Texas Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Texas Wesleyan is known for being a bigger, smaller school. They provide their students with the attention they need in order to be succesful.


Our business program and our 11 time national champion ping-pong team


Small classes and teachers that are involved and spend time teaching and mentoring students.


My school was the first school to have a black basketball player in texas. It is also known negitively know for the area it is located in. It was crime ridon and poor. The city of Fort Worth is revamping it to bring back people.


Once again, my school is well known for its small, personal atmosphere. The students and the professors are all very close, making for a comfortable, safe learning environment. In addition, Texas Wesleyan has an outstanding reputation among local school districts in regards to the preparedness of its graduating teachers.


Texas Wesleyan University is best known for its law school and academics.


Our school is best known for our pre-law and nursing programs.


Mainly law school.