Texas Tech University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?




The town is awesome, the school pride is immense, and the graduate school programs are reputable.


I decided to go to Texas Tech because of it's athletic history, the beautiful buildings on campus, the diversity of people there, the size of the school and the quality of education offered.


They offer wonderful scholarships for those who pushed themselves academically in high school. Tech also offers big-city opportunities with a small-town feel. People from Lubbock are so nice!


I chose Texas Tech University because of its academic atmosphere, diverse student body, its unique clubs and organizations, and its gorgeous campus. For the past ten years,Tech has been ranked as a top-tier school and ranks amongst the highest Universities. This was important to me because I knew that Tech would have the resources to help me during college as well as upon graduation. Currently, Tech is seeking Tier 1 research status which will rank it amongst other prestigious research schools. Texas Tech has a very diverse student body. Most students are from Texas, but Tech also enrolls a large number of students from out of state as well as international students. Having a diverse student body is important to consider when applying to college because it will help you make friends easily as well as learn about those who are different than you. At Tech, there are so many different types of students that it is easy to make long lasting friendships. It's also important to get involved while you're in college,and Texas Tech makes it easy to do so with over 150 clubs and organizations. Tech has 50 fraternities and sororities and just about any type of club that you could think of. The best part is, if Tech doesn't have what you want, you can pilot a club yourself! Organizations are a great way to meet people, network, and build your resume. Tech makes it so easy and so enticing to get involved! Needless to say, if you've seen pictures you know Tech has a BEAUTIFUL campus! Since you'll be spending a great deal of time there, it's important that you like your surroundings. I am grateful for what I see every day at Tech ,and they always find ways to make the campus even more gorgeous than it is.


Texas Tech is such a huge part of the Lubbock community and really reaches out to the prospective students there from an early age. I can remember Tech faculty and students visiting my elementary school and throughout my entire adolescence the school's presence was a constant. I won an essay contest in sixth grade sponsored by the University and I and two other of my classmates became members of a University sponsored club that provided us with yearly visits to the campus. The leaders of this organization stayed really involved in my education as I was growing up, so much so that I already felt as though a was a part of the Tech community. When I graduated High School it was an easy decision to stay close to home. I was younger than most of my graduating classmates and felt that going to Tech and living at home would be the best decision for me.


Honestly, I chose Tech because all of my best friends were going there. This turned out to be a terrible choice because everyone changes once they graduate high school. Some people change in good ways, others in bad ways, and when you're with the people you grew up with almost 24/7 while they're in the process of learning who they are, it leads to a lot of problems. Luckily, Tech turned out to be a great school on its own despite the fact that I lost my group of high school friends. A few became lost in the greek world, a few fell into the drug crowd, and a few just grew apart. My advice, if you definitely want to go where your friends are going, make sure you love the school for itself. My very best friend ended up transferring to another school and if I didn't love Tech I would probably be really miserable without her.


I never thought I would go to Tech. I tried and I tried to not like it and I was gonna prove to my mom that I didn't belong in a dust town, because she had it set that Tech was where I was supposed to go. I applied to other colleges, focused more on other colleges, and looked at tuition, and then therefore scholarships, grants, and loans. As it became more about quality of education and financial business, Tech was working it's way up to #1. Every couple weeks, I would receive an acceptance letter from a college saying I got in. I had always looked forward to that exciting moment where I get the acceptance letter from my dream college and I would freak out and run inside and tell my mom and we would celebrate and I would start planning the reality of my independence in a city I love! I never got that feeling with any letters I received. One night, my mom and I were in the kitchen cooking and baking together and the phone rang. I figured it was another dumb sales call, so I didn't bother paying any attention to it. Normally, nobody would pay attention to it, because it was so rare when a real live person would actually be on the other line. But for some reason, my mom picked up, said, "yes, hold on," and handed the phone to me. I said, "for me?!" I put the phone to my ear as I said, "hello?" A very nice sounding lady on the other side of the phone replied, "Hi Cassidy, this is Kelly from Texas Tech. I'm calling to inform you that you've been accepted to Texas Tech University. Congratulations!" OMG! Talk about chills down my spine and the exciting moment!!! I practically blew up on that phone with Kelly and she was my most favorite person in the entire world at that moment. I was sooo psyched, I couldn't stand it! I called a couple of my closest friends and informed them of the greatest news. I felt like all my hard work had paid off. It was a sign. I was supposed to go to Texas Tech. A lot of old family friends have gone to Tech and/or know people who have gone to Tech and from then on out, I heard nothing but great things about my future college. And I am so glad I chose to follow the path that was put before me. My mom has always told me, "if there are barriers or obstacles that make it more difficult than it should be, then it's not supposed to happen." This was pretty evident for me. And while money out of my pocket was not an option, as far as paying for college, I still qualified for loans, and I am LOVING AT TEXAS TECH!!!!! :D


Both of my parents attended Texas Tech University, which didn't force me to attend, but it definitely gave the school more exposure growing up than others. I came and visited the campus several times, and enjoyed being on campus and in Lubbock.