and learn from others.


People who believe that college is just like highschool and they think they can skim through college without doing a whole lot of work and reading.




A person who is not committed to reaching their full potential, academically and mentally.


I think the kind of person that shouldnt attend this school is someone that isnt willing to learn not just academically, but individually as well. Texas Tech is very committed to sucess in ones future career endeavors, and by coming here, you dont just learn textbook information. You are able to get hands on experience which enables you to grow independently.


Texas Tech University is a school that is open for anyone, I see many people around campus with different ethicities, styles or disabilities. The school is extremely helpful towards anyone who needs it, such as the students who are blind or are in a wheelchair.


People who want a school that is extremely focused on liberal arts probably should not come to Texas Tech.


Someone who isn't open minded and not outgoing.


Someone who wants to get away from a big city but not fall off the map


Someone who is not motivated or not wanting to feel apart of a school. Tech is large but there is a place for everyone


For some people, who prefer a closer connection between student and professor, this school might not be the best for them. The classrooms can sometimes be intimidating especially when there is a ratio of 400 students to one professor for one class. Some people work better in a more familiar setting with fewer people but Tech is set up like a buisness and it is easy to get lost in the crowd of fellow competitors.


All should attend.


One who is well grounded and knows what they want to do with their life, even if they have not chosen a career.


If you don't like big schools then don't attend this university. This is school is big and fun. School spirit is very important, and most students love football. Our college wouldn't be the best for someone who is looking for an artistic school. We are very conservative and southern. If you like the big city stay away. Lubbock is out in the middle of nowhere, but it has it's own small town feel. It is a good balance between city and small town. But it is not really close to much.


Someone who is career oriented and ready to work, we're not an easy University.


A person shouldn't attend Texas Tech if they want a to live in a city that has tons of stuff to do in it. Also, if they are looking for an extremely diverse campus, they won't necessarily find that in west Texas.


Someone who doesn't like to do work.


People who do not want to socialize should not attend texas tech. It is a fun spirited very active and involved school.